Psychologists' invisible war against their people
Psychologists' invisible war against their people

Aren't you surprised that after "the liberation of our country from the clutches of the communist" monster "(regime), the number of psychologists in our country suddenly increased and began to grow rapidly, and exponentially?

In connection with the fall of the economy, the general reduction of jobs and the resulting unemployment, the cunning descendants of the Great Combinator - various Benders and Bendersha - from the inability to occupy themselves with some kind of easy, but fairly well-paid idleness, all then rushed to psychologists.

They flocked like crows into this advertised and rapidly expanding area of ​​human activity, sensing an easy prey, an opportunity to profit, seeing a huge number of tragically disoriented, who do not know, do not understand how to live now, and not even live, but survive, people are a product of the bursting state and social catastrophe.

And now we have the opportunity to witness how this army of sorcerers-miracles is growing, expanding and multiplying, promising you to remove all your problems as if by hand, of course for your money, as if you (your hard-earned) more and have nowhere to do it. …

Modern psychologists, by order of our abruptly born, if you can call it ours, financial elite, are openly engaged in modifying the behavior and consciousness of the entire Russian people - they have been tasked to bring our people to the level of modification that Western society is already at in the shortest possible time. Therefore, they have been given the right and power to freely experiment with the souls, brains and psyche of you and me, our entire people. Their work is both literally and figuratively hellish: from people who do not suspect anything about it, they are diligently cultivating on our Russian soil some kind of new and completely alien to human nature, a strange "culture" - strange in terms of the quirkiness and absurdity of its personal needs, attitudes and behaviors. And they assign the name "individual" to this miracle-Yuda.

Sociologists, who were the first in their scientific texts to begin to replace the concept of "person" with the concept of "individual", form a society consisting of a mass of unrelated individuals who exist in an ideological void specially created for this purpose - in the absence of common goals and meanings of life.

Solving the same strategic task, practical psychologists switch the attention of each person only to his narrow, purely personal interests, so that as a result of this stimulation of egoism and individualism, the previously united people collapsed and a crowd formed instead of it, which would be easy enough to control.

Two types of individuals are being formed - mass and managerial.

The mass individual is primitive, mentally underdeveloped, therefore unable to see cause-and-effect relationships in everything that happens to him and in the life of society as a whole, living with emotions, feelings; impulsive, impatient, unable to lead by himself, easily amenable to suggestion and external control - in need of external control due to his imperfection.

And the type of manager is rational, with logical thinking, strong-willed, emotionless, not showing feelings - not allowing himself to feel; instead of feelings, armed with emotional intelligence - the ability (skill) to understand the feelings of other people, build relationships with them or manipulate them. Representatives of both of these social groups, as you understand, are inferior, because the former are devoid of will and consciousness, and the latter - of human feelings; as a result, neither one nor the other is able to be harmonious and happy.Some are formed in social educational institutions (GBOU SOSH), others - in prestigious, elite schools, closed for public viewing. Raised in this way, they can never understand each other. The lower ones, according to the plans of social engineers, should develop a slavish servility towards the higher ones, and the higher ones have a reciprocal condescending contempt for the lower ones.

The program to dismantle our people, to deform the consciousness of our people and turn them into a gray mass of disunited individuals, easily amenable to management and control, started in Russia just before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

To achieve this goal, in 1989 in our country, an enormous apparatus of practical psychologists - psychologists of a new type, brought up and trained according to the Western model - began to be created urgently in size (by 2005 there were already 50 thousand people).

They were given the task of infiltrating our society and actively agitating people who were not yet accustomed to their work to attend psychological consultations, undergo psychological trainings, courses - to accept all kinds of psychological help. At the same time, the first publicly available literature on practical psychology began to be published urgently in the form of small paper-bound brochures.

