The Chinese have developed an unmanned aerial taxi
The Chinese have developed an unmanned aerial taxi

The Chinese company EHang has announced its intention to build an airport terminal for unmanned taxis, which will be actively used in the ecotourism industry. It would seem that it is just a conceptual project from the world of fantasy, but this is not at all the case. Already 40 eVTOL unmanned aerial vehicles with vertical takeoff and landing are being tested.

It remains only to wait for the results and create a station so that passengers can use the extraordinary taxi of the future for air travel.

The future has already arrived: the Chinese company has developed an airport terminal for unmanned air taxis (Vertiport Baobab concept)

For about a hundred years, mankind has dreamed of flying cars or air taxis, coming up with the most incredible models that can be seen in science fiction magazines or movies. But at the same time, no one thought about how and where the invented air transport would park, pick up or drop off passengers, how it would be refueled and serviced.

This gap in dreams was quite realistically filled by the project of the future from the Chinese company EHang, which created a special airport terminal, which they called a vertiport. The unusual structure was developed by Chinese specialists together with the Italian design group Giancarlo Zema Design Group (GZDG), because they plan to build it in Italy.

Although the exact location has not yet been determined, EHang is already working on additional projects that will be located in other countries in Europe and Southeast Asia.

The non-volatile vertiport will generate electricity up to 300 kW per day (concept by Vertiport Baobab)

According to the editors of, the vertiport (vertiport) called Baobab ("Baobab") will have a height of 30 meters and will be built of steel and multilayer timber to minimize the impact on the environment.

The project also provides for complete energy self-sufficiency, allowing it to cover the electricity needs both for servicing the facility and for wirelessly recharging aerial vehicles that look more like giant drones. And this is not a dream or a fantastic story, because such a transport already exists.

EHang's eVTOL unmanned aerial vehicles are already being tested by customers

Interesting fact:EHang has already designed the eVTOL vertical takeoff and landing unmanned electric aerial vehicle that can carry up to two passengers.

The company has already supplied 40 of these models to customers for testing, as well as for testing, training and demonstration purposes.

Air terminals for the new mode of transport will be located at a height of 30 m (concept Vertiport Baobab)

If the testing is successful, then there will be a need to create appropriate logistics and, first of all, air terminals. The authors of the project promise that many interesting and unusual things await passengers in the designed vertiport. To ride the eVTOL air car, passengers will need to take an elevator to the take-off and landing platform located at the top of the facility.

They will create open terraces with green areas and three landing areas, which will be equipped with chargers for electric aircraft. They will be able to charge their batteries contactlessly during the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers.

On the upper platform of the vertiport, it is planned to arrange green areas and landing areas with contactless charging of air transport

For passengers, there is a waiting room, an observation deck and a restaurant with a 360-degree view of the picturesque surroundings or the cityscape. The Vertiport Baobab is expected to be an excellent attraction for the ecotourism industry, as air taxi is the ideal vehicle for sightseeing tours.

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