Better to burn than sell: why brands cremate clothes
Better to burn than sell: why brands cremate clothes

Companies that make expensive fashion clothes burn tens of millions of dollars worth of leftovers every year. For example, the British luxury apparel brand Burberry this year has put on the fire of fashion products almost 30 million pounds. The cost of this exquisite waste from him has increased by 50% in two years. And in five years, he burned £ 90 million worth of his designs.

People wonder why it was necessary to deal with clothes so barbarously, because it could be offered at least to the shareholders of the company.

Burberry, however, explained that it intends to continue using incinerators to dispose of unused residues. And such clothes are becoming more and more every year, since even rich people do not see the point of giving money for a prestigious tag and flaunting their wealth.

Luxury brands are busy eliminating the fruits of their labor so that, as they explain, not to lose the aura of sophistication and exclusivity.They do not want to sell their clothes and shoes at a discounted price, so that these products do not end up in the use of the wrong people for whom they are intended. The general public should not wear costumes and dresses made for the upper class.

The actions of the British company angered not only fighters for social equality, but also environmentalists, asking why they pollute the environment in this way.

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