12 examples of what is becoming the norm in America
12 examples of what is becoming the norm in America

The American demonstrates with specific examples that his home country, the USA, is a totalitarian state in which minorities, formed along sexual lines, exercise dictatorship over the majority of the population.

What the hell happened to the United States? We are quickly approaching the point where political correctness will become our national religion. Of course, most people do not call this phenomenon "religion", but for most Americans, an unwritten set of rules determines their entire way of thinking and words. Many hoped that the bout of political correctness would subside with the election of Trump, but this apparently is not happening. The forces behind advancing political correctness still dominate our educational system, the entertainment industry, our judiciary, and both political parties.

The unwritten rules of political correctness are constantly changing, and if you don't keep up with these changes, then the punishment can be very severe.

If you say the wrong things at the wrong time, you can lose your friends, your job and, quite possibly, you can lose your reputation.

In recent years, we have witnessed countless people publicly crushed in the eyes of public opinion for doing or saying something politically incorrect.

And with each new day, the forces behind the advancement of political correctness are conquering more and more areas. The following 12 points show that political correctness in America has turned the country into a madhouse …

# 1 According to Time Magazine, on October 10 this year, one of the largest publishing houses in the country will publish a book called “Santa Claus's Husband”. The publisher states that this book will portray Santa Claus as "a gay man in an interracial same-sex relationship."

# 2 High School in North Hollywood will have budgetary transfers cut significantly because the school has too many non-racial minority students …

Resentment is growing at Walter Reed High School in North Hollywood as the school is slated for staff cuts and class enlargements as legislation enters into force that provides for limited funding for schools with a high proportion of white students.

The Los Angeles Schools Authority provides more funding for schools with less than 30% white students.

In a letter to the parents of the students, the FDA noted that this high-performing school has exceeded that percentage in the past couple of years.

# 3 According to Michael Moore's statements, historians will mark “March 28, 2017 as the day that life began to disappear on Earth” because Donald Trump overturned Obama's climate change regulations.

# 4 One of my readers just sent me a photo that his sixteen year old son took at school. This is a photograph of a slide projected onto a large screen in a classroom and this slide contains the following entry: “Polls show that young people today are much more receptive to gay, lesbian and transgender people than ever before. Why do you think this is happening?"

# 5 In elementary school in California, the game of "catch-up" was banned because it was too dangerous.

# 6 At one school in Iowa, students were labeled “racist” for wearing red, white and blue uniforms to play basketball.

# 7 In North Carolina, a “gender unicorn” was introduced to first grade students to teach children “about sexual orientation and gender identity” …

Last year, in our hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, Mecklenburg High School used a “gender unicorn” to educate first graders about sexual orientation and gender identity. This cute, small, fluffy animal was used to explain sexual orientation by asking "Who do you go to bed with?" In order to clarify what gender identity is, the question was asked: "As whom do you go to bed?" And, of course, it turned out that everything can change. Children can change whenever they want and whoever they want.

# 8 According to Dr. Michael Brown, on a college campus, the scales were removed from the gym shower with a very bizarre rationale: “The University of Carlton took the scales out of the campus gym, stating that“hanging on weight”does not“have a positive effect on your health.."

# 9 Christian University of Minnesota officials told professors to "stop using terms like 'man' and 'mankind' because there is too much masculinity in them."

# 10 Snickers Bars will soon be released in a rainbow wrapper, "as part of a campaign to protect the LGBT community."

# 11 A 32-year-old man will compete in international volleyball competitions as a transgender woman, and maybe he will qualify for the Olympic Games as a woman athlete …

A 32-year-old woman says volleyball was the only constant thing in her life, which was full of changes. In January, she received permission from the National Volleyball Association to compete as a woman. Prior to that, she had played in the men's division in all competitions hosted by USAV.

USAV requires women to undergo continuous hormone replacement therapy for a year with all supporting documentation. Moreover, the organization requires that all identifying documents such as passport and birth certificate also be changed to the woman's name. Prior to these innovations, several organizations, including the Olympic Committee, required transgender athletes to have gender reassignment surgery.

# 12 The Planned Parenthood Federation of America killed millions of children, but none of this organization turned out to be of interest to the courts. On the contrary, two activists who disclosed the fact that the organization sold body parts of unborn children were convicted on 15 counts in the state of California.

In times like these, people like me feel like dinosaurs. If you follow my work on a regular basis, you know that I am not afraid to do and say things that might offend some people.

Of course, I am not trying to offend everyone, but I will not allow the forces behind the advancement of political correctness to dictate to me what I can and cannot say on a particular topic.

Ultimately, political correctness is a tool used by progressives to silence opposition.

They want to make the words and thoughts that seem offensive to them become considered crimes, and to a certain extent they have made progress along this path.

Our Founding Fathers wanted us to have the right to free speech, but we find ourselves in a situation where the punishment for wrong words can be severe.

I would like to be optimistic and believe that these forces will start losing ground, but as I noted at the outset, they control our schools, our courts, our entertainment industry and our political leaders.

Of course, we will never give up, because their victory will mean that life in America has become a complete and never-ending nightmare.

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