Easy life. Why are we complicating it?
Easy life. Why are we complicating it?

John Jandai believes that we are all "crazy" (he does not want to offend anyone with such a statement) and we live wrong. We spend a lot of time at work or in questionable entertainment, counting money and spending a fortune on buying a home.

Although in fact you can live happily and simply. True, in order to understand what a really simple thing life is, Dzhandai had to work hard …

John Jandai grew up in a poor Thai village. So poor that the locals were not even aware of their poverty. They had nothing to compare with. But one day the villagers saw TV. On TV, they were told that in reality they are poor and unhappy, and there are many beautiful and useful things in the world that are worth buying.

TV did not leave John a choice - he had to go to Bangkok and go to university to build a career and somehow get closer to a wonderful life. But instead of the prosperity promised by the TV, Dzhandai was waiting for a bed in a hostel, endless lectures in stuffy auditoriums, a lack of money and the need to constantly earn extra money.

In the mornings, John gritted his teeth in boring law classes (they explained on TV that this was a prestigious specialty), and then ran to work - washing dishes or serving food in restaurants. A few years later, Jandai began to suspect that the TV had lied to him…. What happened next, see the video:

Founded by John Jundai and his wife, Peggy Reents, the 'Pun Pun Center for Self-reliance' has three very important functions.

Firstly, this center is a fairly successful and rich farm that provides its owners with a sufficient amount of food for an independent existence (without any reliance on external sources).

Secondly, Jandai uses the farm to revive and breed rare aboriginal plants that have pretty much lost ground under the onslaught of fields with their more popular brethren.

Thirdly, his own farm became for John his personal project in the framework of the international movement 'TED' - a movement that seeks to unite thinkers and figures from all over the world. John is promoting the movement (and his project) throughout Thailand; over the past 10 years, he managed to repeatedly appear on television screens and from the pages of popular newspapers. The idea behind Dzhandai's own project is quite interesting - 'Life is simple. Why are we complicating it? '

John is actively looking for new ways to make life easier for other people - primarily through the creation of effective mechanisms to meet basic human needs. The already mentioned farm is the clearest example of such a mechanism; someone may complain that many of the fruits of modern civilization are lacking on this farm, but John is absolutely sure that life can be dignified and joyful even without technical innovations.

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