What is celebrated on New Years?
What is celebrated on New Years?

From year to year, without once thinking about the origins of traditions, all honest people celebrate New Year… Fun, noise, lights and fireworks, chimes fight, promises and congratulations, feast, clinking glasses, dancing until morning and laughter, new happiness to each other everyone wishes in the new year, but no one thought why …

A beautiful beginning excites the soul, beckons with memories, doesn't it? But will there be joy on your faces when you learn the truth about what the “bright” holiday “New Year” hides in itself ?! You are no longer little children, and therefore I will wipe your joy from your face! It's time to sober up and wake up, it's time to grab onto knowledge! Gathering your will into a fist and not deceiving your soul, it's time to say goodbye to the Jewish gods! We have our own holidays, we also have our own Slavic New Year, which is called the New Year! That's all with rhyme, and for those interested, please read my article "New Year - Slavic-Aryan New Year". I assure you, you will not regret it, but only you will brighten!

So, from the above article, we already know that our ancestors - the Slavic-Aryans - had their own primordial calendar - Carols Gift, according to which at the time of the introduction by false Peter in 1699 of the new chronology and the celebration of the New Year from January 1, it was Summer 7208 from the Creation of the World in the Star Temple (SMZH). By his decree, Emperor Peter I stole from the Russian people at least 5508 years glorious past!

In Summer 7208 from SMZH or in a new style in 1699 false Peter I, who recently returned from the European embassy, ​​where he was replaced (there is a detailed article "The Great Pretender" about this), issued a decree abolishing the old calendar that existed in Russia for no more, no less, but at least 7208 years, and introduced the Western European calendar from the Nativity of Christ, which was invented by Dionysius the Small just in VI century AD… At the same time, he postponed the beginning of the calendar or New Year, as it is correct in our opinion, in Russian, from the day of the Autumn Equinox to January 1, or, as it is now customary to call it, January. He chose 1700 as the starting date new chronology!

I ask you to pay attention to the phrase "new chronology", since nothing is done just like that, but a very logical chronologically consistent path to this supposedly new chronology, I will show in a further study of the events preceding such a decision of the newly-minted Peter (another person returned from Europe, who called himself Peter I). And on the eve of the "New Year's holidays", the heralds announced the Tsar's decree to the Muscovites under a drumbeat (the letter "ъ" at the end of words is not readable):

The first day of the New Year 1700 began with a parade on Red Square in Moscow. And in the evening the sky was lit up with bright lights of festive fireworks. As a sign of the national holiday, they fired from cannons, and in the evening, in the dark sky, multi-colored fireworks, unseen before, flashed.

Just like that, with one royal decree it was stolen from the Russians as much as 5508 years ago, but not simply taken away with a division into new and old eras, as is customary to present their history to the "correct" states, but for good! If anyone does not know, this decree was followed by another, where the impostor ordered to take all the books to the capital of Muscovy or Moscow Tartary (the real name of that part of Russia, which was ruled by Peter I) - Moscow, ostensibly for making copies. But neither the originals, nor copies of those originals have ever returned to their owners. A huge number of old books were destroyed in order to wipe out all references to true chronology of our ancestors… But even those few books that have been secretly preserved give a completely different idea of ​​the supposedly barbaric, slavish and ignorant period from the past of our, in fact, glorious and great ancestors.

The date of the beginning of the new chronology was not chosen by the false Peter I by chance. So, on December 25, the entire Christian world celebrates the Nativity of Christ. And according to the "holy" book of Christians - the Bible - on the eighth day a baby Jesus was ostensibly circumcised according to the Jewish rite (the true truth about who we call Jesus or Andandsusom is described in the book Svetlana Levashova "Revelation"). And it turns out that on January 1, the Christian Church celebrated Circumcision of the Lord, the celebration of which was a great holiday, on a par with the New Year itself, even before the Jewish coup of 1917, as evidenced by the calendars of the tsarist times, in which January 1 is listed as "New Year and the Observation of the Lord"… This date was chosen by the false Peter I, and by his decree ordered all subjects to mark the beginning of a new calendar or chronology and congratulate each other.

