Why new cars rot in a junkyard
Why new cars rot in a junkyard

On the net you can find many photos of huge parking lots with new unsold cars. Let's finally figure out whether there is still an overproduction of cars, or is it just another fake.

Why even some 15 years ago the cars were quite reliable, but now after the end of the warranty period - after about 5 years of operation, the car requires serious repairs? Is there really a conspiracy of automakers?

Some automobile warehouses in the open air occupy tens of hectares. Whole runways are clogged with new cars, but it would be a delusion to think that all these are abandoned cars or unclaimed cars. Some of these large anchorages are trans-shipment points and are simply awaiting further transportation. But only a few.

It turned out that there were people at such parking lots and bought cars there. Indeed, in some parking lots you can buy old cars at a low price. But these are isolated cases and no one will ever let them into the masses, it is not profitable for corporations. Why not profitable? Because a huge number of cars are produced in the world every year. About 100 million cars are produced annually, which is about a billion cars in 10 years.

But if the machines are reliable, do not break down, they can serve for 10, 20 or even 30 years. If the car is good, of high quality, does not break down, why buy a new one? Therefore, simply instilling obsolescence of the machine in the minds is no longer enough. Then the manufacturers began to make lower quality cars, which were simply fulfilling their warranty period.

Remember 15 years ago, what the teapots were, and after all they serve, who has them left. And Soviet refrigerators are generally capable of outliving humanity. But now, whatever you buy, breaks down in a year. Incandescent lamps, for example, burn out.

And one of the first has been burning for more than 100 years in the fire department.

It's the same with cars. What was 15 years ago and earlier is several times more reliable than a car three years ago, regardless of the manufacturer. Even dealer parts will not help, they are expensive, and there is little sense, because manufacturers deliberately introduce in them a period after which they will be out of order.

People do not believe in the possibility of overproduction, they say, it is simply not economically profitable for companies. But in order to draw objective conclusions, you need to look at the whole world as a whole, see what various analysts say, where the money comes from in the world. If we are talking about profit, we must also talk about money.

Not a single state in the world has the right to issue its own money, all the money it has, they borrow from private banks, which are also not controlled by any government authorities. Think about it. Don't take my word for it. Just open the constitution, for example the Russian Federation, and look at the article on the Central Bank and the corresponding law on the Central Bank. You will understand a lot.

Here is a good video on this topic. "I want the whole world and 5% more”, Is told on the example of the fictional character Fabian, how he seized all the financial power in the world.

But now our entire economy is arranged this way, with the help of loan interest. Who do you think has the biggest profits in the world? That's right, those who produce this very money. Moreover, with the advent of computers, there is not even a need to print paper banknotes. You just draw zeroes on the computer.

So let's get back to the production of cars and other products. Who owns all the factories in the world? Correctly - corporations. Who owns the corporations? That's right - to private banks, which manage all the world's money. We are talking about precisely those banks in which they take money on credit from the state.Tell me, if they can print any amount, and legally, what they want, will they worry that temporarily some plant or an entire industry does not provide an inflow of finance, or will this flow decrease? No, of course, their income is not limited by anything and depends only on the ignorance of people. From the ignorance of you and me.

In addition, one must understand that the owners of money look at the whole world globally and in completely different time periods. It is normal for them to make plans for tens or hundreds of years. But some short-sighted viewers believe that if their dealer or several dealers work according to the scheme of “ordering a car - it was produced - after a while you will receive it”, it means that the whole world works like that.

In the production of any goods, a huge number of related industries are involved, for example, if the production of cars stops or is extremely reduced, then the mining industry, steel plants will stop, because the demand for steel and other metals will stupidly fall.

In addition, in addition to reducing profits, for the owners of money, oddly enough, employment of the population is important. After all, if hundreds of millions of people are dismissed due to production cuts, then a riot will begin, and ordinary ants in the humankind must plow and pay them loans, they should not have the time and energy left to think about what is happening in the world.

But maybe you do not think that the modern world order is the slavery of those who consider themselves free, and all this is an idle fiction of fans of conspiracy theories?

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