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The Conquerors of America or the Story of a Deadly Indian Genocide
The Conquerors of America or the Story of a Deadly Indian Genocide

Hitler is a puppy compared to America's conquerors. What is not taught in American schools: The American Indian Holocaust, also known as the "Five Hundred Years War" and "the longest Holocaust in human history," killed 95 of the 114 million indigenous people in today's United States and Canada.

The American Holocaust: D. Stannard (Oxford Press, 1992) - "Over 100 Million Killed"

“Hitler's concept of concentration camps owes much to his study of the English language and the history of the United States. He admired the Boer camps in South Africa and the Indians in the Wild West, and often in his inner circle praised the effectiveness of the destruction of the native population of America, the red savages who could not be captured and tamed - from hunger and in unequal battles.

"Adolf Hitler" John Toland

Native Americans have the highest death rate. Although the main killers were smallpox, measles, influenza, whooping cough, diphtheria, typhus, bubonic plague, cholera, and scarlet fever, they were all imported by European colonists. Some historians believe that "European" diseases were responsible for 80% of all Indian deaths.

Smallpox played an important role in the killing of American Indians


The term Genocide comes from the Latin (genos - race, tribe, cide - murder) and literally means the destruction or extermination of an entire tribe or people. The Oxford English Dictionary defines genocide as “the deliberate and systematic extermination of ethnic or national groups,” and refers to the first use of the term by Raphael Lemkin regarding Nazi action in occupied Europe. For the first time, the documentary term was used at the Nuremberg Trials as a descriptive and not a legal term. Genocide usually means the destruction of a nation or ethnic group.

The UN General Assembly adopted this term in 1946. Most people tend to associate the massacres of specific people with genocide. However, the 1994 UN Convention on the Punishment and Prevention of the Crime of Genocide describes genocide outside the direct murder of people as the destruction and destruction of culture. Article II of the Convention lists five categories of activity that are directed against a specific national, ethnic, racial or religious group that should be considered genocide.

These categories are:

  • The killing of members of such a group;
  • Causing serious bodily harm or mental harm to members of such a group;
  • Deliberately creating a group of such living conditions that are designed to physically destroy it in whole or in part;
  • Measures designed to prevent childbearing in the environment of such a group;
  • Forced transfer of children from one human group to another.

The United States government has refused to ratify the UN Genocide Convention. And no wonder. Many aspects of the genocide were carried out on the indigenous peoples of North America. The list of American genocide policies includes: mass extermination, biological warfare, forced eviction from their homes, incarceration, the introduction of values ​​other than indigenous, forced surgical sterilization of local women, the ban on religious practices, etc.

Before the arrival of Columbus, the lands now occupied by the 48 states of America were inhabited by over 12 million people. Four centuries later, the population was reduced to 237 thousand, that is, by 95%.How? When Columbus returned in 1493 on 17 ships, he began a policy of enslavement and mass extermination of the population of the Caribbean. Five million people were killed in three years. Fifty years later, only 200,000 Indians were recorded in the Spanish census! Las Casas, the main historian of the Colombian era, cites numerous reports of horrific acts perpetrated by Spanish colonists on indigenous peoples, including hanging them in droves, burning scythes, butchering children and feeding them to dogs - the list of atrocities is impressive.

With the departure of Columbus, this policy did not stop. The European colonies, and subsequently the newly formed United States, continued a similar policy of conquest. Massacres took place all over the country. Not only were the Indians massacred, slaughtering entire villages and scalping prisoners, the Europeans also used biological weapons. British agents distributed blankets to the tribes that were deliberately infected with smallpox. More than one hundred thousand Mingos, Delaware, Shawnee and other tribes inhabiting the banks of the Ohio River were carried away by this disease. The US Army has adopted this method and used it against tribal people on the plains with equal success.


Forced eviction

In the shortest time after the American Revolution, the United States embarked on a policy of evicting American Indians. A 1784 treaty at Fort Stansix required the Iroquois to cede land in western New York and Pennsylvania. Many of the Iroquois went to Canada, some accepted US citizenship, but the tribe quickly degenerated as a nation, losing much of its remaining land in the last decades of the eighteenth century. The Shauns, Delawares, Ottawans and several other tribes, watching the fall of the Iroquois, formed their own confederation, calling themselves the United States of Ohio, and declared the river the border between their lands and the possessions of the settlers. The outbreak of subsequent hostilities was only a matter of time.


