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The last Ivan. Unpublished Part 1
The last Ivan. Unpublished Part 1

Video: The last Ivan. Unpublished Part 1

Video: The last Ivan. Unpublished Part 1
Video: A reminder of nazi book burning hidden in plain sight 2023, December

About a year ago, my colleagues and I learned about Ivan Drozdov, a wonderful Russian writer. This marked the beginning of our cooperation, even friendship. We offered him to create a personal website, began to collect information, make videos, translate books into electronic form so that every Russian person could read them. Thanks to the new site dedicated to the work of Ivan Vladimirovich, thanks to the Russian News Agency, it was possible to raise the concrete slab of silence over this writer, who accurately and unobtrusively reveals the Russian and Jewish question in his works of fiction and autobiographical books.

Work on Drozdov's website is coming to an end, we are starting a new project - KRAMOLA, so now I would like to open a little for readers familiar with the work of this writer, additional materials that were not included in the books and video interviews. These are excerpts from conversations that we had at the table with Lucy Pavlovna and Ivan Vladimirovich, interesting episodes, which for various reasons were not included by the author in his works.

Ivan Vladimirovich, Samarin from your early novel "The Underground Meridian" is very similar to the main characters of subsequent books

- My hero is a Russian, and Russians are all alike. And not only Russians, but also people of other nationalities are very similar to each other. After all, nationality is a clan, a family, hence the great word came from: people. Soloukhin recently wrote somewhere: we have now ceased to be a people, but have become a population. This is very cleverly noticed. All the years of Soviet power, we were brought up in the spirit of internationalism, that is, they were offered to forget our nationality, and more to remember someone else's, for example, Kazakhs, Armenians, Chechens.

What for? For what? Obviously, in order to give them more freedom in our Russian home. Well, we gave this freedom, fed them, gave them drink, taught them at the institutes, and what came of it? And the Nazarbayevs, Maskhadovs, Kuchmas, Shevardnadze and other haters of the Russian people came out of this. We have a good proverb for this occasion: “no matter how much you feed the wolf, everything pulls him into the forest”. But we forgot this proverb, and obeyed the universal rabbi Karl Marx. And here's the result: we were thrown back hundreds of years.

Pliny said: "There are not a thousand Jews, but there is one Jew multiplied by a thousand." He could say the same about the Russians, but only if we kept our family.

And how did censorship treat a Russian person in fiction?

- Once they wanted to stage my novel in a Moscow theater. I met with the director, who suggested to me: “Ivan Vladimirovich, make Samarin, the main character of“Underground Meridian,”a Jew. This will help us a lot. All press will be ours. Critics will praise us. " I said, "This will not be a praise for me, I cannot go for it."

And he himself thought that I would make my favorite hero Samarin Kogan? You can't wait for this, Fadeev is enough for you. In his novel "The Defeat," the commander of the partisan detachment received the sonorous surname Levinson, and this is how it happened. Fadeeva's compatriot, Rosalia, I no longer remember her last name, called him (she was a secretary), said: “It's a good novel, but if you correct your last name, I will make it so that you will immediately enter the textbooks. I was appointed People's Commissar of Culture, I will put you in the school curriculum. " In short, she persuaded. And he first turned some Fedorov into Fedorchuk. This was not enough. This Rosalia wanted to make sure that there was a uniform Jew. So Fedorov became Levinson, and so he entered the textbooks.

“It's amazing how frankly they acted

- Yes, frankly. Therefore, not a single piece of mine was staged on stage.

Ivan Vladimirovich, and with what surname of the Jewish hero did you give the manuscript of the "Underground Meridian"?

- Cairo. I was told directly - it will not work. Censorship will not let. Later, when I began to work in a publishing house, I became convinced of this. But my hero had not a Jewish surname, Kaerman, but Cairo. The censor told me: “All the same, they will say -“hint”. No, come on "Kairov". I cannot miss."

Readers write in letters: "Your book is an art encyclopedia on Jewishness."

In every novel I have, there is an image of a Jew. In "Hot Mile" the names of the main Jewish characters are Nioli, Pap. They are unusual, and not much like Jewish, so they were missed, but one reader, a professor from Nizhny Novgorod, then wrote me a letter with the following phrase: "Well, you will get the Pope for this!"

And I'll tell you - I've been publishing books for five years. And for all five years I suffered from the fact that three words were actually forbidden. Well, if we push, then one word may somehow pass, but two, three words - no. What are these words? Russian, Jew, Zionist. We have no Zionists. There is no need for Jews, it smells of anti-Semitism. Russian? Well, why should we brag that we are Russians?

