The economy of death
The economy of death

At the beginning of this year, the book “World Capitalism. Exposure. They dared to tell the truth. " The publication is a collection of conversations between international journalist Khalid Al-Roshd and John Perkins, Susan Lindauer and Valentin Katasonov.

The first of the characters in the collection is an American, the author of the sensational book "Confessions of an Economic Murderer", who worked in different countries and promoted the interests of the "owners of money" - the main shareholders of the private corporation "US Federal Reserve System". Susan Lindauer is also an American who worked as a liaison agent for the US CIA. She was actively involved in the events related to the destruction of the skyscrapers of the World Trade Center, is familiar with the details of this story and confidently claims that the terrorist attack is an operation of the American special services. The third hero is our compatriot, Professor Valentin Katasonov, who is Russia's leading expert on capitalism, the global financial system and the "owners of money."

All of them, each in their own way, come to the same conclusions: the "owners of money" subjugate not only economies, but also the life of most countries, and tomorrow they see themselves as absolute masters of the world. These are religious fanatics who want to become humanoid gods. In fact, these are humanoid demons, who view lies and murder as the main instruments of their power and expansion. No wonder the heroes of the book call usurious capitalism the economy and the religion of death. Acquaintance with the ideas of John Perkins, Susan Lindauer and Valentin Katasonov will inevitably force you to take a fresh look at the world today, make you think. This is what the “owners of money” fear most of all.

In my writings, I have offered readers different definitions of capitalism. John Perkins gave me another hint: capitalism is a society whose core is the "economy of death." The "death economy" is run by the "owners of money."

“Owners of money” is not just a figurative expression; in my works, I include the main shareholders of the US Federal Reserve as such. Once they were just usurers, and after the bourgeois revolutions they received a solid title of bankers. The main result of bourgeois revolutions is the complete legalization of usurious operations and the creation of a central bank - the true organ of power of the usurers.

True, in the United States, the process of creating such a central authority dragged on for a century and a half. The Federal Reserve was created only in the last days of 1913. But on the other hand, the US Federal Reserve shareholders immediately got down to business with vigor, provoking the First World War, the world economic crisis and the Second World War. As a result, the production of the "printing press" of the FRS - the US dollar became the world currency.

The main shareholders of the Fed - the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Coons, Leba, Morgan, Schiffs and others - became not only the "owners of money", they also became the masters of America, the masters of the economy - first the American, and then the economies of most countries of the world. At the end of the last century, they intensified the process of globalization (informational, cultural, financial, economic) in order to achieve their ultimate goal. What is it like? Become masters of the world.

John Perkins wrote of himself and his own kind as "economic killers." But one should not think that such "killers" are only consultants who ensure the work of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank (WB), the Agency for International Development (USAID) and other international financial organizations serving the interests of the owners of money. The circle of "economic murderers" is very wide, and many do not in any way recognize themselves as such.These are those who manage or cooperate with transnational corporations (TNCs) and transnational banks (TNBs) or even companies and commercial organizations that do not have clear signs of transnational business. These are all those who put profit at the head of personal and corporate prosperity and achieve their goal at any cost.

99% of people fall victim to this unbridled passion of endless growth of profits and capital. They are deprived of their lives - sometimes it is an instant and obvious murder, but more often it is a slow and veiled one. The murder of a person is carried out in many ways: unleashing large and small wars, imposing genetically modified products on people, creating mass unemployment and depriving people of their livelihood, legalizing "cultural" drug use, organizing terrorist acts (Susan Lindauer spoke about the organization of terrorism in detail using the example of 11 September 2001), etc.

In addition to the direct physical destruction of people, these "economic killers" commit no less terrible crime - they destroy a person morally and spiritually. In this sense, modern capitalism is even worse than the slave system that existed, say, in ancient Rome. There the slave owner owned only the body of the slave, it was physical slavery. Moreover, the slave owner took care of the slave, since he (the slave) was the property of the slave owner.

Today we are dealing with capitalist slavery, the peculiarity of which is that the worker becomes "disposable." There is a surplus of labor in the labor market, so it makes no sense for a capitalist employer to bother caring about workers. Used one, then replaced it with another. Capitalists are fanatically fighting for the privatization of natural resources, enterprises, infrastructure, but the task of privatizing the human worker is not on the agenda. It is a resource that is subject to increasing depreciation. Moreover, it is redundant.

