Who will "Mr. Gadget kill?"
Who will "Mr. Gadget kill?"

The flip side of the colossal opportunities that information technologies provide is the concentration of humanity on transforming not the environment, but itself. A person as a biological species and a social community is adapted to changing the world with all his history and accumulated experience, and the transition to changing himself (so far in the form of transformation of his consciousness and perception) naturally generates a diverse shock.

Among other things, this transformation manifests itself as dehumanization, dehumanization observed in the modern West: sexual perversion as a "new norm" aggressively imposed on all societies and all generations, juvenile justice that turns into child trafficking, the promotion of Islamic terrorism, support for Nazism (still Ukrainian) and the imposition of Russophobia at the state level, the rejection of reality in favor of the most rabid ideologization and propaganda, the monstrous cruelty of seemingly sweet and kind people one by one … The list can be continued for a long time, but the phenomena included in it are not a clouding of consciousness, but the result of the transformation of not only society, but also personality in accordance with the objective requirements of information technology and under their influence.

Information technology creates opportunities for new markets, but in order to create these markets and start making money on them, you have to give up much of what we used to think of as human.

This exposed a value-based, insurmountable gap between Russian and Western civilizations, which in the past three years has turned routine competition into a genuine outburst of hatred and misunderstanding.

Western civilization in its current form was created by capital as a tool for making a profit. And when it turned out that in order to increase it, you need to transform a person, mold him, like from plasticine, something completely unusual, and sometimes shocking (after all, what we believe to be perversions creates new markets and changes consumer behavior), - Western civilization, existing for the sake of money, did not experience the shadow of a doubt.

Russian civilization proceeds from the primacy not of profit, but of man. Money is necessary for us, but it is just a confirmation of the fairness of our actions and way of life. And when it turned out that for the sake of money it was necessary to dehumanize, we did not see a situation of choice here in the same way that the West did not see it, but with a strictly opposite result: with all our shortcomings and even vices, we remained human.

Valdai speech of the President Putin 2013, which proclaimed our right and obligation to live according to our values, was just about that. The reason was insignificant - rejection of homosexual propaganda among children (as well as their sexual corruption in general): let them first grow up to 18 years old, and only then do with themselves everything that climbs into their heads and other parts of the body. Russian society did not even realize that with this speech it fixed a fundamental, value difference from the West, but the latter understood this well, responding with the organization of a Ukrainian catastrophe and the revival of state Nazism as the only effective tool for the destruction of Russianness.

Russia withstood the attack of the West, Russia waited until the patriotic revolution proclaimed by President Putin, based on ordinary human values, with Trump's victory got a chance to become global (as with a victory Reagan became a global liberal counter-revolution Thatcher).

It's time to go from defense to offensive, creating global structures that will rely on traditional values ​​in the same way that global speculators relied on the values ​​of liberalism.

However, before that, one must clearly realize that dehumanization in accordance with the needs of information technologies is by no means a social progress or an objective inevitability. Likewise, the preservation of human qualities, even if it reduces the size and number of markets, is not a doomed futile attempt to cling to an obsolete past. After all, social progress arises not from submission to a changed external environment, but from its transformation in accordance with the needs of not the individual, but humanity, which she may not embody in herself.

Submission to the changed external conditions, their acceptance, surrender to them, tolerance to them in no way means a guarantee of success - neither for society, nor for the individual. A classic example is the Ice Age: human tribes that submitted to changes in external conditions either froze out or migrated to warmer regions, where they lived with very moderate progress until the arrival of the colonialists. And only those who remained, who did not submit to unfavorable conditions, but resisted them, at the cost of monstrous efforts and sacrifices (absolutely meaningless from the point of view of common people shaking hands, they were transferred to that reality) learned how to get and keep fire, hunt animals and dress in their skins - and thus gave rise to modern civilization.

Comparison of the current technological challenge with the then natural one is quite legitimate: just as the primitive man lived in the "first", natural nature, and the man of the industrial era - in the "second", technological, formed by transport and energy infrastructure, we in many respects already live in " the third "nature - in the mental infrastructure created by social networks and technologies for the formation of consciousness.

And submission to the new requirements of the changed external environment, as in the ice age, does not guarantee us either progress or even survival. Moreover: as far as we can see from the beginning process of the extinction of the West (the US population is growing due to the birth rate of migrants), in contrast to us, who has not experienced the genocide of liberal reforms, according to Europe's suicide with the help of fundamentally non-integrated “refugees”, obedience to objective requirements and dehumanization does not mean the creation of a new civilization, but only the destruction of the old one under the plausible pretexts of progress and profit.

In our paradoxical time, conservatism is becoming a revolution, deep superstitions are waking up at the forefront of science, mossy antiquity brings breathtaking innovations, cruel justice is good, and rejection of deviations gives rise to flourishing (and not obviously sterile) diversity.

Because on the agenda is the question of either the self-destruction of mankind by virtue of obedience to merciless external requirements, or our progress and reaching an incredible, unpredictable level today - through resistance to the unacceptable, no matter what clothes of radical novelty it is dressed in, and its processing into a new quality …

The key to the future is not variability, but a cultural matrix - and the incredible luck of the Russian world lies in the specifics of Russian culture, uniquely and ineradicably combining the most scarce qualities of modern mankind: creativity, a penchant for technology, humanism and messianism. The main thing today is the presence of will, the only one capable of turning this key - not only for oneself, but for all of humanity.

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