Aliens - artificial intelligence from the future
Aliens - artificial intelligence from the future

The scientist brings an interesting hypothesis in the following words; aliens are artificial intelligence, “immortal robots,” billions of years old!

Yes, we have not yet met aliens, and are still looking for our space neighbors. However, our first encounter with aliens can be truly gruesome.

If you imagined aliens as small humanoid creatures, with massive elongated heads, almond-shaped huge eyes and an obsession with "implanting probes" into humans, then you will be disappointed.

Another study of "extraterrestrial intelligence" Professor Susan Schneider of the University of Connecticut and the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton discusses the theory that the first contact will be associated with a robotic extraterrestrial race, which may be billions of years old.

Professor Schneider does not state of course, but I am sure that the artificial intelligence of an extraterrestrial civilization has long lived in outer space. With regard to aliens, Susan Schneider explains:

“I do not believe that advanced extraterrestrial civilizations are at the biological level of life. The most complex cultures are post-biological forms of artificial intelligence, alien to us superintelligence.

Other cultures may be much older than us - in relation to them, earthlings are galactic babies, the scientist adds."

In a report published by the Daily Galaxy, Professor Schneider says: All visible signs tell us the age of alien intelligence, which will be billions of years old - from 1.7 to 8 billion.


For us, the scientist's conclusion is interesting by the following assumption; if aliens exist and have gone out into space (and even billions of years), then they are not only intellectually smarter than earthlings, but they may have already moved to a post-biological level of life.

The proposed hypothesis is not novel. Futurologists have previously voiced the idea of ​​the advantages of "loading consciousness" of a person into machines. But this is the first time that the idea has been associated with alien intelligence and is being brought up for serious discussion.

Indeed, silicon-based life can tolerate harsher and more hazardous conditions than carbon-based lifeforms. Hence, this means that their civilization can survive for much longer periods of time.

I think it is very likely - indeed, inevitable - that biological intelligence is only a temporary phenomenon … If we ever meet extraterrestrial intelligence, it is likely to be postbiological in nature, says Paul Davis.

Dr. Schneider, like many people, sees the many benefits of silicon-based life. “It is easier, for example, to survive in space travel. At the same time, there is enormous computing power, and there are no physical limitations, such as the skull, and the machine, in principle, can reach the superintelligent faster than a person,”explains the professor.

The car is almost immortality and reliability

Interestingly, there are many astronomers and scientists out there who believe that aliens may actually be robots. Why not? For example, Google's Ray Kurzweil predicted a human merger with machines by 2050.

If we take into account that aliens exist and have existed for millions, if not billions of years, then it is logical to assume that they ultimately "merged" with machines long ago.

Seth Shostak, busy (so far) unsuccessfully searching for an alien lifeform, agrees:

Look at the following fact, any signal we receive must come from a civilization at least as advanced as we are.

Now, let's say conservatively, the average civilization has been using radio for 10,000 years.From a purely probabilistic point of view, the probability of finding a society much older than us is quite high.

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