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Russian "flying saucers" and the revolution in the air transport industry
Russian "flying saucers" and the revolution in the air transport industry

The Russian company Aerosmena is developing UFO-shaped flying vehicles. Production is scheduled to start in 2024. According to experts, if the project is implemented, it will become revolutionary for the world economy and trade.

For decades, stories of unidentified flying objects have captured the imagination of many people. These stories have led to the emergence of various theories explaining this phenomenon, ranging from optical illusions to modern weapons developed by leading powers, or research missions from other planets, where intelligent beings live who want to explore our planet and its inhabitants.

Future aircraft

The Russian company Aerosmena is developing airships, the shape of which resembles unidentified flying objects (UFOs). She plans to start production in 2024.

According to Interesting Engineering, Russian airships will revolutionize the global economy and trade, as well as the transportation of goods and goods. Their emergence may even lead to a reduction in the use of maritime transport as a cheap means of delivery and transportation of goods around the world. At the same time, the importance of navigable canals, including the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal and others, will decrease.


The main reason is that the carrying capacity of Russian airships will reach 600 tons.

The carrying capacity of Russian airships may not seem so great compared to the volume of cargo that is currently transported by sea, but there is another important point. It lies in the fact that these airships will be able to carry out loading and unloading operations anywhere, regardless of the development of ground infrastructure.

What does this mean? This means there is no need for ports, roads, airports and runways. Russian airships will be able to perform vertical take-off and landing, hover in the air and perform loading and unloading operations using a pulley system both at sea and in any other terrain.

It should also be noted that it will be possible to deliver freight containers door-to-door. At the same time, the need for special storage of goods and delays due to customs clearance will disappear, which in turn will eliminate the costs of logistics and warehouse services or significantly reduce them. According to Interesting Engineering, the cost of the airships will be much lower than the current cargo aircraft.

Design advantages

The Russian company Aerosmena has announced its intention to design airships that resemble flying saucers. This shape provides the greatest maneuverability and also assists in vertical take-off and landing, unlike other aircraft that have a traditional longitudinal shape reminiscent of the shape of a bird.

Moreover, this design - along with its visual appeal - will allow aircraft to deliver cargo to mountainous areas and hard-to-reach areas of rugged terrain that are not accessible to conventional aircraft.


Due to their special design, airships designed by a Russian company can be suitable for extinguishing forest fires, delivering weapons and supplies to servicemen serving in hard-to-reach areas, or for delivering medicines, food and necessary assistance to injured and low-income groups of the population.

According to the Russian company, the airship's design includes two gas chambers to provide lift. For the 600-ton model, 620 thousand cubic meters of helium will be used to achieve practically "zero" buoyancy. A large cavity filled with air heated to 200 degrees Celsius by exhaust from eight helicopter engines is responsible for lifting the payload.

Aerosmena plans to produce various models of airships with different carrying capacities from 20 to 600 tons. The flight range of Russian airships will be up to 8 thousand kilometers at a speed of 250 km / h.

The Russian company intends, first of all, to build an airship with a carrying capacity of 60 tons, after which an engineering assessment of its flight characteristics will be carried out. If the tests are successful, the company will start building airships with a higher carrying capacity.

It should be noted that these aircrafts will be engaged not only in the transportation of goods. In the future, the company plans to build an airship suitable for international passenger transport, which could also function as a luxury hotel.

It should be noted that the Russian company Aerosmena is not the only one engaged in the design of giant aircraft. Google is also working on a huge airship.

In 2024 or later, we will see flying saucer-like flying machines roam the skies over big cities, but this time they will not cause controversy about their origin.

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