One of the recently passed away "owners of money" David Rockefeller was concerned about the overpopulation of our planet. On his initiative, in the 60s of the last century, the Club of Rome was created, which was engaged in the ideological substantiation of the task of reducing the world's population. In addition, David Rockefeller, as well as many other billionaires (including the living Bill Gates) have invested (under the guise of "charity") a lot of money in biomedical research aimed at reducing human fertility and establishing human "selection". This is very reminiscent of the eugenics of the Third Reich, which was formally condemned by the victorious countries after the Second World War.

The spiritual destruction of a person is also striking. A person who believes in God is not needed by the capitalists, or "the owners of the economy." A person who believes in God is the enemy of capitalism. For the "masters of the economy" Christ and Christianity are hated. How else? After all, the Savior warned: “No one can serve two masters: for either he will hate one, and love the other; or he will be zealous for one, and neglect about the other. You cannot serve God and mammon”(Matthew 6:24). The "masters of the economy" want everyone to serve mammon. Until recently, they were tolerant of those who tried to sit on two chairs and serve two masters. Today the masks have already been dropped. The "masters" call believers, Christians "religious fanatics", "crazy", "mentally ill." Both John Perkins and Susan Lindower talk about this. I write about this in my book “The religion of money. Spiritual and Religious Foundations of Capitalism ".

On the one hand, in the United States and other countries of the once Christian West, a real persecution of Christians and even those who can be called nominal Christians (who are trying to worship both God and Mammon) began. Susan Lindauer is a prime example of this kind of bullying.

On the other hand, a system of education is being built that would guarantee that a young person will enter adulthood as a being who is free from such “prejudices” as conscience, God, and morality. In fact, the "masters of the economy" have organized a conveyor belt on which a product is created, which is called homo economicus in textbooks on economics. But behind this vague, crafty term is by no means a being that has the image and likeness of God (this is where, by the way, the word "education" comes from). This is a creature that has the image and likeness of an animal or beast with three instincts-reflexes: pleasure, enrichment and fear. It is convenient and easy to control such a beast.

Within the framework of modern programs for the introduction of digital technologies and the promoted ideology of transhumanism, a new creature is actively forming, which, of course, is not officially called a beast. He is given more vague and crafty names: "biorobot", "cyborg", "digital man". This is an even more sophisticated murder. You can kill a perishable body, but the soul of a person, as you know, is immortal. The Savior said: “And do not be afraid of those who kill the body, but cannot kill the soul; but rather fear the one who can destroy both soul and body in hell”(Matthew 10:28). The devil primarily targets the soul of a person.

Susan Lindauer says that American intelligence agencies have aggressively invaded the privacy of American citizens since the end of the last century. And especially after the adoption of the Patriot Act by the US Congress at the beginning of this century. Apparently, Susan relies on her own experience and observations. In my opinion, true democracy in America began to disappear much earlier. This, incidentally, was written in his diaries by Woodrow Wilson, who, as President of America, signed the ill-fated Federal Reserve Act. He repented of his deed, realizing that by this act he had given America into slavery to modern usurers.

Our emigrant who lived in the United States, Grigory Klimov, wrote about the same. He himself was drawn after the Second World War into the so-called "Harvard Project" to remake human consciousness; the project was overseen by the Central Intelligence Agency. He recalls this project in the pages of his books "The Prince of this World", "My Name is Legion", "Red Kabbalah" and others.

I, of course, could supplement and detail the facts and events of recent decades, which were described by my colleagues and like-minded people John Perkins and Susan Lindower. There is information about this contained in the works of other Western politicians, economists, writers and public figures. For example, in the articles and speeches of the now living American scientist and public figure, the US presidential candidate and former political prisoner Lyndon LaRouche, who calls America a "fascist state."

In the same row - John Coleman, American publicist, former employee of the British special services, author of the sensational book The Committee of Three Hundreds (in terms of the number of translations and circulation in the world, it is almost equal to the book of John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Murderer; has been repeatedly published in Russian). In addition, the book by Nicholas Hagger "The Syndicate", which reveals the history of the creation of a secret world government and describes the methods of expansion of the "owners of money" in the world. All of these (and many more not named by me) authors say that lies and murder are the main means of preserving and strengthening the "owners of money" of their power.

I would especially like to mention such a public figure as Paul Craig Roberts. He is a renowned American economist, political and economic commentator, and a former assistant on economic policy to the US Treasury Secretary in the Ronald Reagan administration. He has published twelve books exposing Washington's dastardly behind-the-scenes politics (it's a pity that they have not yet been translated into Russian).

