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Homo sapiens?
Homo sapiens?

Video: Homo sapiens?

Video: Homo sapiens?
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Reason … For many centuries, its nature interested the leading minds of mankind. Probably everyone who is watching these footage now considers himself a reasonable person. Indeed, in the process of viewing, the brain performs the most complex operations of perception and analysis of speech, various images arise in our imagination, and, thanks to this, we can reflect on what we have seen.

But what is intelligence?

The scientific definition of this concept is vague and vague: mind is a philosophical category that expresses the highest type of mental activity, the ability to think in general, the ability to analyze, abstract and generalize.

At the same time, neurophysiologists have not yet been able to find the part of the brain that would be responsible for intelligence, or for the presence of consciousness.

At the same time, in another scientific field - astronomy - scientists have recently begun to find new planetary systems, the characteristics of which are quite close to the conditions of the solar system. One has only to think about the vast expanses of the Universe, and the idea of our uniqueness seems rather naive, inherent, perhaps, to people with a religious attitude to life. But if there are billions of galaxies and civilizations in the universe, is our civilization considered reasonable by the standards of space? And if so, why is there still no generally accepted fact of interstellar communication? And if not, then what prevents other civilizations from recognizing humanity as reasonable?

Is intelligence inherent in a person from birth? And how is the mind of an individual person related to the rationality of society as a whole?

Let's try to answer these questions by tracing the stages of development of the human personality.

Evolution of the mind from infant to adult

The development of a child from birth occurs in stages. We can say with confidence that a person is born only potentially intelligent. His brain must absorb a certain minimum amount of information, and if this does not happen, then further stages of development cannot be mastered at all.

There are cases when wild animals raised human children. These stories are fundamentally different from what Joseph Redyard Kipling portrayed in his famous novel.

When the real "Mowgli" were returned to human society over the age of nine, they could not acquire even the minimal skills inherent in humans. In their behavior, they forever remained the animals that raised them, despite the fact that they were physically absolutely healthy.

Feral children (other names: wild children, feral children) - human children who grew up in conditions of extreme social isolation - without contact with people from an early age and practically did not feel care and love from another person, had no experience of social behavior and communication … Such children, abandoned by their parents, are raised by animals or live in isolation.

The child receives the minimum information that is necessary for the development of the mind in the family circle and when getting acquainted with the world around him, developing the ability to speak in himself.

Mastering speech and objective thinking at the first stages of evolutionary development is key for the transition to the second stage - an intelligent animal.

This term seems strange only at first glance. If a person's behavior is governed by instincts and desires, and not he himself dominates them, then he is not very different from any other animals that obey the call and power of instincts. This means that such a person is an intelligent animal.

Knowledge of the stages of human evolutionary development was used by our distant ancestors: only during a special rite of naming the Magi gave the child two names, communal and generic, sacred, with which, depending on the specific qualities of the embodied entity, a certain purpose was transmitted.

So, the experience of one person is not enough even for the transition from the evolutionary stage of an animal to the stage of an intelligent animal. The combined experience of at least several people is required, which is provided in most cases in the family.

The next stage - the transition from the stage of an intelligent animal to the stage of a proper human being - requires the combined experience of at least several generations of the entire human community. And the more people are involved in the process of accumulating and transmitting information, the faster an individual person will be able to go through the evolutionary phases from the animal stage to the stage of the actual person. At the same time, it is not only the amount of information received from the community that matters, but also the quality of this information and its versatility. The diversity of quality information makes a person harmonious when not one, but many parts of the cerebral cortex are in development.

Now let us consider the quality of the knowledge that was accumulated by the society in the process of development - first by the tribe, then by the people, and, finally, by humanity as a whole.

Legacy of civilization

Modern civilization has accumulated a huge amount of information, but has it been comprehended?

It would seem that the education that we receive in schools and universities makes us intellectually more advanced beings, and the achieved technical level in many spheres of life is very high.

This is partly true.