Everything that they broadcast, everything that so artistically and with inspiration demonstrated in their work, was new and unusual, and therefore attractive for many: cozy, sincere individual consultations as revelations - such simple answers to all difficult questions, such concrete and simple solutions; mysterious and alluring group psychological trainings, creating a feeling of liberation and flight - a feeling of ease of solving all problems and amazing closeness, the possibility of happiness. Our compatriots at first cautiously, but with increasing curiosity, began to get acquainted with the activities of practical psychologists, "taste it" and gradually get used to their constant presence in their lives.. No, the problems did not disappear, on the contrary, new and new, not yet familiar - there were no easy ways to solve them, and the proximity of happiness also turned out to be ephemeral.

Nevertheless, psychologists have gradually become an integral part of our being. And if at the beginning their communication with clients was careful, gentle, quivering, then over time their gaze became more imperious, advice more categorical, and dictatorial notes began to appear in their voice.

Over the next decades, we have become so accustomed to them, to their control and leadership in all spheres of our life, that we completely forgot that until recently (just some thirty years ago) we lived peacefully without them, without even suspecting the need for them. constant leadership: everyone solved their problems themselves, built families, raised children and released them into life, and they did all this quite successfully. Throughout all the previous eras of human existence, the ability to independently solve their life tasks and build their own life was the norm and the natural right of a full-fledged adult. Without noticing how this happened, we said goodbye to our right to be adults, meekly giving psychologists our powers of an adult. And this radical restructuring of our consciousness took place surprisingly quickly, in just some three decades.

Instead of the right to be adults, we got a huge number of entertainment centers that steal our lives and litter our consciousness with rubbish; life-size puppets, clowns and other costumed characters embedded in our reality, impudently pestering passers-by on the streets, pursuing people in various public places and familiarly imposing their communication on them; adult books with children's pictures and a minimum of text; and computer games, which have a narcotic effect on our consciousness and our entire body. Do you really not notice that they are trying hard to keep us in an infantile, childish state, in all possible ways cause nostalgia for childhood, leading us away from reality into the world of sweet sadness and dreams.

And our children are taught from the cradle that they are already adults and require us (parents) to independently separate (separate) their children from ourselves, starting from the age of three, they demand that we respect their adulthood, reckon with their opinions, consult and negotiate with them. A shape-shifter: artificial infantilization of adults, fake adulthood of children - the differences are erased (fundamentally ignored) and there is a formal opportunity to put an equal sign between them.

A society is being created without age, which means without experience, without wisdom. They are canceled - zeroed out. The transfer of knowledge from the elders to the younger, respect for the elders by the younger is blocked.

In parallel with this, as natural norms, they are introducing into our consciousness what was previously unthinkable, what our grandparents and all previous generations of our forefathers would indignantly perceive as a provocation and sabotage: seductive, seemingly so light, not burdensome, on first glance, life attitudes and recommendations, supposedly leading a straight path to happiness and success, freeing the individual they form from a sense of duty, from a sense of guilt, from responsibility, from compassion - from conscience.

These easy, pleasant, "funny" settings are radically different from our previous traditional ones. Those of the former, which seemed prohibitively heavy to the imagination of a modern relaxed person, demanded constant spiritual and mental work, constant verification of all their life decisions and actions with basically Orthodox spiritual values. They forced the traditional Russian person to be strictly guided by moral and ethical principles, demanded from him continuous volitional efforts every day of his earthly life. But it was they who at the same time created a Man out of him, were the guarantee of his worthy, creative life - a life in harmony with their conscience.

New attitudes that have come to us from the "civilized" West to love oneself, to prioritize personal happiness and ignore the interests of other people, to constantly satisfy one's desires and whims, to not necessarily fulfill all one's debts and obligations, to the importance and necessity of entertainment and pleasures, on the ease of meeting and parting, - freed a modern person from the burden of former values.

But these, seemingly unburdened, "humane", comfortable and tolerant of its shortcomings, new foundations of life, in contrast to those burdensome and difficult, are the same as those that are saving for a person, alas, are not, therefore, most of their carriers are early or late leads a straight path to devastation, loneliness and depression. Everything in life comes with a price. For the ease of conviction and exemption from responsibility too.

