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Lawmakers will force to pay for potatoes on the site and fine for their seeds
Lawmakers will force to pay for potatoes on the site and fine for their seeds

The summer cottage season is in full swing, and domestic legislators never tire of surprising. For quite a long time, there have been a lot of very strange rumors on the Internet about new taxes and tightening control over summer cottages. It's time to figure out what is true and what is not.

1. Essence of the question

Back in the early spring of this year, numerous "horror stories" began to appear in the media about the fact that in 2019 the tax screws will once again be tightened, which will now directly affect dacha farms. It was about the prohibition of trade in their crops, as well as the introduction of additional taxes. In fact, such a tightening document was signed by the President of Russia back in January 2019 and in fact is far from the first such law.

For example, for the sale of radishes at a metro station, even before the adoption of this law, one could "fly in" at least for illegal business activities. However, with all this, you can sell the fruit of your summer cottage labor with a few "buts".

Are dacha farms under attack?

First, this must be done in specially designated places. There are such, including in all markets. Secondly, you need to have a certificate confirming the fact that the product being sold is really your own. Such certificates are issued in a free format by the chairmen of the gardening partnership. You can also contact your local administration for a trade permit.

2. So what's with the potatoes

Everything is not so scary

The tax on "potatoes" (and not only) is really actively discussed by lawmakers, but it concerns only small farmers who purposefully grow products in large volumes. At the same time, the law with a new form of taxation does not in any way apply to those who simply keep subsidiary farms to provide for themselves and their families, and even those who trade in small quantities of grown products.

Important: Moreover, the new law on "tax on crops" should significantly simplify the life of those very small farmers, since it is proposed to collect fees under a very convenient patent system. The main advantage of such taxation is the fixed dimension. Ordinary summer residents will not necessarily buy any patents and permits.

3. Situation with shifts

Same with seeds

The situation is similar with the "fines for seeds". The law under consideration concerns only those owners who are engaged in breeding and selling their own seeds. Legislators insist that such products must be certified, just like the products of the respective seed companies.

On their own plots, you can plant any seeds without fear of any fines.

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