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Before our eyes, a new type of fascism is emerging, where the main criterion of superiority is no longer racial, not clan-clan, not corporate, but Sodom. Perverts are Ubermensch, and all the rest are Untermensch, subhuman. The latter are being deprived of their jobs today, and tomorrow they will most likely be deprived of their lives.

Everyone knows the proverb “new is well forgotten old”. And sometimes it would be desirable to slightly alter it “the new is the poorly studied old”. It is generally accepted that the fascists, striving to enslave some peoples and destroy others altogether, strengthened morality among the "true Aryans", fought against homosexuals, promoted family and large families. We also thought so and did not understand how this is combined with the occult, which the fascist elite had such an honor? After all, where there are occult practices, there is debauchery and perversion. As one friend of the priest said: "All these spiritual wisdom sooner or later end in a sin of the land."

The conclusion was that this was standard double-entry bookkeeping: one thing for the elite, another for the masses. But it is known that they did not stand on ceremony with the sodomy found in elite circles. I immediately remember the "night of long knives" - the massacre of the head of the stormtroopers Rem, famous for their homosexual adventures, and his subordinates of a similar orientation.

The contradictions were resolved by the book of the famous American public figure, Doctor of Laws Scott Douglas Lively… In translation, it is called "The Blue Swastika" (Moscow, 2014), in the original - "Pink" (The Pink Swastika, 1995). This is a serious study, citing many sources, from which very unexpected conclusions follow.

* * *

A kind of classification

It turns out that the homosexual movement in Germany was divided into two warring camps: homosexuals of the feminine type and, conversely, of the super-masculine type (in the Russian translation they are called "aunts" and "dorks"). Scott Lively makes a reservation that, of course, not all sodomites "fall into one or the other of two simplistic stereotypes." The terms "dorks" and "aunts" are used in this study to refer to two ideological extremes related to the nature of homosexual orientation. The first group is "pacifists" and opportunists. Their goals largely overlap with heterosexuals, with "privacy" and denial of sex with children. The leaders of this unit were Karl Heinrich Ulrichsand Magnus Hirschfield… Ulrichs in the 60s of the XIX century, 100 years before "gender", developed a theory that defined homosexuals as the "third sex" (!) And, consequently, removed pederasty from the category of criminal behavior into the area of ​​"innate characteristics." And Magnus Hirschfield headed an organization for the defense of pederastic rights, delicately called the Scientific and Humanitarian Committee. Founded in 1897 (!), It fought for the abolition of criminal punishment for homosexuals.

The second group - "militarists and chauvinists", their goal is to revive the pederastic militaristic cults of pre-Christian pagan cultures, especially the Greek military cult. They are often vicious misogynists and sadists … Their ideal society is the Mannerbund of all men, a "fellowship in arms" of adults and boys. From their point of view, heterosexuals can be tolerated for procreation purposes, but feminine homosexuals are "subhuman." Their leaders were Adolph Brandand Rem. Brand in 1896 first began to publish a specialized magazine for homosexuals Der Eigene, where, for example, such profound texts were published:

“This is an eternal truth: only a good homosexual can be a full-fledged teacher. Let's just understand that one who does not love his students cannot be a good teacher."

“Around 1920,” writes Lively, “the dorks” had already begun to represent an independent and serious political force. In 1920, they formed the "Society for the Defense of Human Rights" (italics ours - IM, T.Sh.) … like Hirschfield, they fought to abolish the criminal prosecution of homosexuals. A couple of years later, the HRHR publishes an appeal to like-minded people: “We want to demonstrate our strength ourselves … None of the homosexuals should be absent - rich or poor, worker or scientist, diplomat or businessman … Therefore, join us, join our ranks, before it is too much late. At Easter we must show whether we have succeeded in becoming a militant organization … Whoever does not march with us is against us”(Scott Lively, p. 39).

“The rivalry (between the two warring homosexual groups - IM, T.Sh.) will end when the Nazi Party 'bumpkins' come to power in 1933,” continues Lively. “In the project of the Third Reich, they will realize the dream of reviving the Hellenic culture of ultra-manly militarism, a dream that has become a nightmare for all who did not correspond to the Nazi ideal” (ibid., P. 40). So the "night of the long knives" is not the result of sexual, but of political differences.

* * *

Mentors for children and youth

Rem was done away with, but not at all with homosexuality, which, on the contrary, was increasingly asserted and spread. The number of sodomites during the Third Reich numbered, according to various estimates, from 1, 2 to 2 million people.