Machine technology, computer chips, and other technical advances are all important milestones. Any technique is an assistant, but at the same time a kind of crutch, which should not become an end in itself. But even these highly intellectual achievements of modern civilization can rarely be called reasonable.

It is thanks to their ignorant use that Midgard-land has already been on the verge of death several times. It is enough to give two examples:

With the beginning of the so-called space age of mankind, from 1960 to 1989, our planet lost thirty percent of the ozone layer, which had been forming for more than four billion years.

This is a very serious threat, because life on the Earth's surface is possible precisely because of the protective properties of the ozone layer, which saves us from hard cosmic radiation.

Mankind has learned to destroy this protective screen, but science with all its advanced technology has never had any ways to neutralize ozone holes.


The second example is nuclear power. Many experts call nuclear power plants smoldering nuclear bombs. The accident at the Chernobl nuclear power plant, the recent events at Fukushima showed how unreliable and dangerous these technologies are on a global scale. And again, modern civilization does not have effective ways to neutralize radioactive contamination, and the reburial of waste cannot be considered a method of cleaning up. And this is not to mention the fact that an explosion of such a scale is possible in any nuclear power plant, in which all life on the planet will perish.

Another example of a dangerous, but nevertheless implemented technology is genetic engineering of plants, which has already caused significant damage to the planet's ecosystem and reduced species diversity on Earth.

Reasonable, by modern standards, human activity on Earth is the most important cause of regional and global cataclysms on the entire planet.

Of course, breakthrough alternative technologies appear regularly, but they are hushed up, and their authors are destroyed. There is no place for such technologies in the built global parasitic system.

Our ancestors shared such concepts as an intelligent person and a reasonable person, mind and MIND. "RA" is the root meaning "sun, light", "intelligent" means "bright, solar mind." It can be said differently: MIND is an enlightened MIND. The concept of enlightenment did not have a religious meaning, it meant knowledge of the laws of nature, knowledge of oneself and the surrounding reality, in accordance with the call attributed to Socrates: "Know yourself, and you will know the whole world."

Any person who thinks well and quickly enough, makes decisions and analyzes can be smart. And only a person with an enlightened mind was called reasonable. These words characterized people at different levels of development.

Long-term and globality of thinking, which are supported by appropriate actions, are one of the indicators of rationality.

Let's look at some specific examples.

The person works for a large foreign tobacco corporation. He has a high salary, rapid career growth, a new car, and plans to purchase an apartment for future children. Can this person be called reasonable?

If you think about the long-term results of his work, then you can see not only the abstract harm to the health of the population of his country, but also the specific harm to his children, who will live in a society poisoned by tobacco.

What would happen to the Corporation if all people working at the "Death Factory" realized their share of responsibility?

Such situations are very common in our everyday life.

In an imposed system of consumption, it is not customary to think about whether there is any sense in a particular purchase. Many things are bought because it is fashionable, and not based on the needs of the person.

For example, the opinion imposed on society says that the car must be changed every two years, no matter how outdated it is. Cars with a more powerful engine are being bought, which can reach speeds of several hundred kilometers per hour, and at the same time, these cars are mainly operated in traffic jams at 5% of their capacity. If you look at the surrounding reality with an unclouded look, then the absurdity of the situation becomes obvious.

Here's another example.

Working on the foreign exchange market is considered prestigious, and many people proudly engage in this activity, which is speculation in the truest sense of the word. Such employment of individual workers, folding into a global financial mechanism, in the long term leads to soap bubbles in the world economy, although a particular person can make good money on this.

A social system dominated by momentary interests is formed with the support of certain forces, which can be called social parasites. These forces are interested in transforming society into an analogue of an anthill. But, unlike insects, such a state is not an evolutionary acquisition for humans.

Let's consider this phenomenon in more detail.


