Why were pulmonary diseases unknown to salt diggers?
Why were pulmonary diseases unknown to salt diggers?

There are a lot of lung diseases. But, most of them are caused by mold spores. This is very well shown in the movie "Mold" (video at the end of this article). We will not describe the film (it is better to watch it), but we will only say that the mold is afraid of salt.

And people knew about this even in antiquity. Also, scientists have recorded the fact that salt diggers have never suffered from pulmonary diseases. Bolotov back in 1990, after his release from prison, spoke in the health committee of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, and recommended that prophylaxis of the entire population be carried out by inhalation of salt. The method is very simple, but very effective.

We need to get a coffee grinder, the size of a plastic bottle. We use a 1.5 liter bottle of mineral water. It is even in shape. We cut off the bottom. We remove the lid from the coffee grinder and instead put on a plastic bottle without a bottom. Pour two tablespoons of sea salt into the coffee grinder. You can also stone, but small pebbles can come across in it, which is dangerous. You can only check for pebbles by ear when you turn on the coffee grinder. When the stones hit the plastic, a distinctive sound is heard.

After turning on the grinder, a white smoke will be generated from the salt. When it reaches the top of the bottle, open the cap and take 3-6 breaths through the neck. This should be done 3-6 times during the day. The general course takes 2 weeks. For chronic patients, inhalations are carried out with short interruptions until complete recovery. At the first manifestations of breathing difficulties, such patients need to do inhalations to improve their condition. Asthmatics are recommended a course of treatment in salt chambers or salt mines.


A similar effect is obtained by inhalation of salt on a coffee grinder. Simple, convenient, cheap, effective. And not any pills or drugs!

Such inhalations are also recommended for patients with lung cancer. But in this case, salt inhalation is only part of the cure.

We do not see contraindications, because the air is sterilized in the lungs, which can only be beneficial. You can check the effectiveness for any colds of the respiratory system. After just a few inhalation procedures, there is a relief in breathing.

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