"Indian boarding school" - cultural genocide

Forced assimilation

Europeans consider themselves to be bearers of high culture and a center of civilization. The colonial worldview divides reality into parts: good and evil, body and spirit, man and nature, cultured European and primitive savage. American Indians do not have such a dualism; their language expresses the unity of all things. God is not a transcendent Father, but the Great Spirit who feeds all this polytheism, faith in many gods and several levels of the divine. Most of the beliefs of Native Americans were based on the deep conviction that some invisible force, a powerful spirit that permeates the entire Universe, is carrying out the cycle of birth and death for all living things. Most American Indians believe in a universal spirit, supernatural qualities of animals, celestial bodies and geological formations, seasons, deceased ancestors. Their world of the divine is too unlike personal salvation or the curse of individuals, as Europeans believed. For the latter, such beliefs were pagan. Thus, the conquest was justified as a necessary evil that bestows on the peoples of the "Indians" a moral consciousness that will "correct" their immorality. In this way, naked economic interest is transformed into a noble, even moral, motive that heralds Christianity as the only redemptive religion that demands fidelity from all cultures. Thus, the conquistadors invading the lands of the Indians, seeking to expand the empire, accumulate treasures, land and cheap labor, turned out to be carriers of salvation for the local pagans.



Culture is an expression of people's creativity and includes almost all of their activities: language, music, arts, religion, healing, agriculture, culinary styles, institutions that regulate social life. The destruction of American culture is more than a carnage.Colonization is not only killing Indians. She kills them spiritually. Colonization distorts relationships, destroys existing relationships and corrupts.

Almost simultaneously with the physical destruction of entire tribes, strategies of assimilation of Indian children were carried out. Forts were erected by the Jesuits, in which indigenous youth were imprisoned, instilled in Christian values ​​and forced into hard physical labor. Education is an important tool in changing not only the language but also the culture of impressionable young people. The founder of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania, Captain Richard Pratt, in 1892 described the philosophy of his school as follows: "To kill an Indian is to save a man." The children of the school were forbidden to speak their own language, they were forced to wear uniforms, cut their hair and submit to strict discipline. Several Native American children were able to escape, others died of disease, and some died of homesickness.


Children forcibly separated from their parents after their native value systems and knowledge were supplanted by colonial thinking did not know their native language after returning from boarding school. They were strangers both in their own world and in the world of the white man. In the movie Lakota Women, these children are called apple children (red on the outside, white on the inside). They could not fit in anywhere, could not assimilate with any culture. This loss of cultural identity leads to suicide and violence. The most destructive aspect of alienation is the loss of control over your destiny, over your memories, over your own past and future.

Forcing colonial thinking into the minds of American Indian children served as a means of disrupting intergenerational transmission, a cultural genocide used by the American government as another means of taking land from American Indians.


Forced expulsion

An insatiable greed for foreign land remains the root cause, but many people now believe that the eviction of the Indians was the only way to save them from extermination. While the Indians lived in close proximity to whites, they died as a result of disease, alcohol and poverty. In 1830, the eviction of the Indians began. Forced marches-throws of entire settlements led to high mortality. The infamous eviction of five civilized tribes - the Choctaw, the Crixus, the Chickasaw, the Cherokee, and the Seminole - is a depressing page in the history of the United States. By 1820, the Cherokee, who had created a written constitution modeled on the United States' constitution, newspapers, schools, and government offices in their communities, resisted eviction. In 1938, federal Cherokee forces were evicted by force. About four thousand Cherokee died during the resettlement due to poor planning by the United States government. This exodus is known as the Trail of Tears. More than one hundred thousand American Indians eventually crossed the Mississippi River, leaving their own lands taken by the white colonialists.