In nature, there are several types of living organisms that exist in the form of permanent communities. The most famous of them are bees, ants, termites and wasps. During the construction of a termite mound or an anthill, the internal passages erected at the same time are docked with each other with an accuracy of hundredths of a millimeter, although neither termites nor ants use measuring instruments during construction, as people do. In addition, they have a strict hierarchy with a queen or womb at the head and a caste: warriors, scouts, guards, builders, educators. Ants, for example, even graze herds of aphids, and grow the simplest mushrooms in an anthill, which are then used as food.

These and many other activities of such communities can be called reasonable. But a single termite or ant does not show any signs of intelligent behavior. They behave reasonably only within the range of the total psi-field, which is formed when a certain number of individuals of a given species are reached.

For example, the aggregate psi-field of a bee colony acts within a radius of five kilometers from the hive, and if for some reason a bee gets outside this space, it instantly loses its "intelligent abilities". Everything that happens in these communities is a consequence of the manifestation of the state of the superorganism - the phenomenon when the psi-fields of individual organisms merge into the psi-field of the community and a single nervous system for the entire community arises. In this case, a separately taken individual ceases to be an independent living organism, living according to its instincts, but turns into a biorobot, whose actions are subject only to the interests of the community. At the same time, the most powerful instinct of self-preservation is even suppressed. For these species of living organisms, such a state of the superorganism was an evolutionary acquisition that allowed them to survive and survive as a species.

In a person, the state of the superorganism, which can also be called the state of the crowd, can also arise due to natural causes or artificially, as a result of external psi-influences.

This state was useful only in the initial, primitive stages of development, for example, in a clash between different tribes. In this case, the leader in a certain way created a state of superorganism to suppress the instinct of self-preservation in a particular member of the tribe. Thanks to this, it was possible to protect the entire tribe by sacrificing some of the soldiers.

But at the present stage, the human brain, with proper development, is able to solve almost any emerging problems on its own, and the state of the superorganism leads to degradation.

However, by certain destructive forces, a person deliberately descends precisely to the level of a biorobot, which allows these forces to control humanity on a planetary scale.

If a person does not want to be controlled by a puppet or a biorobot, he must develop in a multifaceted and multifaceted manner, and the more versatile a person is, the more chances he has to become creative, and this is necessary and important, first of all, for the person himself …

Nikolay Levashov

Drainage of energy through sex

Another effective way to make society manageable is to stimulate the sexual instinct. Literally half a century ago, the attitude towards this side of human life was very restrained, but now global propaganda and the imposition of the cult of sex leads to the withdrawal of energy from people and blocking their development on a terrifying scale.

The emphasis on promoting sexual permissiveness at an early age has a very deep meaning - the evolutionary door that allows one to go through the stage of an intelligent animal, which was mentioned earlier, closes before the age of 18. The potential accumulated by a person is limited, and its expenditure on sexual activity does not leave enough energy for the proper development of both the brain and the whole organism as a whole. All this makes it possible to create a population on a planetary scale that is easily controlled by instincts.

Another, no less global control mechanism is the formation of a false picture of the surrounding reality.

False picture of the world

What in modern society is considered to be the mind - the ability of a person to think in the short term, to perform, for example, complex mathematical operations - is only a small fraction of what a person could achieve with proper development. The main reason for this is that the system of ideas about the world around us, which is now imposed on a person, is fundamentally wrong.

Modern science does not even deny that it is at a complete dead end - according to it, the world that we are used to considering visible and real is only 10 percent of the matter in the universe. And 90 percent were called dark matter, without any intelligible explanation of its properties and qualities. Can a whole be folded with 10 percent parts?

It is because of such a system of representations that there is a blockage of human development. It is enough just to remember that a person, according to some estimates, uses his brain only 3-5 percent.

But, in addition to the false system of ideas about the surrounding nature, which was artificially introduced by certain forces, there is another reason for the blockage of the brain.

It consists in the movement of our solar system through various types of outer spaces and objects. In the legends of the Hindus, this phenomenon is called Kali Yuga, our ancestors called such cosmic events the Nights and Days of Svarog.