Young people were actively involved in the sodomite orbit. At the beginning of the 20th century, a teenage movement "Vanderwegel" ("Migratory Birds" or "Wanderers"), organized by young perverts, arose in Germany. In 1905, it numbered less than 100 teenagers, but then, when similar groups began to appear throughout Europe, the number of people involved had already reached 60 thousand. In 1911, one of the leaders of "Vanderwegel", Wilhelm Jansen, turned to the parents of teenagers with the following statement:

“Since they are leading your sons correctly and correctly, you will have to get used to the presence of so-called homosexuals in your ranks” (ibid., P. 42).

And another activist named Hans Blucher published articles with very unambiguous headings. For example, such: "The German movement" Vanderwegel "as an erotic phenomenon." This Blucher also considered homosexuals to be the best children's mentors.

In general, he played an important role in the formation of Nazi culture. Here is what his follower professor wrote about him. Baumler:

“[Blucher's teachings] were systematically propagated by the Nazi press, especially by Himmler's official body Das Schwarze Korps, and applied in practice as a basis for German social culture. The elite of the Nazis were selected in separate male communities called the Ordensburgen. They were intended to replace the family as the foundation on which the state is built”(ibid., P. 45). These communities were formed according to the "Vanderwegel" type.

Subsequently, according to Lively, not only the grown-up members of "Vanderwegel" became one of the main sources of support for Hitler during his coming to power, but the movement itself turned out to be the center of the Nazi organization "Hitler Youth". At the time, homosexuality had become so prevalent in the movement that the Reinisch Zeitung, the mainstream German newspaper, warned:

“Parents, protect your sons from 'physical fitness' in the Hitler Youth. It was a sarcastic allusion to the problem of homosexuality in the organization”(ibid., P. 48).

Let's not bother readers with examples and links that Lively's book abounds in. Let's restrict ourselves to a brief summary.As a rule, cases of sodomization of children and adolescents were hushed up, but when the truth did come out, the perpetrators got off with a slight fright. The career of the Reichsfuehrer of the National Socialist Union of German Students is very indicative in this sense. Baldur von Schirach… Arrested by the police for lecherous acts, he was released at the intervention of Hitler, who soon after made him the leader of the Hitler Youth. I considered it worthy to grow a shift …

* * *

The "religion" of sodom

We have already written about the closest connection between fascism and occultism, but we did not consider such an important aspect of it as sexual perversions. And yet this is closely connected with the idea of ​​a "superior race" and with practical involvement in the demonic world. "Superman" traditional morality is not a decree. He fundamentally goes beyond its scope. What are divine decrees to him when he is his own god? As for the practical interaction with dark forces, everything is also quite logical. If Christianity calls on a person to purify the soul, to fight against sin and passions, if the ideal of a woman for Christians is the Most Pure and Immaculate Virgin Mary, then on the other, demonic pole - the unleashing of the "lower classes", the Great Whore of the Apocalypse, the cult of vices. In a word, everything that is not pleasing to God, but godly.

Unnatural vices are especially cultivated, which is also understandable. The very word "unnatural" contains a clue. This is against the human nature created by God. Accordingly, the perversion of human nature contains a challenge to the Creator. It is no coincidence that sodomy is necessarily practiced in demonic and openly satanic cults. In many occult sects, the act of Sodom plays the role of initiation, ritual initiation, when a new adept at the mystical level joins the world of the corresponding spiritual entities - demons. Today, having resorted to the Internet, it is not difficult to find many historical facts on this topic, therefore, we will cite only a couple of quotes from the Blue Swastika:

“The Manichean sect called the Bogumils (later the Cathars) took root in Bulgaria and spread throughout Europe. Homosexuality was so closely associated with these heretics that their practice was known as buggery. In most European languages, Catharian designations have become designation words for homosexuals: in German - ketzer, in Italian - gazarro, and in French - herite … Heresy and homosexuality became so interchangeable that those accused of heresy tried to prove their innocence by declaring themselves heterosexual”(P. 65).

And here is what the candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of MGIMO O. N. Chetverikova writes in the article "The New World of Perverts as a Universal Sodom Anti-Church":

“Sodomism is not just a ritual act, but a religion that took responsibility for the blasphemous distortion of the image of God, passing off the devil for Him. This was most fully represented in Kabbalah, a secret Jewish teaching that began to take shape during the period of the Jews' stay in Babylon, where they entered into close communion with the Chaldean priests, borrowing from them a pantheistic vision of the world, uniting deity with nature and transferring its laws to him. God (En-Sof), according to the teachings of Kabbalah, is infinite nothing, combining spirit and matter, feminine and masculine principles. The male principle flows from its right side, the female principle from the left. The first man Adam was also a bisexual spiritual being - androgyne. But being seduced by earthly things, he acquired a fleshly body and, having separated the feminine principle from himself, found himself divided into sexes … This is how Kabbalah interprets the Fall, and since the goal of life is liberation from the fleshly body and return to the previous integral state and merging with the deity, then and the separation of the sexes is seen as a temporary phenomenon of disharmony leading to cosmic chaos.

