Scientific conspiracy, cosmic cataclysm and the secrets of archeology: an alternative theory about America's first civilization
Scientific conspiracy, cosmic cataclysm and the secrets of archeology: an alternative theory about America's first civilization

In an interview with RT, British writer and journalist Graham Hancock outlined an alternative theory of the appearance of the first inhabitants of America and explained why he considers scientific research in this area to be erroneous. In addition, the researcher expressed his version of the reasons for the death of an ancient highly developed civilization. According to him, in the modern world, a person is also not protected from natural disasters and threats from outer space. Hancock disputes the classical scientific picture of the world, and many scholars call him a pseudo-archaeologist. He explains why his views are not supported by experts.

Graham, do you oppose the official version of archaeologists about the appearance of the first people in America?

- Archeology is very dogmatic. Since the 60s of the last century, there has been a widespread point of view according to which the first people appeared in America about 13,400 years ago. According to this theory, the carriers of the Clovis culture (its distribution officially dates back to 9500-9000 BC - RT) came to the mainland from Siberia. Any scientist who refuted this doctrine was subjected to the most severe attacks. The archaeological community behaved like a flock of hyenas - pounced on dissenters and completely destroyed their careers.

You write that the editor of the journal Nature spoke about the real persecution of those who had a different opinion. Who needed it and why?

- It was about terrible aggression. Perhaps the point is that people tend to guard their intellectual territory. They are not ready to accept the opposite view of the development of America. For more than 50 years, all evidence of an earlier human presence on the mainland has been ignored. Now we know that the mainland was inhabited 130 thousand years ago - a period of its history of 100 thousand years has not been studied due to the dogmatic nature of the archaeological community.

In your book about America, in addition to archeology, did you mention genetics and biology?

“There is genetic evidence that cannot be explained within the old paradigm. It was believed that people came to America along only one path - through North Asia, Siberia, the Bering Strait, which was previously an isthmus. But DNA analysis confirms that a genetic link exists between the Aborigines of Australia, New Guinea and the Amazonian tribes. If such a trace were found in Central and North America, then it would not run counter to the existing dogma, but it is not there. The first humans may have made it across the Pacific Ocean to the mainland during the last ice age. The DNA of ancient skeletal material confirms this.

Did civilizations appear in different parts of the planet almost simultaneously?

- My life's work is to convey to people that a highly developed society existed during the Ice Age, which was destroyed as a result of the cataclysm. Many myths and traditions tell us about this. Traditional archeology ignores this completely. My role is to provide strong, well-researched and well-documented evidence that runs counter to conventional wisdom on this matter. Both American continents could be the cradle of civilization. Archaeologists have long believed that civilization originated in the Middle East, in Mesopotamia. But now they have discovered more ancient traces, such as the Göbekli Tepe temple complex in Turkey. Thus, the estimated date of the emergence of the first civilization is pushed back to the last ice age.

Could the fall of a comet have caused her death?

- Yes, but archaeologists do not like this hypothesis. It is nominated by more than 60 reputable scientists: oceanographers, geophysicists, geologists. They studied the late Dryas boundary layer, which is very unusual in its parameters. A lot of soot and other evidence of large-scale wildfires were found in it. At its base are elements that could arise only in the event of a comet collision with the Earth. Over tens of millions of square miles, iridium, molten glass, microspherical carbon particles and nanodiamonds formed 12,800 years ago as a result of the impact have been found. Then a cataclysm occurred - no one denies it. It was at that time that the extinction of mammoths, saber-toothed tigers and mastodons fell. Until now, it has been argued that this could have happened through the fault of a person.

Because of excessive hunting?

- Yes, but the hypothesis of the destruction of megafauna by humans is unsuccessful. It is impossible to imagine that one group of hunters could completely exterminate their prey. The history of mankind was influenced by an unknown factor - apparently, a comet, the diameter of which could initially be about 160 km. She flew into the solar system from deep space and began to divide into parts. 12,800 years ago, four of them fell near the ice cap of our planet, which shifted towards Greenland and North America. Huge volumes of ice melted, as a result of which a very large amount of water got into the oceans. There was a sudden severe cold snap on a global scale.

Why, in your opinion, part of the scientific community is trying to hide the truth about the findings of early civilizations in the area where the indigenous population of America lived?

- There are two points to consider here. The Anglo-Saxons faced the indigenous population, which had lived in those parts for tens of thousands of years, and tried to destroy it. Also, the conquerors began to devalue the high level of culture of the Indians. The purpose of this conspiracy was to justify the colonial conquests, during which huge territories were appropriated. This approach successfully migrated into the twentieth century.

In your book, you mention the "cities of the Amazon" and compare them with London, whose population in the 16th century was 60 thousand people

“Sadly, we owe this discovery to large-scale deforestation. Traces of the existence of large cities were found, where tens of thousands of people lived and science was highly developed. The dimensions of geoglyphs - patterns drawn on the ground in the form of squares and circles - reach hundreds of meters. The ancient inhabitants of the Amazon solved the most difficult mathematical problems.

The information about the destroyed advanced civilization remained on Earth thanks to hunters and gatherers?

- People whose way of life is based on hunting and gathering, there are in Namibia and the Amazon. They prefer to maintain their lifestyle. I believe that earlier on the planet, representatives of an advanced civilization coexisted with hunters and gatherers. However, as a result of the collision with the comet, they did not survive. The same would happen to us now, because we, the spoiled children of the Earth, are not psychologically prepared for a catastrophe. We are used to clothes, a roof over our heads, a large supply of food in the supermarket. Mostly hunters and gatherers and some representatives of advanced civilization survived.

“We're spending trillions on military technology. Perhaps we should allocate money to protect ourselves from similar disasters in the future?

- Undoubtedly. We spend huge amounts of money to create weapons of mass destruction, but we do not think about how to protect the Earth from environmental threats or from a collision with a comet. The fragments, into which the celestial body disintegrated 12,800 years ago, are still in orbit, in a taurid meteor shower, through which the planet passes twice a year. Reputable astronomers consider them to be the most serious threat to the Earth.

You have collected a huge amount of confirmation of your theory of the existence of an advanced civilization. What do you expect in the future?

- Everything indicates that the person is older than it was generally believed. The knowledge of ancient people in the field of geometry and astronomy was much broader than we thought. In America, there are artfully created monuments that are very complex from an engineering point of view. Areas not previously explored by archaeologists could be the hotbed of an advanced civilization. New evidence is constantly emerging that these areas were not settled in the way we previously thought. What is happening in science is a paradigm shift.

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