Bad Valley Megalithic Guard
Bad Valley Megalithic Guard

The secret of the majestic guardians of the Bad Valley (Indonesia), located among the equatorial forests, has not been revealed to this day. The statues, carved from solid stone blocks, stand singly or in groups near old graves. Their growth is from one to four and a half meters.

The statues are distinguished by a phallic shape, stylized features, and indistinct hands. The bulging eyes, eyebrows and nose, sculpted in one piece, give them a kind of family resemblance. However, each statue is individual and has its own name. All of them have signs of gender, but only a quarter of them depict women.

And some, in general, do not look like a person - like, for example, the statue of Gyula Boe, whose lying body, half submerged in the soil of a rice field, looks more like a buffalo. Most of the stone faces are turned towards the setting sun and towards the kingdom of the supreme deity Poang Matua.

Scientists suggest that many of the Bad Valley statues were created between 3000 BC. and 1600 AD And most likely, these megaliths were erected in honor of the ancestors and denote a special place where the souls of ancestors descend to earth and where the living can communicate with spirits, praise them or pray for protection, for the harvest.

But what civilization created these stone creatures, these guardians of the Bad Valley? There is no answer yet.

In total, more than 400 granite megaliths have been discovered in this district, of which about 30 represent human sculptures of the most ancient origin. They vary in size from a few centimeters to 4.5 meters. The original purpose of creating such megalithic forms is unknown.

Other megaliths are in the form of large plates (Kalamba) and stone slabs (Tutu'na).

Some argue that the megaliths were installed at the sites of mass human sacrifices, others say that the stone statue is guarded by evil spirits. They also say that these statues are petrified villains, and some even believe that they are capable of walking.

Another surprising fact related to the megaliths of Bada is also perplexing: the fact is that the statues are made of stone that is not mined in the area.

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