Thus, the Sodomite rebellion against the Creator acquired a religious foundation from the outset, opposing the biblical “And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female he created them”(Gen. 1:28).

And further O. N. Chetverikova writes:

“With the recognition and establishment of Christianity in the Roman Empire and up to the 19th century, sodomy in the West was viewed as a perversion resulting from a conscious choice of man. This attitude was due to the clear position of the Christian Church, which evaluates this phenomenon as a mortal sin that completely changes a person, as an unnatural fornication (“fornication committed against nature”), as a passion that has turned into a habit, that is, as a disease of the soul. Accordingly, civil law qualified sodomy as a crime against public morality and subjected it to criminal punishment.

However, this practice did not disappear, it survived in secret, occult societies and sects, where it was given the same sacred meaning. The anti-Christian sects of the Gnostics and Manichaeans associated with Kabbalism, proceeding from a dualistic worldview (spirit is good, matter is evil) and considering the visible world and flesh to be the creation of evil, and the carriers of "gnosis" - "chosen", felt absolutely free from the norms of generally accepted morality. As the researcher Puesh wrote, “much more than criticism and disagreement, here we are talking about rebellion … against the human lot, against being itself, the world and even God. And this rebellion can lead … to the nihilism of "Gnostic Libertans" who violate all natural and moral laws, abuse their bodies and everything in the world in order to humiliate, exhaust, reject and destroy everything”[7].

Rejecting love, the Gnostics and Manicheans rejected both marriage and progeny, considering marriage to be the lot of the lower. Gnostic MarcionFor example, he declared that by abstaining from marriage, by unwillingness to continue the human race, he annoys the Creator. Taking away the sacrament of marriage from people and replacing it with sodomy, the Gnostics argued that this would save a person from paired individualism, from the egoism of love and family."

* * *

A new criterion for excellence

It is hard not to notice the frenzied propaganda of sodomy that has swept the world: gay pride parades, the pushing of laws legalizing same-sex "marriage" and adoption of children by perverts, books, films, plays, talk shows, crazy gender theories, sex reassignment advertisements, compulsory school sex education …

On January 29, 2018, the media reported that in the Spanish province of Andalusia, the socialist majority of the Andalusian parliament passed a law making LGBT ideology compulsory for schools, the media and for doctors. And the well-known fact of the existence of "only" two biological sexes is declared "prohibited information for children", the distributors of which are entitled to astronomical fines.

Under the new legislation, schools (including all Catholic educational institutions, of which there are many in Spain) are obliged to teach schoolchildren the ideology of homosexuals, that is, in fact, to promote it. It is also prohibited to criticize in any media, including online social networks, those who were born "man" or "woman", but publicly declare themselves to be "non-man" or "non-woman". Children under this law were given the right to take puberty-blocking chemicals without notifying their parents, and any psychological assistance to homosexuals and people with gender identity disorders in Andalusia is now considered illegal, illegal and punishable. In addition, all educational content (content of school textbooks, classes and lessons) must be completely rewritten in the spirit of LGBT ideology. The fines for “telling the children of teachers, journalists and doctors about the duality of sex” will range from 6,000 to 120,000 euros.

And in France, on July 25, 2017, the country's parliament voted to propose an amendment to the law prohibiting citizens from being elected if they had previously been prosecuted because of their commitment to a normal family and traditional society, all within ten years after being sentenced under Article about a pseudo-crime called "homophobia" in the dialect of perverts (updated article 32, paragraph 3 of the law of 1881 of the French Criminal Code)!

In the spirit of similar legal innovations, the story of a school teacher from the United States. When her school officially declared Homosexuality Month, Janie Knox dared to criticize this action. No, not loudly, but only on your page on the social network and not getting personal.

“Why flaunt your unnatural immoral behavior in front of the rest of the world, because sodomy is a sin that affects (the soul) like a cancerous tumor,” she wrote and paid dearly for it.

She was no longer paid a salary, and then she was dismissed altogether, imputed intolerance and also the fact that she refused to recognize "the absence of sin as a concept." Knox has filed a lawsuit, hoping to prove that school authorities are violating the US Constitution, which proclaims free speech. She believed that, as a Christian, she had the right to openly express her views, including on the Internet. But the judges, although they knew the US Constitution as well as the plaintiff, still found her guilty, and she was deprived of the right to teach for three years.

