Global social parasitism
Global social parasitism

Scientific and public conference on the global world parasite, inequality of countries and money deception.

These issues are already beginning to be publicly discussed in the scientific community, although earlier it ridiculed various "conspiracy theorists" and "amateurs" who lifted the veil of secrecy over the world's puppeteers.

The first to introduce the concept of "social parasitism" and to substantiate its nature was the Russian scientist Nikolai Levashov, convincingly proving that it was such parasitism that led to the genocide of peoples (especially the Russian and other indigenous peoples of Russia).

Differencesbetween biologicaland social parasiteprincipled and very easy to define.

Biological parasite- affects the weak or the sickanimal, giving the strong and healthy the opportunity to continue their evolutionary development, often saving them from the source of infection and the spread of disease, which brings death to everyone. The individual tragedy of one organism, one being, ultimately serves evolutionary progress, preserving the species as a whole. That is why biological parasites can be attributed to positive natural phenomena… Even though repulsive essence this phenomenon.

Social parasite - affects a strong and healthy social organism, leads, ultimately, to his death, evolutionary death.

N.V. Levashov

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