A year since Zharnikova Svetlana Vasilievna passed away
A year since Zharnikova Svetlana Vasilievna passed away

On November 26, 2015, the outstanding Russian ethnologist and art critic Svetlana Vasilyevna Zharnikova passed away. Much of what we are just beginning to understand now, Svetlana Zharnikova discovered back in the Soviet years, conducting scientific work at the Institute of Anthropology of the Academy of Sciences. She was way ahead of her time. And today it has helped many thinking people to come to a correct understanding of the history of the Russian people.

Together with the ethnographer Natalya Romanovna Guseva (1914-2010), they opened to the domestic reader the connection between Russian and Indo-Iranian cultures, the most ancient cultures on our planet. They popularized the work of many scholars of the 19th and 20th centuries who wrote about the “northern Aryan ancestral home”. Svetlana Vasilievna's speeches, in which she clearly sets out the arguments about the relationship between the Russian language and Sanskrit, have spread over the Internet in hundreds of thousands of publications. Millions of people have watched them.

Svetlana Zharnikova was a bright personality, a real scientist, a brave and beautiful Russian person. The revolution that she made in Russian science is comparable to a heroic deed in a war - when one person, one hero, decides the outcome of a battle.


Svetlana Vasilievna said in one of her interviews:

“… Understand that any inspiration, illumination, enlightenment of a researcher is a huge titanic work, it is always a sacrifice. And in this our ancestors were right: yes, sacrifice is our life. And when it dawns on us, when we are working on the brink of a heart attack, our brain consumes 3-4 times more blood than in normal state. This means that the brain is straining, the blood vessels are straining. We pay for these discoveries with ourselves, with our lives, with our blood.

I urge you: be polite, people, be vigilant. Respect your predecessors. When you create something, your followers will rely on you. After all, this is the foundation on which a new ideologeme is being built, for ideology is the ideals embodied in the word, or rather in the law. And without them, no ethnic group can exist. And striving to build a new Russian ideology based on our past, we say: yes, all the peoples of our country are united, they grew up from the same soil, they have a common blood, a common history, common roots, so let's live in peace …"

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