The last thousand-year Night of Svarog ended at the end of the twentieth century. All this time, our planet, passing through a certain area of space heterogeneity, was exposed to an impact that adversely affected the evolutionary development of man and society.

However, now the influence of space is again becoming favorable, and in order to prevent people from awakening their minds, social parasites with renewed vigor impose drugs, alcohol and tobacco, often offering them as a means of opening consciousness.


What happens at the moment of taking these substances and how do they contribute to the degradation of the mind?

After consumption, drugs quickly enter the brain through the bloodstream. And when the concentration of these poisons reaches a critical or becomes supercritical, the following happens: in order to split these poisons, the essence, or the soul of a person, transforms the brain, as it were, opens it to neutralize the poisons.

But those flows of energy that pass through the brain and break down drugs, at the same time quickly destroy those parts of it that were not ready for such loads.

During all this time, a person is able to see and hear other levels of reality, to feel like he has never felt in his life … And a person is already uncontrollably begins to pull again and again to that state of bliss and power that he once experienced … more and more drugs are required for the brain to open up again.

The brain opens up again, and its structures are destroyed even more strongly. As a result, the organism and the structures of the essence are very quickly and irrevocably destroyed.

Any attempt by a person to force the brain to open when he is evolutionarily unprepared for this is tantamount to an attempt to forcefully open an immature flower bud.


You can develop your abilities without destroying your brain and your essence, but on the contrary - creating yourself. This requires knowledge … true knowledge of the laws of nature, the processes taking place in ourselves and around us.

However, the acquisition of knowledge is a necessary, but not sufficient condition for the development of the mind. After a person receives knowledge, it is necessary to act, analyzing the situation and realizing the responsibility for each of his actions. Only during a specific action a person changes himself, changes his brain and evolves. In this case, the action will be the more effective, the higher the understanding of the situation, the laws of nature or society.

Is it wise, for example, to stay on the sidelines when a fire breaks out in a nearby house on a densely built-up street? This absurd image is valid for those who do nothing to the extent of their misunderstanding.

The principle “My house is on the edge” and the exclamation “What can I do alone?”, Not without the help of social parasites, have become generally accepted. Meanwhile, our ancestors said: "And there is only one warrior in the field, if he is tailored in Russian." There was one more proverb: "Fight where you stand!"

Many of us begin to act in this way. Eliminating their ignorance, people begin to rationally oppose the numerous imposed "civilizational achievements".

For example, they are attentive to food, trying to reduce the amount of GMOs and food poisoned by chemistry on their table. Some of these people act even more wisely - as they can, they connect to enlightenment on a larger scale. Indeed, within the same family, it will not be possible to avoid the consumption of GMOs if these products and technologies are imposed on the entire surrounding society.

Similar activity is observed in other areas of our life - people begin to actively and intelligently oppose what leads to physical or spiritual degradation.

And this is within the power of any person who uses reason within the framework of his capabilities and in his conditions.

Each person should strive to develop himself, because it is impossible to do this at the expense of someone, just as it is impossible to do exercises for another, as in the cartoon about the hamster Homa and the Gopher:

If we consider the development of the mind not from the point of view of the human body, but from the point of view of the evolution of the essence, the soul over many incarnations, then the picture becomes even more interesting. It is rather difficult to remain at the same level of development after the death of the physical body, since the essence spends a certain potential on the development of a new body. This means that not only in the case of degradation of the individual, but also in the event that the development of a person's mind did not occur during his life, the overall result of incarnation can be considered negative. This is one of the reasons why in the future the essence will incarnate into a body with low-level genetics characteristic of some peoples, even if the current incarnation takes place in Slavic genetics, which is famous for its creative power.

When the actions of each of us are reasonable in the full sense of the word, with full awareness of responsibility for each of their actions, our people will be able to take the place they deserve, and behind it, the entire civilization of Midgard-Earth, freed from the parasitism virus, will come to a completely new stage in its development.