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"Abandoned country": colossal objects of the USSR that were abandoned
"Abandoned country": colossal objects of the USSR that were abandoned

A huge number of industrial and military facilities were created in the Soviet Union. After the collapse of the socialist country, most of these enterprises came to desolation and today are not used in any way. Such objects look depressing and terrifying at the same time. In such places, one could safely shoot films about the end of the world.

1. Object 100

First of its kind

The famous military base "Sotka" built in Balaklava, not far from Sevastopol. At the best of times, an impressive underground missile complex was located here. Construction of the base began in 1954. Notable "Sotka" is also the fact that it became the first coastal missile system in the Soviet Union. After the collapse of the USSR, the base was abandoned, abandoned and plundered by looters.

2. Volgograd Tractor Plant

The legendary T-34s were made here

The Stalingrad Tractor Plant named after Felix Dzerzhinsky was founded in 1930. In the best times, the company produced 100 tractors per day. Before World War II, T-26 tanks were created here, and after it began, the legendary T-34 medium tanks were made. During the hostilities, part of the workshops was destroyed and tanks were engaged right on the street! In 1944, the enterprise was literally restored from ruins.

In the 1990s, privatization took place. The plant became a group of companies and went bankrupt.

3. Chemical plant "Syntvita"

There was once an important object

This chemical plant was built in the Tula region in 1964. The company produced polymers that were used in the manufacture of medicines, toothpaste, and shampoos. The enterprise occupied an area of ​​40 hectares (approximately 16 Red Squares). In the 1990s, the plant closed, with the exception of one workshop, which operated until 2013.

4. Settlement "Yubileiny"

One of many similar cities

On the territory of the country of the former Soviet Union, you can find a large number of abandoned cities. Most often, these are found in Russia. The absolute mass of such settlements was created in places of mining. For example, the village "Yubileiny" in the Perm Territory, which was founded and built from scratch in 1957. Once upon a time, coal mines worked here and more than 50 thousand people worked. Right before Perestroika, the mine reached the planned production volumes, but after 9 years all local enterprises were virtually destroyed.

5. Space shuttle "Buran"

Once upon a time many millions were invested in this project

In Kazakhstan, near the Baikonur cosmodrome, there is still a semi-abandoned rusting hangar in which the Buran spacecraft is located. Today an ingenious car stands and simply rots, being of no use to anyone. But once the spacecraft was the answer to the American Shuttles.

6. Aralsk-7 at the Renaissance

It is not known what exactly Soviet scientists were doing here

One of the most mysterious autonomous cities of the Soviet Union. At one time this place was highly secret. What exactly did Soviet engineers and scientists do here is not known even today. According to some reports, on the island of Vozrozhdenie, they were engaged in the development and testing of biological weapons. In the 1990s, all workers left the complex.

7. Petrovsky dock in Kronstadt

Very old dock

As you might guess from the name, "Petrovsky Dock" appeared long before the formation of the Soviet Union. The industrial complex was founded in 1719. The construction of the dock was completed by 1752. The dry dock was also used after the October Revolution. Here, work could be carried out on 5 vessels at once. In the 1990s, the complex fell into disrepair, and very soon it was completely closed as morally obsolete.

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