Is it by chance that there is an opinion that in fact the impostor Peter I allegedly joked by introducing the celebration of the New Year, i.e. the feast of the New Circumcised God? After all, why and where did the word "year" come from? As you already know, the young Tsar Peter I, who went to the European embassy, ​​was replaced by an adult man who returned just a couple of years later, and after "Europeanization" I completely forgot my native speech… Of all his retinue, about 200 people, only Prince Menshikov returned to his homeland, and the rest of the servants consisted exclusively of foreigners. That is why at the court of the newly-minted Peter did not speak Russian, but it was customary and convenient to speak their native languages ​​- German and Dutch. In many European languages, the word "god" sounds like "year"(God) - German"Gott " (Goth), English God (Year) and so on. It turns out that the word “year” was introduced into Russian speech by the newly-minted Peter I, as a tracing paper from German and Dutch, which they used to denote God. Then everything falls into place, and the understanding that the joke of false Peter is not a joke at all, but a real reality, becomes even more significant when we take into account several other facts that led to the appearance of such a substitution.

And it all began from the very time February 16, 1086 on Mount Beykoz near Constantinople, in the fortress of Ieros - the then JerOsalim, - according to Jewish traditions, as if on the day of Jewish Passover, the bright warrior Radomir was crucified, whose name denotes "Bringing joy to the world"… He could not convince the “lost sheep of the house of Israel”, for which he was sacrificed to their god Yahweh, according to the exact prescription of the “holy” book of the Jews of the Torah: “kill the best of the goyim”!

Until this date, there was no Christianity, and could not be!

But what about the baptism of Kievan Rus in 988, you protest? Yes, everything is simple, I will answer! There was no Kievan Rus, no baptism into Christianity either! If anyone has studied history more or less sensibly, he must remember that Princess Olga was baptized in Constantinople (Constantinople) in Greek religion… It was the cult of Dionysius! Then, the Jew Kagan Vladimir Krasno Solnyshko, the son of the Jew Malka or slave, which means the son of a rabbi, allegedly baptized Kievan Rus with fire and sword, i.e. forcibly imposed the Christian religion, which is fiction… People are used to believing in tales of millions of victims, but the truth is simple - where millions are reported killed with swords and spears, there most likely occurs falsification!

Real millionth genocide what is happening right now - quietly, peacefully, with your full consent and for your own money - is the imposition of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, abortion, distorted education, vaccines, GMOs and other "delights of civilization"!

In general, we will omit the events of the imposed internecine centuries-old massacre of the Rus with the Rus - this was later covered up by the Tatar-Mongol yoke, which also never happened! And at that time, a wave of crusades swept across Europe, the only and real goal of which was the complete and maximum cleaning of the traces of Radomir's presence, as well as his teachings and students (the so-called Cathars or the enlightened ones - the real students of Mary Magdalene - Radomir's wife) were almost completely destroyed. ! Neither more nor less, but only 8 official crusades were carried out during the period from 1096 to 1270, not counting other minor ones. And the date of such an interesting first crusade is 1096, just 10 years after the crucifixion of Radomir.If you believe the official, invented version of the crucifixion of Jesus in 33 AD, then it was too long for the "good fellows" to avenge him, more than 1000 years! But the year 1096 just fits perfectly into the real events of that time. It took ten years to prepare, make plans and think over the details, and from fresh memory, and not after a thousand years, the "forces of good" moved to "save" their messiah and take revenge on the enemies for his crucifixion.

Further, a logical event was the holding of the first Ecumenical Council in 1325 year A.D. in Nick (think about it, is it not the name of the city of Nick that is encrypted in the famous crucifixion of Jesus, and the inscriptions IC XC on the sides of the crucifixion, can really indicate the date of this event; I also know that there is such an opinion that the abbreviation IC XC is nothing other than a date written in Latin numbers, and only then, later, interpretations of it were invented in order to hide the true meaning, which manifested itself in the form of the name of Jesus Christ)! Yes, I was not mistaken for a thousand years, it is just that they are deceiving us so much that the real events of the past were artificially aged by about or exactly a thousand years. This conclusion was reached by G.V. Nosovsky and A.T. Fomenko in his books, examining the real source documents of the past, thereby revealing a chronological shift. It was then, at the Council, for the first time they began to discuss the divine nature of Radomir, the doctrine of the holy trinity was introduced, which is a dull tracing of the Slavic-Aryan Triglav Svarog-Perun-Sventovit (in fact, the Slavic-Aryans had as many seven and, in addition, there was one nine-chapters). As they say, everything new is well forgotten old!