Article II of the 1946 United Nations General Assembly Resolution: In this Convention, genocide means the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group as such: preventing childbirth among such a group. In the mid-1970s, Dr. Choctaw, an Indian, was contacted by a 26-year-old Indian woman. As it turned out, she was spayed at the age of twenty at the Indian Health Service Hospital in Claremont, Oklahoma. Subsequently, it turned out that 75 percent of sterilized Native American women signed consent forms for sterilization, not knowing what kind of operation it was, or believing that it was reversible.

The investigating journalist found that 3,000 Native American women a year were sterilized by Indian health services, 4 to 6 percent of the population of childbearing age.Dr. Ravenhold, director of the Federal Government's Office of Population Affairs, later confirmed that "surgical sterilization has become an increasingly important method of birth control in recent years."



American Indians felt comfortable in an environment that was as close to nature as possible. For them, the environment is sacred, it has cosmic significance, it is a paradise for all forms of life - and it is worthy of protection and even worship. She is a life-giving mother who needs to be cared for. This makes a lot of sense from an environmental point of view.

The attitude of Europeans to the land is different. It is simply soulless material that can be manipulated, which can be changed at will. Europeans use their natural wealth for personal gain.



The "Final Solution" to the North American Indian problem became the model for the subsequent Jewish Holocaust and South African apartheid.

Why is the biggest holocaust hidden from the public? Is it because it went on for so long that it became a habit? It is significant that information about this Holocaust is deliberately excluded from the knowledge base and consciousness of the inhabitants of North America and the whole world.

Schoolchildren are still taught that large parts of North America are uninhabited. But before the arrival of Europeans, American Indian cities flourished here. Mexico City had more population than any city in Europe. The people were healthy and well fed. The first Europeans were amazed. Agricultural products cultivated by indigenous peoples have won international recognition.


The North American Indian Holocaust is worse than apartheid in South Africa and the genocide of the Jews during World War II. Where are the monuments? Where are memorial ceremonies held? Unlike post-war Germany, North America refuses to recognize the destruction of the Indians as genocide. The North American authorities are reluctant to admit that this was and remains a systematic plan to exterminate most of the indigenous population.

As in the case of the Jewish genocide, this plan would not have been as effective without traitors to their own people. The policy of direct slaughter was transformed into destruction from within. Governments, armies, police, churches, corporations, doctors, judges and ordinary people have become the cogs of this killing machine. The sophisticated campaigns of this genocide were designed at the highest levels of government in the United States and Canada. This cover continues to this day.


The term "final solution" was not coined by the Nazis. It was the Indian Administrator, Duncan Campbell Scott, Canada, Adolph Eichmann, who in April 1910 cared so much about the "Indian problem":

“We recognize that Native American children are losing their natural resistance to disease in these cramped schools, and that they are dying at a much faster rate than in their villages. But this in itself is not a reason for a change in the policy of this department aimed at the final solution of our Indian problem."

The European colonization of America forever changed the life and culture of Native Americans. In the 15-19th centuries, their settlements were devastated, the peoples were exterminated or enslaved. The first group of American Indians Columbus faced, the 250,000 Arawaks in Haiti, were enslaved. Only 500 survived 1550, and by 1650 the group became extinct completely.



Marlon Brando devotes several pages to the American Indian genocide in his autobiography:

“After their lands were taken from them, the survivors were herded onto the reservations, and the government sent missionaries to them, who tried to force the Indians to become Christians.After I became interested in American Indians, I found that many people do not even consider them to be human beings. And so it was from the very beginning.

Cotton Mather, lecturer at Harvard College, honorary doctorate from the University of Glasgow, Puritan minister, prolific writer and publicist known for researching the Salem witches, compared Indians to the children of Satan and believed it was God's will to kill pagan savages who stood in the way of Christianity.


In 1864, a colonel of the American army named John Shevinton, shooting another Indian village from howitzers, said that Indian children should not be spared, because a louse grows out of a nit. He told his officers: “I have come to kill Indians, and I believe that this is a right and an honorable duty. And it is necessary to use any means under God's heaven to kill the Indians."

The soldiers cut off the vulva of Indian women and pulled them on the bows of the saddles, and made pouches from the skin of the scrotum and breasts of Indian women, and then displayed these trophies along with the severed noses, ears and scalps of slain Indians at the Denver Opera House. Enlightened, cultured and devout civilizers, what else to say?


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