The pharmaceutical business as a hierarchy of medical bureaucracy
The pharmaceutical business as a hierarchy of medical bureaucracy

Hippocrates, the famous 4th century father of modern medicine, is known to have said, "May your food be your medicine." Hippocrates and other medical pioneers understood that we are what we eat; that exercise promotes healthy mind and body; that the disease can be prevented and the main task of the doctor is to bring as much benefit as possible without causing any harm.

However, it would be a mistake to believe that modern medicine is following in the footsteps of great men like Hippocrates. The modern medical complex is nothing more than a multitude of bureaucratic structures created to control the distribution of drugs and ensure a constant supply of necessary drugs to sick people in order to make a profit. At the same time, practically no efforts are made to educate people about disease prevention.

As the Waking Times points out, the entire medical community is not focused on curing diseases, but on creating burdensome regulations and producing expensive drugs to treat the symptoms of diseases, not their root causes.

At the very top of the pyramid of medical bureaucracy is an organization with the self-appointed mission of identifying a disease (but not trying to cure it!) - the World Health Organization (WHO). The concept of disease prevention through lifestyle choices has no place in WHO, their only focus is on vaccines and drugs.

The next level of the pyramid - at least in the United States - is the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Waking Times reports:

The FDA is the official bureaucratic agency that approves (approves) drugs in the United States. According to the US / FDA bureaucracy, only drugs can "claim" to prevent or treat a disease. This is just bureaucratic nonsense taken to an extreme. Even more than extreme. The FDA does not limit the bureaucratic definition of "medicine" to a medical pill - any treatment that claims to prevent or cure a disease is officially a "medicine."

While it is obvious to any sane person that many diseases can be prevented or cured with simple nutrition, the FDA makes no such admission. Preventing scurvy or malnutrition with proper diet is not a cure according to the FDA. Similarly, no one can prevent disease by avoiding poisons such as carbon monoxide or pesticides in the environment. According to the FDA, if a disease is not treated with pills, then it is not a disease.

On the other hand, the FDA is very quick to regulate natural-based supplements and medicines, insisting that they cannot make “sales claims” and claim they will produce a specific, specific result.

The FDA is allowing Big Pharma, the next big step in the pyramid of medical bureaucracy, to manage its dangerous chemical drugs with near-freedom, almost all of which have serious side effects. This does not mean that these drugs promise to cure diseases; they are almost always aimed at limiting the manifestation of the symptoms of the disease by causing more symptoms through their side effects.

The lines between organizations like WHO, FDA and Big Pharma have become increasingly blurred over the years as people move between jobs in all three sectors, and everyone is working to avoid burning bridges in the industry.

Natural News previously reported:

The same FDA officials who approve drugs are also responsible for monitoring them after they go on sale. And this is a clear obstacle to their desire to admit that drugs that they previously certified as safe are now unsafe. Finally, the FDA receives input from external advisory groups made up of physicians who are experts in their fields … Most of these physicians, however, receive payment from pharmaceutical companies as consultants, research grants, and travel support to conferences. In some cases, doctors work as paid consultants at the same companies whose drugs are being prepared for approval by their advisory committees.

The pyramid of modern medical bureaucracy is aimed at nothing more than protecting the profits of pharmaceutical companies and limiting people's freedom of choice in terms of health. Of course, she sharply deviated from the path commanded to us by such seers as Hippocrates.

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