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The Americans decided that Beringia should be shared
The Americans decided that Beringia should be shared

Video: The Americans decided that Beringia should be shared

Video: The Americans decided that Beringia should be shared
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Justice will be restored when Alaska returns to Russia, but for now it is necessary to "recapture" the northern territories that already belong to Russia …

In the material dated August 20 of this year, speaking generally about the Arctic and the intentions of the Americans to acquire the world's largest island, Greenland, from Denmark, as announced by Trump, and the risks for Russia in this regard, he noted that in the near future the US speculation on the overlap of the Bering Strait, the isthmus of the Northern Sea Route. And the basis for this is created by the treacherous agreement between Gorbachev and Shevardnadze "On the line of demarcation of sea spaces between the USSR and the United States", signed by Shevardnadze in 1990, which still continues to operate illegally.

In Greenland, it appears that the United States has calmed down. How long? It's just that Trump is not up to it now due to internal "showdowns" with all sorts of impeachments and attacks by the Democrats. As soon as these issues fade into the background, the Americans will immediately return to the issue of Greenland, and regardless of who will become the next president.

Attention is drawn to the publication of Zoran Milosevic in the Serbian media "The Arctic and the new northern doctrine of the United States." It seems that this is a significant and very necessary material in Serbia. It is he who allows the Russian media to say that Europe is outraged by the US attempts to deprive Russia of the Northern Sea Route. Yes, it is Serbia and its media that I would like to see as a spokesman for Europe's opinion.

What does the author state? Let us touch here on what is more related to the Bering Strait.

Zoran writes that the new US Northern Doctrine is aimed at building up forces in Arctic waters, using Greenland, opening new strategic ports in the Bering Sea region, expanding military facilities in Alaska, and interfering with Russia's use of the Northern Sea Route. The Americans have "forgotten" about Article 234 of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which guarantees Russia the right to the Northern Sea Route, since it runs through the country's internal waters, and present their "strategy" as "ensuring free navigation in disputed areas with sea routes." The Americans suddenly became supporters of the idea that the Northern Sea Route should be common, not Russian.

Indeed, neither the Supreme Soviet of the USSR nor the Russian parliament have ratified the agreement. In 1991, Shevardnadze and Baker simply exchanged diplomatic notes on the provisional application of the treaty. However, this temporary document has been in effect for 29 years, and it is not clear why we must continue to adhere to agreements that have not been approved by the authorities


The area adjacent to the strait is called Beringia. It includes the Bering and Chukchi Seas, the adjacent lands of Chukotka and Kamchatka, as well as Alaska. Beringia was first explored by the Russian subject Bering on the initiative of Peter the Great. From a historical point of view, the first Kamchatka expedition of Bering and the second expedition of Bering and Chirikov secured the whole of Beringia to Russia. What does the modern USA have to do with it? This whole area is rightfully Russian. In addition, in 1741 the ships "St. Paul" Chirikova and "St. Peter" Bering reached the coast of North America, consolidating the Russian "discovery of America" from the east, made a decade earlier by the expedition of the bot "St. Gabriel" under the leadership of Gvozdev and Fedorov in 1732 … And then - the rich history of the development of Alaska by the Russians.

So, all of the above applies to Alaska. For some reason, the question is not raised in relations with the United States on the case of the dubious sale (lease for 100 years) of Alaska and its failure to return to Russia. But this issue would help to more successfully solve the problem with the Bering Strait. Everything is interconnected. As it was said in the program "Postcriptum", the convention on the sale of Alaska in 1867 gives the Americans grounds to lay claim to the regions of Beringia. Let us also recall what was said above that one of the goals of the American "northern doctrine" is to appropriate the Canadian route, and to make the Russian one "common." Well, if Alaska's ownership of the United States is disputed? The situation will turn 180 degrees, Russia and the United States will swap places on the issue of the Northern Sea Route.

Full justice will be restored when Alaska returns to Russia, but for now it is necessary to "recapture" the northern territories essentially belonging to Russia … And it will not be possible to do this in small steps, large-scale actions are needed.