Who killed the electric car? Yes, even 20 years ago?
Who killed the electric car? Yes, even 20 years ago?

Now we will show you, using the example of the electric car killed 20 years ago, how the control of inventions works, and how influential people are changing the technological chronicle of the planet.

The entire film (1.5 hours) can be viewed in our VK group: and now we will make a short 10-minute review of it.

With the support of the Russian industrial startup "Duyunov Asynchronous Motors" solargrup.ru

In the early 90s, the state of California, one of the most "gassed" regions of the United States, literally suffocating in car smog, passed a special law, the Zero Emission Act. This law, in the most categorical, but at the same time quite realistic form, required all companies in the automotive industry to sell a certain number of "zero emissions" cars each year. General Motors was one of the first to react and, in 1996, began mass production of the EV1 sports model with a purely electric drive.

Under the guise of a high price tag, the car was rented out. And when motorists tried to buy this car, even at the offered price, they were refused. The main mass of Ivy1 users is the Hollywood bohemian audience. They really liked the car, and the next logical step would be to start mass sales of electric vehicles. And then the system said stop:

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