Paul Roberts, like John Perkins, shows the close ties between Wall Street banks, the Federal Reserve, the White House, the military-industrial complex, and the US intelligence community. Here is what Paul Roberts writes in one of his latest articles: “Washington is ruled by a shadow government and a deep state made up of the CIA, the military intelligence complex, and financial interest groups. These groups advocate for global US hegemony - both financial and military."

This is a real tangle of snakes, which, of course, sting each other in the struggle for power. But this does not stop the vipers nesting in America from lashing out at their victims all over the world. John Perkins tells in detail (based on his practical experience of working as an "economic killer") how Washington tried to bring countries such as Iran, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, etc. to their knees.

In the first echelon there are smiling and suave "economic killers" who negotiate with the leaders of developing countries and impose loans and credits on them, designed to become a stranglehold on the necks of national economies. The second echelon is followed by the special services, which are engaged in harsh blackmail, sabotage and murder. Their services are sometimes needed if the first echelon has not coped with the task. And if the “knights of the cloak and dagger” do not achieve their goal, then the third echelon comes into play - the military, who begin military operations against the rebellious state. John Perkins has long ceased to be an "economic killer", but he closely follows the global politics of Washington and believes that since the last century, little has changed in the methods and algorithms of imperialist expansion.

Susan Lindauer shows that various countries in the Near and Middle East are targeted by these snakes. Millions of ordinary Americans are also at gunpoint. On September 11, 2001, a ritual sacrifice was made in the form of 4 thousand human lives. And the Patriot Act, which was soon adopted, turned America into a huge concentration camp. Susan Lindauer compares this American law to the 1926 USSR Criminal Code. But, I dare say, that code operated within the framework of the Soviet state, and Washington regards the Patriot Act as an extraterritorial law, the effect of which, in its opinion, applies to the whole world.

After 9/11, in the opinion of my American colleagues, the United States has finally become a terrorist state. Paul Roberts draws attention to the fact that America's shadow masters have finally lost their minds. The instruments of terrorism they use are not only Al-Qaeda or ISIS. They threaten North Korea with nuclear weapons today. This is terrorism on the verge of self-destruction.

John Perkins and Susan Lindower only mention Russia in passing in their conversations. In their practical work, they did not have to work directly with the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation. But what we learn from the revelations of Perkins and Lindauer can be safely extrapolated to our country. I believe that after getting acquainted with the interviews and works of these fighters against capitalism, the reader will have no doubts about what was hidden behind Gorbachev's "perestroika" and Yeltsin's "reforms".

It was the desire of the behind-the-scenes "masters of the economy" to destroy our sovereign state, seize its resources and turn it into a colony of the West. At the same time, to reduce the number of "surplus" population, leaving only a few million to service the "pipe". It was a policy of “economic murderers”, a policy of outright genocide, covered by demagogic rhetoric, tested in different regions of the world.

The political elite of Russia is pursuing an extremely inconsistent policy towards the West, especially Washington.She is blind and believes that it is possible to negotiate with the West. They say that today there are economic sanctions, and tomorrow everything will resolve. No, it will not dissolve. No one has yet been able to come to an agreement with the "economic killers". Paul Roberts writes about this: “Russia has been designated America's Enemy Number One. And there is absolutely nothing that Russian diplomacy, Russian measured retaliatory measures and Russia's appeal to its enemy as a "partner" can do about it. Dear Russia, you must understand that you have already been appointed to the role of that one and only main Enemy."

Where does this misunderstanding of simple truths come from? In another article, Paul Roberts writes: “Russia is also at a disadvantage because its educated upper class, professors and businessmen are Western-oriented. Professors want to be invited to conferences at Harvard University. Businessmen want to be integrated into the Western business community. These people are known as "Atlantic integrationists". They believe that Russia's future depends on whether it is accepted by the West. And they are ready to sell Russia - if only to achieve that to be accepted”.

Alas, the aforementioned "upper class" of Russia is characterized by extreme ignorance. Apparently, he has already become a victim of "economic killers", and he will hardly be able to escape from their tenacious paws. This dependence is, first of all, not economic or political. First of all, it is spiritual dependence. Our elite made a choice: they began to worship Mammon - a pagan idol, one of the gods of the infernal pantheon.

But those who have not yet fallen into the millstones of the terrible machine called "economic education" still have a chance. A chance not only to avoid the tenacious paws of "economic killers", but also a chance to hit these paws and firmly declare to the "economic killers": "Get your paws away from Russia!" The books of such brave fighters against capitalism - the religion of death as John Perkins, Susan Lindauer, Paul Roberts - are a ray of light in this dark kingdom of Mammon.

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