Secret message from Nikolai Nosov. Dunno on the Moon
Secret message from Nikolai Nosov. Dunno on the Moon

"Dunno on the Moon" is a reflection of modern reality. In a world ruled only by the thirst for money, profit and entertainment, which turns people into sheep. But we were warned in childhood … The most relevant fragments of the 1964 fairy tale from the portal …

WORLD OUTLOOK: “- Why do the rich need so much money? - Dunno was surprised. - Can a rich man eat a few million?

- "Eat"! - Goat snorted. - If only they ate! The rich man will saturate his belly, and then he begins to saturate his vanity.

- What kind of vanity is this? - did not understand Dunno.

- Well, this is when you want to put dust in the nose of others"

JOINT STOCK SOCIETIES: “We also don’t want to say that by acquiring shares, short people do not acquire anything, since by buying shares, they get hope of improving their well-being. And hope, as you know, is also worth something. For nothing, as they say, and the sore will not sit down. You have to pay money for everything, but having paid, you can even dream."

ADVERTISEMENT: “Such are the customs of the lunar inhabitants! Lunar shorty will never eat candy, gingerbread, bread, sausage or ice cream from a factory that does not print ads in newspapers, and will not go to see a doctor who has not come up with some ridiculous advertising to attract patients. Usually a sleepwalker buys only those things that he read about in the newspaper, but if he sees a cleverly composed advertisement somewhere on the wall, he can buy even the thing that he does not need at all."

MONOPOLIZATION OF THE ECONOMY: “- The best way out of this situation is to start selling salt even cheaper. The owners of small factories will be forced to sell salt at too low a price, their factories will start operating at a loss, and they will have to close them. But then we will again raise the price of salt, and no one will stop us from making money."

TECHNOLOGY CONTROL: “Can you imagine what could happen when these giant plants appear on our planet? There will be a lot of nutritious foods. Everything will become cheap. Poverty will disappear! Who then wants to work for you and me? What will become of the capitalists? For example, you have become rich now. You can satisfy all your whims. You can hire a chauffeur to take you in a car, you can hire servants to carry out all your orders: they cleaned your room, looked after your dog, knocked out carpets, pulled leggings on you, but you never know what! And who should be doing all this? All this should be done for you by the poor, in need of earnings. And what poor man will go to your service if he does not need anything?.. You will have to do everything yourself. Why, then, do you need all your wealth?.. If a time comes when everyone will feel good, then the rich will surely feel bad. Consider this."

BLACK PR: “- And what. Is the Giant Plant Society going to burst? - Grizzly (newspaper editor) warned and wiggled his nose, as if sniffing at something.

“It should burst,” replied Krabs, emphasizing the word “must”.

- Should? … Ah, should! Grizzly smiled, and his upper teeth dug into his chin again. - Well, it will burst if it should, I dare to assure you! Ha-ha! … ".

STATE OF SCIENCE: “Dunno asked why lunar astronomers or lunarists had not yet built an aircraft capable of reaching the outer shell of the moon. Memega said it would be too expensive to build such an apparatus, while lunar scientists have no money. Only the rich have money, but no rich man will agree to spend money on a business that does not promise big profits.

“The lunar rich don't care about the stars,” Alpha said.- The rich, like pigs, do not like to lift their heads to look up. They are only interested in money!"

LEGALITY: “- Who are these policemen? - asked Herring. - Bandits! - Spikelet said with irritation. - Honestly, bandits! Indeed, the duty of the police is to protect the population from robbers, in reality they only protect the rich. And the rich are the real robbers. They only rob us, hiding behind the laws that they themselves come up with. And what, tell me, is the difference whether they will rob me according to the law or not according to the law? I do not care!".

POLICE RECEPTIONS: “- What do you think this is? the policeman asked. `` Come on, smell it. '' The dumb man gently sniffed the tip of the club.

"A rubber stick must be," he muttered.

- "Rubber stick"! the policeman mimicked. - So it is clear that you are a donkey! This is an improved rubber truncheon with electrical contact. Abbreviated - URDEK. Come on, stand still! he commanded. R-r-hands at the seams! And no r-talk!"

METHODS: “There was a great similarity between Migl and Feegl: both had high cheekbones, broad-faced, both had low foreheads and dark, coarse, hedgehog-cut hair that began almost from the very eyebrows. Despite the great resemblance in appearance, there was a great difference in the characters of Figl and Migl. If Figl was a short, angry man, who, as he himself claimed, could not stand any conversations, then Migl, on the contrary, was a great lover of talking and even joking. As soon as the door closed behind Feegl, Migl said to Dunno:

- I dare to report to you, my dear, that in the entire police department the first person is me, because the first thing you see when you get here is nothing but my face. Hey-hey-hey-s! Isn't that a witty joke? …

… Do you know who you are?

