Tsar's days in Yekaterinburg
Tsar's days in Yekaterinburg

Tsar's days in Yekaterinburg gather thousands of believers. The July liturgy and the procession of the cross are becoming something of an unofficial state holiday, because in addition to the four traditional branches of government, our bureaucratic baobab has long grown into a fifth - a religious one.


Olga Sevastyanova, the head of the State Duma Committee for Control and Regulation, said that she would discuss with the committee members possible changes to the regulations regarding the reading of prayers at the beginning and at the end of the meeting of the working groups.


It is impossible to build anything serious without a spiritual foundation. And the spiritual basis of Orthodoxy is work, justice, friendship …

Prayers for something good have already ceased to be a rarity in the building of the former State Planning Committee of the USSR, where it is now much easier to meet a man in a cassock than in a miner's overalls or overalls.


Today we are making a proposal to honor the memory of the last Russian tsar, to honor the memory of the innocent victims, all who died in the crucible of the civil war.

The initiator of the solemn rise, like a year ago, was Zhirinovsky. However, this is not only the success of the Liberal Democratic Party. The victory is collective.


Nikolai II is a wealthier political leader in Russia than Stalin.


When a deputy allows himself to say from this rostrum that the reason for the murder of the royal family, the sovereign, was a social explosion in society, this is incorrect, it is a shame. As a prosecutor, I want to say that the reason for the murder is the malicious intent of the criminal who implemented the first color revolution in the world.

Since the metastases of the color revolution again from all sides penetrate the cells of our God-rescued state - either at the construction site of the next landfill, or at the construction site of the next temple - a quite expected process begins in the ruling class. Previously, it would have been called a Black Hundred reaction. Today it is a surge of patriotic feelings.


Their task is to work out in Yekaterinburg, which were already used in Kiev and in other cities, in which color revolutions later took place. I appeal to all Russian people, to all residents of Yekaterinburg. Please do not fall for provocations.

Indeed, all Russian people and all residents of Yekaterinburg should not succumb to provocations. Be empathetic and alert. Do not allow yourself to be fooled, to infect yourself with the bacillus, from which the demolitions of monuments to Lenin took place in Ukraine and are still taking place.


July 17 is a special date for the Smolensk skete. The main icon in the chapel is the image of the royal martyrs. From the very beginning, this skete was associated with the Romanov family. (…) It is symbolic that the idea of ​​remembering the victims of the terrible events of the early 20th century did not raise objections from any of the deputies. (…) Reconciliation begins when we all understand that this cannot be repeated, it is unacceptable. And the fact that today all the factions of the State Duma are a good basis for talking about the future (…) Together with believers, there are representatives of the House of Romanov here. - I worry. For me it is very reverent. And I try to pray and atone for sins. The heart rejoices that people comprehend what happened.

You need to understand this. And now regret that and realize what has been done. That a colossal crime was committed. (…) And this cannot be forgiven. It cannot be forgotten. We must repent. Feel guilty.

So, we must not forget to repent and feel guilty, Olga Nikolaevna Kulikovskaya-Romanova, a citizen of Canada, reminds us, now an honorary academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, a member of the Union of New Russia Writers.In general, not just the widow of Nicholas II's nephew, but almost literally a person close to the emperor. There are, however, little-known pages in Olga Nikolaevna's family archive. Let Prosecutor Poklonskaya hardly be interested in them, we should still get acquainted with them in order to feel how fraternal states - despite not all talk shows and mutual insults - remain anti-Soviet Ukraine and anti-Soviet Russia.

Nee Olga Nikolaevna is not Romanova, but Pupynina. Her father, a Cossack, drove up Nikolai Pupynin, served in Denikin's Volunteer Army during the Civil War, after its defeat he fled and entered service in the 2nd Cossack Regiment of the Russian Guard Corps in Yugoslavia, in which he fought until 1944. Then the Cossack Pupynin moved to the British zone of occupation, and from there to Latin America. But did Olga Nikolaevna Kulikovskaya-Romanova's father help the Nazis? Yes, he was one of them.


In the spring of 41, after the occupation of Yugoslavia, the German administration appointed Major General Skorodumov as the chief of the Russian emigration in Serbia. After the attack on the USSR, he turned to the German military authorities with a proposal to create a Russian division from the emigrants. Initially, he was refused, but soon the chief of staff of the Wehrmacht in the South-East, Colonel Kevish allowed Skorodumov to form a so-called Russian guard corps from among the White emigrants. Like white émigrés in other countries, they were eager to take revenge for defeat in the Civil War, even with the help of Hitler. It is not surprising that after this, in the eyes of most of the Serbian population, Russian emigrants became German servants. On September 12, 1941, Skorodumov issued an order for the Russian émigré colony with a call to join the Corps. It ended with the words "I will take you to Russia!" Thousands of volunteers responded to the general's call. Representatives of many youth and public organizations have joined the Corps. Among them were representatives of Sokolstvo and monarchists, members of the NTS and fascist organizations, members of veteran unions of participants in the last two wars.

