The roots of the proto-language. 50 seditious words from folk vocabulary
The roots of the proto-language. 50 seditious words from folk vocabulary

Once Mikhail Zadornov said: "Only inquisitive amateurs, untethered from Augean linguistics, can correct presumptuous scientists. Scientists cannot save themselves." The problem for linguists is that there are no authorities, thanks to the Internet amateurs can analyze large amounts of data and sources, previously available only to narrow specialists.

Using the example of Fyodor Izbushkin's research, let us see the most interesting examples from the folk, in many ways the so-called "pre-Pushkin" vocabulary, which is collected by ethnographers and lignvists in special dictionaries (see, for example, "Dictionary of Russian Folk Dialects").

Rayat - make noise, sound.

give - advise, help with advice. Rainye - advice Rait - Rato think, to advise: to echo.

Rayduga - Raarc (light, colored, toradoug).

Raace is essentially the same as Raarc, -tuza - related tug (grieve), dozhit (hefty) and tight (arched, arc). From which the independence of the morpheme is well traced Ra.

Rainflated and Raspirit - express, in fact, the same as the previous word (Raace): "Ra"+" Blow, puff "and"Ra"+" Spirit ", i.e. letters. Light, sunny spirit.

diva - Raarc (aka - ravduga, grafinishing, radunitsa, rayduga, veselka).

Raeh, Ralё, lya - arable land. Ralo - plow, plow. Raflax - cutting part of the plow, plow, opener, share; gate handle. Raluba - plowing with a plow. la is the nickname of a peasant.

Rama, Ramo - torath, okraina, graface. less, Ramine is a large dense coniferous forest; forest adjacent to arable land. Rament - power, beginning (under Racop - under the authority, under the command). Ryam - swamp, ncer, Rancera - a hay meadow in a swamp.

Connection RaWith RoArt is due to the two-part composition of the latter - "Ro/ a "and" st "(become, stan; compare"rostiti, Rasti, Rasthenie ")

Razinya - from Raand gape. Wed Razzyava (Ra and yawn, yaw)

Ratin - torahoneycomb.

Ragénier - meeting, discussion (cf. Rayes - a meeting, a meeting, i.e. w and d at RaAre transitional unstable phonemes).

Rachewy, Rajo, Razhno - a lot, good. Rachewy - strong, strong, rich.

Racourage (courage), RaJun (a tall guy, strong, fellow), Raburning (very strong, strong build; cf. Razit)

Rah - blow, Razit, (cf. Rawell, Ralive), as well as adverb. - absolutely, absolutely. Give Rafor - hit hard.

Razat - throw, throw.

Ratier (army, army), Ratovat (to fight, withrahuddle, drabe, and only then - to take care).

Rabut, Ranya, Ralinseed - Ranniy. Rany, Ranyo - utro.

Ramiy - toragray, Rasoft - violent, strong, abundant, strong, Rameat, Raexchange - very, Ramen - violent, strong, Ramѣno - very, wordy. menọ - extremely, very, extraordinary, Czech. - náramný extraordinary, incredible, huge.

Ranzhevy - from Rawell, Ra

Rawhine - throw, throw, drive.

Racabbage soup - horse.

Razik is a precious or semi-precious stone, usually amber, inserted into a ring or comb. Pearls are Raziki, eyes in rings. "And the beads were with Raziks."

Radada - dense flowers on the bushes. V RaI'll give pigs and witches to lie down.

Ratribute - Radenial, kindness, generosity, advice, instruction; Rato do - to want, to desire something, to strive for something. Raefficient - diligent, Radetailed. Rawonder, Radiino - diligently, diligently. Rawondrousness - diligence, diligence, diligence

The Dictionary of Russian Folk Dialects (issue 8) does not have two pages: No. 42 and No. 43, where one could read an article about the word ACT. Since two pages are missing at once, it can be argued that a total of 30-40 articles on secondary education have been removed from the word ACT. As a result, we are deprived of the opportunity to make sure that the word Zeal (Happy) consists of Ra- and -dance (-child), carrying the lexical meaning -to do.


Rabottom - yellow mushroom. Ra here it gives out a yellow color - the color of the Sun. Razinka - yellow wax.

Raki (river) are so named in Russia because of their red and red color. Expression "racov pozhar"- this is the time when the sun is shining and it is raining at the same time (then raki come out of the water onto the shore). Rashnya - a device for catching crayfish.

We focus on Ra-vocabulary for one purpose: to show with this vivid example how ossified linguistics is "far from the people" - it denied the Russian people one of the most natural and widespread roots of their language. Indeed, according to the literal statement of linguists, "there is no Ra, and never was."

Soon on the pages of the "Kramola" portal there will be a unique video section "Forgeries in linguistics", also dedicated to this issue. Keep for updates.

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