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Rosneft's foreign roots. Where does the oil money go?
Rosneft's foreign roots. Where does the oil money go?

I am writing this article especially for people who, due to the flow of disinformation from the liberal and local opposition, already doubt everything, do not know who is telling them the truth and who is lying. And also for those whom the engaged propagandists have already managed to deceive, and therefore they no longer trust the facts provided by the other side, since they believe that the data was deliberately forged by various statistical services in order to shield the power from the people.

I will now analyze 1 case of manipulation, so that our doubting citizens can clearly see how meanly they are being deceived in order to bring them to protest actions, as a result of which they will lose not only the benefits that they now have, but also their country, since the coup d'état is not pursued at all the interests of our country and our people. They are working for our enemy to turn Russia into Libya 2, 0, and to destroy our people, dividing the Russians into different nations on a territorial basis: Siberians, Urals, Cossacks, Muscovites, and so on.

This manipulation is designed for poorly informed people, who are in the majority in our country, in order to arouse in them a negative attitude towards the authorities, which then leads to mistrust, and as a consequence - to the desire to change the government, since it is pursuing a policy not in the interests of its people, but in interests of foreign capitalists.

Take a look at the demotivator that paid hackers constantly replicate in their articles and the troll farm in the comments:


To consolidate the negative effect, the following demotivators are given:


Here, Photoshop is clearly applied for the purpose of emotional rejection:


If a person is not informed about Rosneft and he is not used to checking information, then of course he will believe these demotivators, since Rosneft does not hide the fact that there are foreigners on the Board of Directors of the company.

The trick is that these foreigners sitting on the Board of Directors own stakes, but not a controlling stake in Rosneft, it just belongs to the state:

AO ROSNEFTEGAZ is the largest shareholder of PJSC NK Rosneft and is 100% federal property. Share in the authorized capital of Rosneft of JSC ROSNEFTEGAZ - 50, 00000001%

That is, if there is only 1 representative from the state on the Board of Directors, then his vote will outweigh the votes of all other members of the Board of Directors, since the state owns a controlling stake in Rosneft. In joint-stock companies, everything is decided not by the majority of votes of the members of the Board of Directors, but by the share of their shares in the authorized capital.

We have sorted out the ownership of Rosneft, but now let me clarify the question:

How foreign directors got to Rosneft to dispel the last doubts of distrustful citizens.

I will briefly tell you the story of Rosneft.

It was created in the 90s, when a predatory privatization was going on in Russia. Only in Rosneft, unlike YUKOS, all unprofitable or completely unprofitable wells were combined, so this oil company did not bring profit, but rather losses.

The young reformers tried to sell the state Rosneft, but nobody was interested in such illiquid liquid, and for this reason the pre-default Rosneft remained as a state company before Putin came to power.

Then, as you know, Putin put Khodorkovsky in jail and poured the largest and most profitable oil company, Yukos, into Rosneft. Sibneft was also bought out from Abramovich and also poured into Rosneft.

The state did not stop at the acquisition of these assets and began negotiations with TNK-WB shareholders on the purchase of this oil company, which was sold at a loans-for-shares auction in 1995. It was called at that moment "Sidanko".

The British shareholders of TNK-BP sold the company to Rosneft; they received half of the value in cash and half of the value in Rosneft shares.

In 2013, Rosneft becomes the world's largest public oil and gas company following the completion of the acquisition of TNK-BP. BP becomes the largest minority shareholder in NK Rosneft with a 19.5% stake.

If the United States can buy any asset for printed dollars, then Russia, unlike the United States, can pay for it only with the money it earned. And the state paid the owners of TNK-BP half of the cost for the asset. And half was given in printed shares. Bingo!

The British received seats on the Board of Directors, but they do not own the company, but the Russian State

For their asset they received the right to sit on the Board of Directors and they are paid annually dividends, but they have no right to interfere in the company's policy. They can make proposals for managing the company, but the state will decide whether to accept it, or reject it if this proposal is not beneficial to Russia.

If anyone has forgotten who Schroeder is, let me remind you that this is the former Chancellor of Germany, who created in 2003, together with Putin and Chirac (the former President of France), the Berlin-Moscow-Paris bridge to counter the States when America invaded Iraq. For this, Schroeder was thrown out of political circles in Germany, defamed, slandered, and he moved to work in Russia for the Gazprom company.

At Gazprom, Schroeder was involved in the promotion and further construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. As you understand, it was built in order to reduce our dependence, as well as Germany's dependence, on gas transit to Europe through the Ukrainian GTS. This man has never defended the interests of our main geopolitical enemy - the United States. On the contrary, he always opposed the United States, defending primarily the interests of Germany, which wants to get rid of its vassal dependence on the United States, and having moved to Russia, defended Russian interests. By the way, Schroeder refused the salary that was assigned to him by Rosneft.

Anyone still have any doubts about Schroeder's figure? Unlike online chatterbox provocateurs, he deserves trust, according to his deeds, and not at all his words.

I turn to the members of the SD from Qatar.

Under pressure from the United States, Arab countries announced a complete blockade of Qatar. And Russia, Iran and Turkey did not let them implement it.

In what direction are we situational allies with Iran and Turkey?

That's right, in Syria.

Can you guess for what crimes the Americans decided to strangle Qatar?

Yes, yes, Qatar went over to the side of Russia. Militants sponsored by Qatar went over to the side of the Syrian army, and together with it began to destroy the American irregular army - ISIS.

As a guarantee of its safety, Qatar received shares of Rosneft (of course, not for free, Qatar bought them) and its representative entered the Board of Directors of the Russian oil company.

Well, now I want to ask doubting citizens:

Do you still think that the state has ineffectively disposed of Rosneft shares, the new owners of which have no rights in the state-owned company, except for the opportunity to sit on the Board of Directors and receive dividends?

Let me remind you that British businessmen receive dividends not for pretty eyes, but for an asset - the TNK-BP oil company, which brings profit to our state, and the Qataris paid for their shares with currency and became our allies in Syria.


Well, now the control is in the head of the paid propagandists who, with the help of outright manipulation, fool our citizens, with the aim of destroying our country and our people.

Have you noticed that Americans never figured in my story? But they are present on the demotivator.

First comes Robert Dudley.And under the photo in large print, so that even the blind can see, it is written: USA.

Now let's look at a photo of Putin's meeting with British businessmen:


And here is Dudley, sitting opposite Putin. Sechin is also present at this meeting.

Putin did not meet with American businessmen, unlike British businessmen, since it is now beyond his status to meet with our president. They were accepted by Lavrov, having his own catchphrase in reserve, since the Americans did not deserve another.)))

Now, doubting citizens, think and decide:

Will you entrust the management of the state to people who not only blatantly lie and manipulate, but even confuse which country the shareholder is on the Board of Directors, which speaks only of the stupidity of the oppositionists who are rushing with your help to power in Russia?

In our country, everything depends only on ourselves and on our choice. So think

* * * * * * *

PS: In addition to the article, I will add information about Gazprom and Rusal.

1. Gazprom is the largest joint stock company in Russia. The total number of accounts on which 23,673,512,900 Gazprom shares are accounted for is over 470 thousand. The state controls over 50% of the Company's shares:

2. Rusal was re-registered from Jersey to Russian jurisdiction. That is, now de facto and de jure, Rusal is under state control.

Regarding the fact that Rusal is not owned by the Americans, read the detailed analysis here: "Let's figure out who Deripaska gave Rusal":

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