Immorality as a motto of youth is the main danger for Russia
Immorality as a motto of youth is the main danger for Russia

The decayed and distorted West with all its might pulls us down, too, into the abyss of animal life. If we do not understand the destructiveness of this, then we will also turn into simple intelligent animals …

Every adult, free person chooses his own path. A child comes into this world clean, with wide eyes. He still cannot choose his own path, he is not yet familiar with our world. We show him this way: mom, dad, society. Which way do we show our children?

Corruption and corruption of underage children, discrimination against the institution of the family - this is a fundamental policy of social parasites. Silencing this policy, while exposing the existing insane picture without (c) a limit, is the doom of the people to a blind, desperate extinction. And our people need to know this course, because this knowledge will provide guidelines, will be able to mobilize people to fight for their wealth - children. And while the propaganda of depravity is pouring in a continuous stream, no one can prove the opposite.

Virginity, morality, purity of children are the main values ​​that every state that thinks about the future holds dear. And only an insane state will destroy these values ​​and allow them to do this with their children. Or a state ruled by the enemies of its own people.

Why does the people allow such an attitude towards themselves? A people who have always been invincible to enemies? And the trail of glory of the victories of our ancestors still saves the lives of sailors. Somali pirates, seeing the flag of the USSR, often refuse to hijack the ship, realizing that the ship is being guarded by the Russians. And it doesn't matter how many Russians there are. They know one thing: the Russians do not give up, they will fight to their last breath. So what happened to our people? Why do we live under the influence of a sleeping pill, why did we allow ourselves to be blinded, covering up this blindness with a deadly stereotype: "We have no right to prevent others, to do what they want"?

We are deceived by the stereotype of mirage freedom.

And the reaction of people to the important information that those who have already understood where "legs grow" are trying to convey them never ceases to amaze. Basically, initially the information is not perceived, it is rejected with the conviction: "This cannot be!" People do not believe, or rather, I would even say, do not want to believe their own eyes. Because any such information accepted is thought-provoking. And almost everyone understands that this is true. And people who allow themselves not only to listen, but to hear, begin to react to this information with actions. And this is already work, and this hearing can radically change your life. And it won't be easy. Therefore, very few allow themselves to just hear.

After all, we quite often hear the phrase: “It is best not to know this, but just to live. It's easier this way. " I myself have heard this more than once. Yes, it’s easier that way. But then, when warnings about some events turn into statements of facts, few people think that everything could have been prevented by showing minimal courage and deciding to hear. But even more shocking is the unwillingness to see the already obvious and egregious.

No one is surprised by the already rapidly increasing number of adolescents drinking alcohol at every corner, smoking on an uncontrolled scale and swearing without embarrassment. No one is surprised that the age of these very adolescents, leading an early, often ugly sex life, is getting younger. Society is getting used to it. This is becoming the norm in our life. This is taken for granted.

Sometimes someone can be indignant at the blatant depravity of youth, throwing a few condemning words, and the matter does not go beyond this indignation. And just after seeing how the molestation will touch their own children, some parents often start to sound the alarm. And many parents simply do not notice this. I would even say - they do not want to notice. I witnessed a conversation between two six-year-old children in a kindergarten. I will describe this case:

A boy sits on a bench and a girl comes up to him, sits down side by side, and, like a real adult woman-coquette, hugs him by the shoulders, saying in a languid seductive voice:

- I want sex with you.

The boy moves away from her, tries to escape from her embrace and speaks in a voice that is far from being a child's:

- I don't want sex with you.

The girl repeated this phrase three times, coming from different sides, she just circled around him. And the boy also repeated his phrase three times. At the same time, he did not look like a wary child who did not understand what they wanted from him. Apparently, he had some kind of associations with this word.

Why has our society come to the point that such conversations of six-year-old children have become calmly accepted? Some parents even find these conversations amusing. They rejoice at the way they have grown children. Tell me, how can zombie parents raise free children? Whom can they educate? The same zombies, like themselves! They provide children with the information that they zombie themselves with every day.

Our children are massively influenced by cartoons that plant non-childish images in their heads, and films with sex scenes that influence and shape sexually active children at a young age. I will cite the result of one psychological study.

Most girls six years old already view themselves as sex objects. An experiment was conducted using paper dolls. This made it possible to find out the attitude of girls 6-9 years old to the issue of sexuality. So, two dolls were dressed sexually attractive, and the rest were dressed in loose clothes. The participants in the experiment had to choose a doll that resembled themselves, a doll that they would like to resemble, and a doll associated with a popular girl in school. Of the 60 participants, 68% chose a sex doll when asked how they themselves want to look. 72% admitted: this doll is more popular. In the child's mind, sexuality was closely linked to popularity, the study director said.

Debauchery zombies the subconsciousness of our children at an ever earlier age.

Walking with my child on the playground, I have often heard many mothers say that they will adapt their children to new conditions using very original methods. They themselves plan to give alcohol to drink, they themselves plan to treat the children to the first cigarette and they themselves will tell their children how to use contraception as early as possible. They are guided by the statement: “Let it be like everyone else, I don’t want my son (my daughter) to stand out. I will help my child to be like everyone else, to make it easier for him. " This is their main mistake.

According to the results of many studies, it becomes clear that children, whose parents themselves offered to try the "taste" of modern life, are many times more vulnerable to the promoted molestation. The state creates only the appearance of concern for the future of the nation, for the morality of children. There is an open alleged "propaganda" of morality and a hidden sinister propaganda of debauchery. This is the genocide of our people, invisible to the majority of the population.

And one more fact confirming the policy of child molestation by the state, or rather, by those who are hiding behind it. In the fall, a small city in the Kiev region visited the mobile children's Luna Park, which, as usual, is located in the city park. Passing by, I was shocked by the next picture.Most of the rides featured aggressive pictures of boys and girls, half-naked girls. Moreover, these girls were frankly visible certain intimate parts of the body. There was a song in English, and the amount of the word "sex" in this song, to some extent, even zombified me. It's just that for some time this song did not go out of my head.

Now think about it. Who viewed these pictures and listened to the music? Little kids under 5 years old! No one paid attention to the pictures, no one looked closely at them, except these little children. They stared wide-eyed at the images and jumped in wheelchairs. But we know how music and illustrated material influence the formation of children's horizons and their knowledge of the world, and how dangerous it is for them. Where did the city authorities look when giving permission for the placement of such an amusement park? After all, children are the most defenseless in front of information, it easily enters their subconscious, forming their worldview. And then after 10 years, parents will have a hard time recognizing their children when their children begin to apply all the inherent skills in their life in practice.

We also know how the Internet is filled with erotic content, and how the Internet is now accessible to children. The period of formation of sexuality is childhood and adolescence. Given the easy availability of such information and the unformed child's psyche, consider how much we can destroy sexuality and cripple children for the rest of their lives.

Our society is degrading with great acceleration. Each generation is more degraded than the last, and this acceleration is increasing at an unimaginable rate. We must think not only about ourselves, about our soul, but also about other people, about our Motherland, about our people. And our duty is to save the nation from destruction, from extinction, to protect our heritage, our children, our culture, our traditions. This is the duty to the Motherland, to our ancestors, who shed blood for our land, for us, for our lives. Thanks to their feat, we live. And this is also our duty to future generations, who will either hate us, dying out like the last goyim, or will be proud of us.

By allowing us to destroy our children, we are destroying life itself, we are destroying ourselves, our Motherland. If there are no our children, there will be neither us, nor the memory of us as a people. And the descendants of those to whom we allow ourselves to be destroyed now will despise our distorted descendants, ridiculing and spitting on them as the descendants of the “great Rus”.

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