Thus, as the number of psychologists freeing us from "complexes" and systematically engaged in restructuring our consciousness, behavior and lifestyle increases, the number of problems in people only grows, the problems become deeper, and the mental states accompanying them become more painful.

And psychologists, who are no longer able to keep a good face in a bad game, begin to declare that a severe psychological state of a person is the norm, a person by nature, due to his imperfection, is doomed to be lonely and unhappy, but go regularly to a psychologist for prevention anyway must.

A strange time has come - the time of shape-shifters - when destructive processes are called good, correct, beautiful words.

We all see that a type of personality (individual) is being fabricated, in its foundations, directly opposite to that which was formed by Orthodoxy, and, surprisingly, in spite of everything, was carefully preserved by the socialist "regime".

An urgent decommunization of our consciousness is being carried out, because we all, even our children, who were born after 1991, come from the Soviet Union. It is carried out with the aim that such - the creative life of a person (the whole human society) in kindness and friendship, in labor enthusiasm, with a dream and aspiration for a bright future - will never be repeated in the further history of mankind; and what was, as quickly as possible, was forgotten, turned into "unprecedented", drowned under the streams of dirty lies.

Those who, since the nineties, have arrogated to themselves the right to be our masters, to dispose of our fate, it is necessary to forget the great experiment carried out in the Soviet Union, when a huge number of people from the so-called lower classes of society - from peasants and workers - received a high-quality free Soviet education, became scientists, inventors, doctors. writers, artists, unique highly professional specialists in various fields, prominent leaders, statesmen.

Now they are again trying to impose on us a biogenetic concept dividing society into castes (strata) according to supposedly innate differences, the concept of predetermining the upper strata of society ("financially and financially gifted") to engage in higher activities and command the lower ones, and the lower ones, due to their initial inferiority, to obey this and to be diligent performers of his assigned functions. Psychologists, together with the reformers of our education, fulfill the task of turning our highly spiritual and highly intellectual people into "pseudo-morons" in the shortest possible time. This is the term used by the President of the Higher School of Methodology, the creator of the project for intellectual education of the new format "Academy of Sense", the head of the laboratory of neurosciences and human behavior at Sberbank and the right hand of German Gref in terms of designing the behavior of the entire future of Russian society, Andrei Kurpatov.

The term "pseudo morons" sounds from his lips in those moments of his speeches, when he notifies his listeners in the "Academy of Sense" about the completely real, despite their monstrousness, plans of our oligarchy and, in particular, his patron regarding the future mental and psychological state of our people. (Video recording of Andrey Kurpatov's lecture "How to be cool or about an intellectual minority").

Andrey Kurpatov announces the figures characterizing the percentage of people in the two main castes of the society that is being created now: it is planned to leave 3% of the intellectual elite, and bring all the remaining 97% of our society to the state of "pseudo morons". 3% are the intellectual elite, 97% are morons!

The addressees of this information are young, career-oriented people who came to study in order to be able to successfully integrate into the created social system and take key roles in it in the field of management. Andrei Kurpatov immediately sets them as the norm the division of society into morons and an intellectual minority; with cynical irony, he puts them themselves before a choice - to be morons for them or to become an intellectual minority (which, in his opinion, has a very difficult life, because they have to "work with their brains"); in this way he forms the consciousness of these people, gradually recruits them, preparing cadres who will coolly, rationally implement this program in life. In order for a person, especially a young person, to be able to accept such an attitude towards life, he must not have human feelings - his ability to empathize and sympathize with other people must be completely atrophied. Otherwise, the acceptance of this program is impossible for a person. (Uploaded on July 13, 2019, this video has already more than 2 million.views - these are all young business people, aimed at success and, apparently, with an atrophied conscience, because the maxims expressed by the self-proclaimed methodologist do not cause indignation in them).

Andrei Kurpatov says that general education has already played its role in building a computer digital system for managing society and in creating robots that replace humans in most areas of work.