That is, already completely openly, without camouflage, one group (sodom apologists) asserts its superiority over everyone who does not belong to this group, seeks to defeat them in their rights and subject them to reprisals. In fact, before our eyes, a new type of fascism is emerging, where the main criterion of superiority is no longer racial, not clan-clan, not corporate, but Sodom. Perverts are Ubermensch, and all the rest are Untermensch, subhuman. Now they are being deprived of their jobs, and tomorrow they will most likely be deprived of their lives.

The dynamics of the process should also be noted. What was a kind of pathological addiction at the top of the Third Reich, at a new round of fascism in the 21st century, has become an ideological dominant, an imperative for everyone.

If you look at what is happening from these positions, it is not difficult to understand for what purpose the frenzied mass propaganda of sodomy is being carried out. It is always easier to manage with a large support group when the majority is on your side. Then it’s easier to change the laws, and you don’t have to strain yourself thinking up how to fool the population. And most importantly, you can sleep peacefully without fear that a part of the people who do not share your views will throw you off.

* * *

I call this phenomenon homofascism …

In 2013, Scott Lively, quoted many times in our article, wrote an Open Letter to the President To Putin… There, in particular, it says:

“As one of the leaders of the pro-family movement, I must warn you: do not think that the homosexualization of your society has just begun. You will be surprised in the months and years to come by how aggressively many world leaders will act to intimidate you into capitulating to the demands of homosexuals. Only a few political trends in the history of mankind have shown such persistence and determination as the homosexual movement (italics ours - I.M., T.Sh.). Its activists display a relentless belligerence and zeal to advance their interests, comparable only to the determination of the most fanatical religious cults … In just 50 years, this marginal group, covering 2% of the population, exercising tremendous willpower and acting through intimidation, has gained greater influence in the legislature and courts of the Western world than the Christian Church. Homosexual behavior was almost universally prohibited by law during the years when our peoples fought together against the threat of Nazism.However, a little more than half a century later, the leaders of homosexuals and their supporters occupy the majority of positions of power in all Western countries, and also increase their influence in the East and in developing countries … They ask for a place in the sun, but when they get it, they immediately forget about all social ideals who exploited to get it: tolerance, free speech and respect for cultural diversity. Instead of them, the opposite, imposed from above, morality and worldview are introduced, which condemn any disapproval of homosexuality and are a new kind of fanaticism. I call this phenomenon "homofascism" and define it as extreme left-wing regressive radicalism that seeks to establish tight authoritarian control over public discourse and government policy regarding sexual norms. He seeks punitive measures against those who disagree”(see Scott Lively, The Blue Swastika, p. 212).

* * *

Life Destruction Technology

Indeed, one should not assume that all this is "there, with them, and here, in Russia, this will never happen." How will it be if we sleep through the important turning points on the road to the dictatorship of sodom. One of these moments is an attempt to push through the State Duma a law on gender equality. The current chairman of the State Duma Viacheslav Volodin initiated this bill back in 2003. Then it was accepted in the first reading, but then, thanks to public protests, it was shelved. Since the fall of 2017, a new call has been made.

So far, the concept of “gender” is absent in our legislation, and the very fact of its introduction into the legal field poses a serious danger. Having legalized this concept, they will continue to protect the rights of various “genders”. In the West, there are already 10 to 60 (!) Of them, since “gender” is not a biological, but a socio-psychological sex. Who do you think you are - a man, a woman, a half-man-half-woman, or an "undecided" being - this is your gender. So, after the adoption of such a bill, there will no longer be any perversions, and even more so the concept of sin (because of which the American teacher Janie Knox suffered). With corresponding grave consequences for “extremists”, “homophobes” and other incitements of gender hatred …

The ongoing campaign against "sexual harassment" is very closely linked to the promotion of Sodom's "gender". How? According to the same scheme as in Western countries, where men are afraid to show women even the most innocent signs of attention - to submit a coat, carry a heavy bag - so that they are not accused of "sexism" (treating a woman as a weaker sex), or even in a criminal offense "harassment" (sexual harassment). As a result, many men have a protective instinct, and they cease to be interested in women, switching to safer objects, namely, the same men traumatized by aggressive feminism. And women who are left without male attention and male protection in an atmosphere of frenzied sexual propaganda ongoing in the modern world are driven into the trap of lesbianism and other lewd practices that undermine public morality and destroy the foundations of life.

It is high time for statesmen, and indeed for the representatives of the stronger sex, to take the problem of sodomizing society with the utmost seriousness, and not joke with routine phrases like: "They have lost their hearts in the West." The technology for the destruction of life is precisely the technology thought out to the smallest detail and seriously tested in practice! - not a topic for jokes.

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