And what would Turgenev have been if he had not written about Russian peasants in The Hunter's Notes? He opened the Russian people! There are Russian surnames, Russian names. Or Tolstoy in War and Peace: he has 152 characters, and almost all of them are Russian. They would say to him: "This is where chauvinism is, where are the other peoples?" He could answer: "I am not obliged to write about other peoples, I do not know them." But our writer is not. You write, first of all, Tatar, Bashkir - please, write as best you can. But God forbid that you say "Jew", and even with some negative bias. Or I would say that the Russian was a very handsome man, brave and noble. "And the others?" - they'll tell you right away.

This was the case under the Soviet party. By the way, at the top we have always had two parties - the communist and the Zionist. There were, for example, seven members of the Politburo. Kaganovich, Beria, Ordzhonikidze, Mekhlis, Vyshinsky - one gang of watering cans. This is under Stalin, who fought with them! What can we say about Khrushchev? This is a real and, moreover, a stupid Zionist. I've done such things. Next came Brezhnev, who did not touch anyone. They say: "The Golden Age". But the country worked as it worked, and he was afraid of everything, and the Jews crawled into all the offices. In my book "The Last Ivan" I wrote how they displace. Even then, I was the last one.

I have held a great position. What is the editor-in-chief of a large publishing house? Lenin said that the chief editors of newspapers and publishing houses should enjoy the privileges of secretaries of the Party Central Committee. After me there were no Russians left, there were shabes-goyim or, like Prokushev, half-Jews. At the head of the "Soviet Writer" - Strelin, the publishing house "Knowledge", which printed textbooks for universities and schools - Zuev. Only Jews.

But still, is there really not a single Russian?

I will tell you such a case. Somehow a meeting was organized with Semichastny, he was then the chairman of the KGB, as we would say now, the country's main security officer. It was something like an informal press conference, they wanted him to tell us how they catch spies, how they provide state security. There were different publishing houses, in total there were 80-85 people, of whom 20 were our active members of the Izvestia editorial board.

Seven-chastny began to tell that we were forced to catch foreign spies, but we had more enemies inside, they were sitting in theaters, in television studios, in editorial offices. Then everyone began to get up and leave, 80-85 Jews. And he continues: "the enemies are inside us." Publishers and editorial offices are both the Zionists' favorite places. Then Adzhubei (editor-in-chief of Izvestia) also got up and left, and we were left with Semichastny alone. I sit next to you. He is looking at me:

Then I went to see him off to the car. Before getting into the car, he gave me his card with a special phone number, and repeated:

Then it was removed. I became a correspondent for Donbass, and he was appointed deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR near Poltava - in fact, the regional executive committee. This is an insignificant position. I went to the car - and to Poltava. I went to the regional executive committee, opened the door.

Did the information war stop for a minute?

Right. Later, socialism was replaced by democrats, this is the audience about which the great inventor Alfred Nobel said: democracy is the power of scum. Yes it is. We are convinced of this. We drank a full cup of this power. The kingdom of secret and cunning liars. newcomers who do not have family and tribe, who do not know and do not love the people, on whose land they took root and whose labor they exploit. Their fellow tribesman, the Jewish writer Eduard Topol, said this about them with triumphant joy: the Jews seized power in Russia for the first time in history. But here is his fellow tribesman - the elder of the Kharkov Jewish community Eduard Khodos, as it were, objects to him:

Tell me, rabbi, it's not for nothing

For us, everything ends with Babi Yar.

Yes, that's right, that's right. Edward Topol is right. Earlier in our country, the Jews seized the press, seized the banks and money; they stood at the royal throne and gradually filled the halls of state councils, corridors of ministries. But their hour came and they perched on the throne. They carried out a coup d'état and put a Jew on the mother's side of Vladimir Ulyanov at the head of the state. They have forgotten the warning of their own fathers, the wise men of Zion: stand at the shoulder of the kings, but don’t take the throne.

This time they were denied patience, they could not cope with their thirst for power and by means of deception captured the Russian Kremlin. And the whole world saw what alien people were doing if they managed to become masters in someone else's house. The Soviet Union died, the greatest Russian Empire in the world collapsed. The Russian people and all the indigenous peoples of Russia living with them have been thrown back in their development for a hundred years, they now lose more people every year than they lost during the Great Patriotic War against German fascism. Our great scientist Mendeleev foreshadowed us today to have seven hundred million Russian people, we now have one hundred and twenty. This number of population is no longer enough for us to equip and save the territory of our great Motherland.

The situation is dire. But let us remember Gogol, who said "If there is only one farm left for the Russians, then Russia will be reborn as well."

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