Now, so many educated people are not needed, so the authorities have made a decision to return society to the level of illiteracy and underdevelopment that was in pre-Soviet times.

A project of violent degradation of our entire society is being carried out.

Gradually, a cynical de-Christianization of our souls, our consciousness, is taking place, like rust that eats away at the soul, fetters it with cold and indifference. There is an erosion of the spiritual basis of our people, the erasure of our thousand-year Orthodox history - our historical and psychogenetic memory for recording another, alien to us, in an animalistic sensual, cruel and primitive picture of the world, another, alien to us pragmatic, calculating, individualistic, selfish, egocentric, consumer parasitic program.

Innovative pro-Western psychologists who have renounced their kinship with us, their historical memory, their culture, their Motherland, betraying and selling us - their compatriots, like professional cheats, substitute our human essence with something designed by their foreign curators and tested already on Western man a surrogate.

There is a desecration of our shrines - a hacking of our national identity is taking place. They are trying to knock out from under our feet the once strong supports of native traditions, norms and customs, to spit on and humiliate everything that is dear to our soul, that which constitutes the spiritual basis of our life is the essence of a Russian person, a person of Russian culture, Russian civilization: Conscience, Faith, Chastity, Morality, a strong Family, respect for Labor, Compassion for people, Communal fair life arrangement, love for our Fatherland, respect for our history, pride in our country, for our people, our national Honor and Dignity - everything what is necessary for a harmonious life, for the mental health of a Russian person.

They ridicule and destroy in our eyes such concepts as Man's Honor, Valor, Courage, Fearlessness and Courage; female: purity, sensitivity and cordiality, sacrifice and loyalty. Friendship is abolished. They force people to throw away vital qualities of character as unnecessary trash: responsibility, patience, hard work. They deny a person the availability of Will. They try to erase from our memory Selflessness, Selflessness, Self-giving, Creation. Make you forget about shame.

Everything hidden from prying eyes, inviolable, sacred is turned inside out and swarmed dirty, disgusting in it, mocking us. Having deprived of the saving purifying chastity, they impose sex and money, suggesting that they are the main meanings and goals in life. They give the freedom to destroy themselves freely.

They walk through us, combing our souls, chilling them with the cold of cynicism and the stench of decay. They step shoulder to shoulder, column to column with those who are trying to push juvenile laws into our legislation and introduce juvenile technologies into our lives, depriving parents of the opportunity and the right to raise their own children: to shape them personally, morally, to temper their will; and with those who destroy our only recently the best education system in the world, leaving our children intellectually underdeveloped, unable to think analytically. They all do one common thing, pursue one common goal - to prevent a person from becoming a Human being.Psychologists are at the head of this process: they control and direct - they lead it. They stupefy, deprive the mind and heart of their sophisticated Jesuit technologies and children, and adolescents, and youth, and already adults, seemingly established people, and even old people - all become targets for their close attention, aimed fire.

Their social and psychological experiments terrify ordinary people who are unsuspecting about this enemy invasion. They deftly and skillfully break human attachments, break family relationships. They abuse parental - paternal and maternal - love: already established adults, having changed their beliefs and attitudes, are set against their own parents, thus taking away from the older generation the sons and daughters who have grown up by them, their support and protection.

Orphans children, convincing their fathers and mothers to destroy their families, if there is not enough, according to their (psychologists) notions of sex.

Families that have been built for years and decades, under the influence of the verbal manipulations of these virtuosos of neurolinguistic programming, crack like walnuts, and the epidemic of divorce is growing throughout the country, rapidly bringing us closer to the Western, as they already position themselves, post-family society.

They cut people alive, tear them apart, rip people apart, tearing their souls to pieces, forcing them to stupefy from the terrible mental pain, which necessarily pierces when parting. Pain, which they themselves are not aware of, they do not know, because they no longer have souls. Where there should be a soul - they have a career, success and money, money, money - a thirst for money, comfort, fashionableness and everything that comes from there: elite parties, expensive cars, recreation at fashionable resorts, country houses (preferably not in Russia) … And for the sake of these trinkets, they dehumanize, atomize, autize and … dispose of us in a businesslike, rational, cold-blooded manner.