Today, the descendants of veterans of the Russian Guard Corps - like businessman Jordan, an American who came to Moscow after the death of the USSR and even headed the NTV television company - insist that the corps did not participate in the battles with the Red Army. This is not entirely true. To begin with, here is the text of the oath.


“I swear sacredly before God that I am in the fight against the Bolsheviks. enemies of my Fatherland and enemies of the German army fighting on the side of the Bolsheviks, I will render unconditional obedience to the Supreme Leader of the German Army, Adolf Hitler, everywhere, and I will be ready, like a brave warrior, at any time to sacrifice my life for this oath” …

Since the 43rd year, the Corps is directly subordinate to the Wehrmacht. In the spring of 1945, all the fighters are put on the uniform of the ROA - Russian Liberation Army, General Vlasov. They acted together with the local nationalist Chetniks of General Mikhailovich. The hands of the punishers are covered in blood up to the elbows. First - the civilians of Yugoslavia and partisan communists, and then the Red Army.

In 1944, the Corps fought the hardest battles with the advanced Soviet units of the 57th Army of the 3-Ukrainian Front and the Bulgarian army, advancing together with the partisans. On October 22, 1944, the commander-in-chief of Army Group E, General von Lehr, issued an order on the formation of all available in the area of ​​the river. Ibr of the Russian units of the combat group subordinate to Lieutenant Colonel Gontarev. The group was instructed to clear the Ramka-Sarajevo route of partisans, thereby ensuring the withdrawal of German troops from Greece through southern Serbia and Bosnia. On October 26, 1944, a Consolidated Regiment under the command of Colonel Rogozhin was created from all Russian units in the area of ​​Chachak and Donya Milonovets. On November 27, this regiment entered the order of the commander of the 5th SS Mountain Corps, General Krieger.

After the surrender of Germany, the defeated five-thousandth corps decided to break through to the British. So, in a tent camp near Klaugenfurt, the family turned out to call us to repentance the seventh water on jelly of the heiress of the Russian emperor. But wait, you say. After all, a daughter is not responsible for her father! Of course not. It's time to give the floor to the daughter herself again.


The bitter memory of the mass genocide of Russian Cossacks in Lienz, of which my father was also a victim, a Cossack officer Esaul Nikolai Nikolayevich Pupynin, who narrowly escaped death or forced deportation to Siberian camps. The memory of the Russian people who died in Lienz is sacred to me, and I strive to be there when the anniversaries of those terrible events are celebrated … "" … my loving heart grieves and prays for the dead along with those who keep the memory of the heroes-Cossacks …"

So the heiress of the House of Romanov grieves for the collaborators extradited to the USSR by the British and Americans - the Cossacks of Krasnov and von Pannwitz, who committed atrocities in the occupied territories of the Soviet Union and were sentenced to death by hanging by the military collegium of the USSR Supreme Court. Such a fate, however, was not prepared for everyone, no matter how Molotov pounded his fist on the UN rostrum. Some of the Christ soldiers managed to escape under the wing of the CIA or some Latin American dictator.


"… What was happening reminds us of the first centuries of Christianity, when for faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, for confessing the idea of ​​goodness and love, people were doomed to inhuman torments - to be torn apart by wild beasts. It was hard to believe that this was happening in our civilized" humane " This is how the ataman, General Pyotr Nikolaevich Krasnov, General Andrei Georgievich Shkuro, General Sultan Kelech Girey, General Timofey Ivanovich Domanov, General Semyon Nikolaevich Krasnov were issued. suffered because they did not want to go under the rule of the evil satanic power that owns our HOMELAND and denies GOD, goodness and justice. godless satanic power ETERNAL MEMORY!"

Toronto, May 2005

So, eternal memory to the fighter against satanic power, the head of the main directorate of the Cossack troops of the Ministry of the Eastern Occupied Territories of Nazi Germany. And you must repent - for the royal family. And you will be taught this by the heiress of the surviving Nazi, who will be shown on all federal TV channels to the sound of bells and will be received in the best houses.


They deceived the people to get what happened. If they did not lie, if they did not twist the facts, then they would not even have a revolution. (…) Unfortunately, my attempts to defend the honor of my family, my late spouse and the royal martyrs, behind whom the whole of great Russia stands, has not yet been crowned with success. Today we must not show cowardice and remain silent, as we did not say anything in 1917. (…) I will continue to defend the honor of my family, but now all together need to defend the honor of Russia.


We know who you are. We know where you are. And we know your puppeteers.

Yes, of course, these best houses sometimes resemble the scenery of Soviet comedies like two drops of water. But after Ukraine it’s not funny at all.

We also know who they are - those who received power and property in 1991, leading Russia along exactly the same national-chauvinist, obscurantist path along which Ukraine is crawling. We also understand what the difference is between Bandera, Vlasov or Krasnov - no difference.

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