- Who? - Dunno asked with dismay.

- The famous bandit and raider named Handsome, who committed sixteen train robberies, ten armed raids on banks, seven escapes from prison (last escaped last year by bribing guards) and stole a total of twenty million finings worth of valuables! - Migl said with a joyful smile.

Dunno waved his hands in embarrassment.

- Yes you! What do you! It's not me! - he said.

- No, you, Mr. Handsome! What are you ashamed of? With such money as yours, you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. I think you have something left of the twenty million. You have undoubtedly hidden something. Yes, give me at least one hundred thousand of these millions of yours, and I will let you go. After all, no one but me knows that you are the famous robber Handsome. And instead of you I will put some vagabond in jail, and everything will be all right, honestly!

… Well, give me at least fifty thousand … Well, twenty … I can't do less, honestly! Give twenty thousand and get out on all four sides."

CREDIT: “- I then entered the plant and began to earn decently. Even for a rainy day, I began to save money, in case, it means, if I suddenly become unemployed again. Only, of course, it was difficult to resist not to waste the money. And then they still began to say that I needed to buy a car. I say: why do I need a car? I can walk on foot. And they say to me: it's a shame to walk on foot. Only the poor walk on foot. In addition, the car can be bought in installments. You make a small cash contribution, you get a car, and then you pay a little every month until you pay off all the money. Well, I did just that. Let, I think, everyone imagine that I am also rich. I paid the first installment and got the car. He sat down, drove off, and immediately fell into ka-ah-ha-nava (Kozlik even began to stutter from excitement). The auto-aha-mobile broke, you know, I broke my leg and four more ribs.

- Well, did you fix the car later? - asked Dunno.

- What you! While I was sick, they kicked me out of work. And then it's time to pay a fee for the car. And I have no money! Well, they say to me: then give the auto-aha-ha-mobile back. I say: go, take in kaa-ha-hanava.They wanted to judge me for ruining the car, but they saw that I still had nothing to take, and got rid of it. So I didn't have a car, no money."

MEDICINE: “The doctor examined the patient carefully and said that it would be best to admit him to the hospital, since the disease was very neglected. Having learned that twenty finances would have to be paid for treatment in the hospital, Dunno was terribly upset and said that he received only five finances a week and it would take him a whole month to collect the required amount.

“If you stretch out for another month, the patient will no longer need any medical help,” the doctor said. "You need immediate treatment to save him."

Mass media: “There were Delovaya Smekalka, Newspaper for Plump, and Newspaper for Thin, and Newspaper for the Smart, and Newspaper for Fools. Yes Yes! Do not be surprised: it is “for fools”. Some readers may think that it would be unwise to call a newspaper that way, since who would buy a newspaper with that name. After all, no one wants to be considered a fool. However, the residents did not pay attention to such trifles. Everyone who bought the "Newspaper for Fools" said that he was buying it not because he considered himself a fool, but because he was interested to know what they were writing about for fools. Incidentally, this newspaper was conducted very intelligently. Everything about her was understandable even for fools. As a result, the "Newspaper for Fools" was sold in large quantities … ".

THE SYSTEM IN GENERAL: “… whoever has money will get a good job on the Foolish Island. For money, the richer will build himself a house in which the air is well cleaned, will pay the doctor, and the doctor will prescribe pills for him, from which the wool does not grow back so quickly. In addition, there are so-called beauty salons for the wealthy. If some rich man swallows harmful air, he will sooner run into such a salon. There, for money, they will begin to make him various poultices and rubbing, so that the mutton's face looks like an ordinary short face. True, these poultices do not always work well. You look at such a rich man from afar - as if you were a normal short man, but if you look closer, you are the simplest ram."

… A big bedlam gathered in Mr. Sprots's office at a large round table … Having learned what trouble they face in connection with the appearance of giant plants, the members of the Bradlam became agitated and all, as one, joined the proposal of Mr. Sprots, who said that the whole thing was with giant plants, it is necessary to kill in the bud, that is, even before it develops in full force … So, we have to give them three million finings?

Quite right, Mr. Sprots confirmed. We are to them.

Aren't they to us?

No no. They are not for us, but we are for them.

Then it is not profitable for us, said Skryagins. If they gave us three million, it would be profitable, but if we are not profitable for them …

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