From a spiritual point of view, everything is clear - with their hands Satan is trying to carry out his planned satanization of society.

… They build our entire life, controlling and directing the activities of all people. The modern ugly Russian reality is constructed and built according to their templates. Two-faced Januses, they secretly create problems for us, and in communication with us, they supposedly try to help us solve them.

They are cunning, deceitful and selfish … And also terribly vicious and ruthless. Their darkness, and darkness, and darkness - they are deployed in every school, in every office, in every enterprise, in every institution and, of course, in every psychological consultation.

The scale of this invasion army is not felt, because in their offices or online they work with clients one-on-one, conduct group trainings mainly behind closed doors, conduct webinars and online courses also behind closed doors, carry out offsite sessions hidden for prying eyes.

We see only the tip of this iceberg: many of their books on store shelves, TV speeches, video presentations, articles on the Internet, posts on social networks. We see and buy into their professional charm, external openness and benevolence, ostentatious readiness to solve all our problems, to teach life. We are captivated by their self-confidence, their sense of their competence and high efficiency. Professional hypnologists and enelpists, they hypnotize and program us into enthusiastic and absolute self-submission.

Those who have the time to see them and communicate with them, the rest are still forced to boil in this rich broth of continuous reinstallations, reformatting, boiling by the adventurous projects of psychologists, not really realizing what is happening, but wincing from the pain of the burns and wounds received …

… For centuries and millennia, there has been a struggle of cultures for survival.For a culture to be able to survive, you need a sufficient number of its representatives who are ready to fight for it, to defend it. When representatives of culture cease to defend it, it dies. Our Russian civilization, our Russian culture, by their achievements, by their spiritual quests, have already proved their right to exist. Many representatives of that same "civilized" West have come and come to us in order to spiritually cleanse themselves and warm up mentally. Even now, despite the sabotage work performed on us by psychologists, they continue to greedily feed on our warmth from us.

We - our great people - have experienced more than once, overcame seemingly insurmountable difficulties, treacherous enemy attacks, and emerged victorious from all these misadventures.

Now the time has come when we again need the whole world to stand up, raise our voice against the evil that is happening and, most importantly, protect our children and grandchildren from the pernicious influence of psychologists, save them from the rot of decay.

We have a lot to lose. Can we really allow ourselves and our children in the affectionate and powerful hands of psychologists, under the influence of their advice and recommendations, to imperceptibly become a lonely wild non-human?

The deep light of the faithful - for life - loving eyes of a wife (husband), respect and devoted grateful love of their children, a sense of the reliability of a friendly shoulder, a deep sense of the Motherland, a sense of eternity … the presence of God.

We have something to fight for, and something to return to ourselves back, stolen from us by psychologists. It is our duty to return it! Return and pass on to our children and grandchildren! So that their life could become humanly high. So that they can believe in the reliability of human relations, have the opportunity to build strong families and raise their children with dignity. We must return back to ourselves the right to live according to conscience - the right to be happy - for the sake of our children, for the sake of their future!

What do we need these modern innovative psychologists of the pro-Western type with their fake manipulative psychology? We will cope with this misfortune.

There is a battle on the territory of our souls for our souls and we must be strong in it!

“Having experienced everything, We know ourselves

What's in the days of psychic attacks

Hearts not occupied by us

Our enemy will not hesitate, Will take, settling all the same scores

Will take, sit down, Kill us.


Yes, these are heights

Which cannot be given away."

These poems belong to the pen of the remarkable Russian poet Dmitry Fedorov, written by him in 1956.

So let us remember our slogans of the Great Patriotic War: We WILL WIN! The enemy will be defeated! VICTORY WILL BE OURS!

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