For those who disagree, I specially build a logical chronology of past events that led to the emergence of Of the new circumcised god (Of the year)!

It would be appropriate to ask: why exactly Radomir became the prototype of the deity developed by the Dark Forces? The answer is also very simple: the nature of the Dark Forces is such that, being parasites in their essence, they always try to crush or destroy the powerful of this world, those who could reveal their dark essence and resist their parasitism. Since Radomir was a very famous person of his time, about which there are hundreds of thousands of icons, paintings, frescoes and tapestries of famous and not so famous artists, both of that time and the Middle Ages, when the not very perverted memory of Radomir was strong, then the best way to destroy his name and good memory of him, just was the distortion of his true name, past, teachings and deeds. As a result of long and centuries-old efforts, a divine monster was born, which we know as Jesus Christ!

The conclusions of scientists about the millennial shift in our chronology were ideally confirmed by the following two facts, and now they look no longer as assumptions, but as a real fact from the past. So, the wording from the Nativity of Christ (abbreviated R.H.) in the papal chancellery for the first time began to be reflected only in 1431 A.D. It seems, just a date, at first glance, if you do not take into account the fact that exactly one thousand years before this date, in 431 year AD in the city of Ephesus, the Third Ecumenical Council was convened, which began to be called Ephesus. When I was building the chronology of events that preceded the appearance of the New God (Year), stumbling upon the fact of the introduction of the concept of calculating the dates of our era from the Nativity of Christ, I decided to check if there was any correspondence to this date in later periods and decided to check the ecumenical councils. You already know the result - an exact hit that confirms the chronological shift, with the goal of deliberate aging events related to the Christian religion. Could not Christians hide the birth of their deity for a thousand years? And they did not hide it! It's just that the legend of Christ was created just after the crucifixion of Radomir, and then all events become logical and ideally chronological.

To the fourth Ecumenical Council, which was convened no earlier 1451 AD, disputes about the divine nature of Isus-Radomir began to split Christians. A notable fact of this Council is the record number of bishops present - 650! The climax of the struggle to create a new religious doctrine was at its peak. The Council by a simple vote “determined the true teaching of the Church, namely, that our Lord Jesus Christ is the true God and true man” and condemned other false teachings! In this way, the "true" teaching of the Christian church has been residually determined.

Around the same time, Islam was created or Islamlike rejected sect of Christianity, as evidenced by the name of their main prophet Isa, the prototype of which is a Christian name Jesus, and the so-called Arabic script is nothing more than the Russian military (Horde) script, written in reverse, and therefore difficult to read for us now!

A century later, Christianizers reached Venice, before subjugating Spain and Italy. The Pope at that time was Paul IV Caraffa (reigned 1555-1559) and the events of his reign are reliably known to us from the book Svetlana Levashova "Revelation". The people of Venice first met the Holy Inquisition during his reign, and they were so intimidated and angry that after his death (let me remind you that the culprit of his death was the Venetian witch - the knowing mother - Isidora, who was also executed on the same day 18 August 1559 years through the burning, which led to the death of Karaffa himself), the crowd destroyed his palace and plundered the most valuable library of ancient books that kept the knowledge of our ancestors.

Simultaneously in England, during the coronation of Princess Elizabeth I (1559 year) four evangelists and a certain Saint Paul were prisoners and received freedom under an amnesty in honor of the coronation of the most holy person. What is the famous English writer about Charles Dickens mentioned in his book, which was called "Child's History of England". This translates into Russian as "The History of England for Young (Children)". This interesting book was published in the middle of the 19th century in London. And she tells about the English rulers, whom the young English should have known well. I will cite a small fragment from it (chapter XXXI):

Written testimony from Charles Dickens (he wrote this book for his children, whom he clearly did not intend to deceive) that evangelicals lived in the 16th century, published about 150 years ago in England, can not be easily discarded. This automatically implies an irrefutable conclusion that New Testament The Bible was written, at the earliest, in XVI century! And this fact fits perfectly into the chronological chain that I presented …

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