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"Infallible" Sinners of the Roman Church
"Infallible" Sinners of the Roman Church

Sodomy, incest, mass rape, trade in positions, worship of Satan, murder, torture, atheism and even "such sins that cannot be pronounced." All this is not a complete list of the arts of some pontiffs …

July 18, 1870 Pope Pius IXproclaimed the dogma of the infallibility of the popes. In any case, very, very many understand the Latin word Infallibilitas in this way.

Particularly impressionable people cite, among other things, the finale of the elegant formula of Pius IX: “Who, then, God forbid! - dare to object to this our definition, let it be anathema."

In general, it turns out to be really scary. Not only that the Pope cannot sin by default, but also those who doubt it are expected to be excommunicated from the Church.

The reality, however, is even worse than it seems. The fact is that Pope Pius IX gave his flock a serious indulgence.

First, he was not talking about infallibility at all. Only about the "inability to be delusional." And even then not always, but only ex cathedra, that is, "from the pulpit" - when the pope officially announces as the head of the Church about fundamentally important issues of faith. In all other respects, the pontiff, like the others: "He is not protected from committing sins and needs repentance and confession."

Secondly, the flock, despite the "anathema", could finally breathe easy. For the simple reason that in practice the idea of ​​the complete and real infallibility of popes has existed in the West since the Middle Ages. And diligently hammered into the heads of "good Catholics." Just like that - just in case.

And the cases were different. On the throne of St. Peter, sometimes such copies were seated that one might wonder how the Roman Church did not collapse under the weight of their sins and even criminal offenses.

The conditional top includes the most remarkable personalities. Each of them was called “the worst disgrace in the entire history of the Church,” but life has shown that this dubious title can be challenged. And not without success.

Pope John XII.

John XII

Eight years of his presence on the throne of St. Peter closes a characteristic period in the history of the papacy, which is called with a beautiful word: "Pornocracy". The literal translation is "Power of Whores." Indeed, Rome was then actually ruled by two women from a noble family. Theofilaktov- Theodoraand Marosia… Mother and daughter. Both had, as they say now, "reduced social responsibility." For 60 years of the 10th century, they awarded papal tiaras to their lovers, then to children from these lovers. Something even passed down to grandchildren.

John XIIwas just the grandson of Marosia. What is called, "from the young, but early." Having become pope at the age of 18, he, as his contemporaries wrote: "He stained the throne of St. Peter with all sorts of vices and crimes."

For example, purely ecclesiastical: “I did not receive communion, I served mass,” “I ordained deacons at the wrong time, moreover, in the stables,” “I supplied bishops for money and once made a ten-year-old boy a bishop in the city of Tudertin,” “I robbed churches and openly raged, not hiding his satanic deeds "," When playing dice, he called on the names of Jupiter, Venus and other evil spirits. " "Not only did I not attend the morning and canonical church services, but I did not even fence myself with the sign of the cross."

He also noted himself in the field of debauchery and incest: “He lived with Stephanie, the concubine of his father "," Lived with Anna, his niece "," The Holy Palace turned into a house of debauchery and the abode of obscene whores. " And also in the field of pure criminality: “Benedict, his godfather, blinded, which is why he died ","John, the cardinal-subdeacon, he killed, ordering him to emasculate "," He caused fires and looting."

He was deposed, but he fought for power, and could have won, if not for an annoying oversight: "One night, when Dad was out of town in the house of a married woman, the devil hit him in his whiskey so badly that he died."

"The devil struck in the whiskey" - that was how the apoplectic stroke was called then. In other words, John XII died of a stroke during lovemaking - from overexertion.

Pope John XXIII.


Is it possible to make an outright criminal and blasphemer, for whom the gallows and the fire are crying at the same time, to be made a Pope? Happening John XXIIIshows that you can.

His name in the world is Balthazar Cossa… One of the most dangerous pirates in the Mediterranean. His two older brothers were hanged precisely for piracy. He was much more fortunate - having started his career at the age of 13, by the age of 16 he had won the laurels of a desperate thug.

Then - suddenly - he entered the University of Bologna at the Faculty of Theology. He studied excellently, but even better he was able to spoil the girls and rob the townspeople. As a result of one of the skirmishes, he ended up in prison, from where the same pirates took him out, stupidly taking Bologna by storm.

Such figures, having got into a harsh alteration, promise the Lord to abandon the "murderous craft" and then lead an exclusively spiritual life.

John XXIII, caught in a storm, promised exactly the same thing. But he followed not so much the spirit as the letter of the law. After being rescued, he was captured by Pope Urban VI… And since then he has really led a spiritual life. In any case, a clergyman.

Quickly currying favor and removing competitors, he himself becomes Pope. By the way, he makes a principled decision on the arrest Jan Husa.

Some Czech heretic, perhaps, would be forgiven for him. But his art as the supreme pontiff overflowed the cup of patience. He was charged with 74 points of accusation, 20 of which they decided not to disclose - they were so terrible and disgusting. However, what has been announced is also impressive.

More than 300 nuns were raped. An attempt to sell the relics of St. John for 50 thousand florins. Cohabitation with his brother's wife. Family corruption - a mother, her son and her daughters. Group sodomy with monks. Denial of the afterlife. Disbelief in the resurrection of the dead.

To whom else a fire would not be enough for such things. But the system does not give up its own. The deposed pope was even returned to the rank of cardinal, and he quietly died in this rank five years after his deposition. Since then, the very name John was considered cursed - the popes did not take him for more than 500 years.

Pope Alexander VI.

Alexander VI

That Rodrigo Borgiawhich became Pope Alexander VI, was known as a poisoner and received the characteristic nickname "Satan's apothecary", many know from the series "Borgia", which was broadcasted with great success on our television. But there is another source of enlightenment, which is little paid attention to. And in vain. The half-bad "stinging" song "The Case in the Vatican" is just about these matters.

And that Pope said to the Cardinal:

“Don't go to the Colosseum for a walk!

I'm your illegal daddy -

Have pity on your Roman mother!"

The son of Alexander VI from his Roman mistress was the famous Caesar Borgia… The next year after the Pope's enthronement, he was made cardinal.

But the cardinal did not obey the Pope

And went to the Colosseum for mushrooms …

There he met a young nun

And my heart beat in my chest.

And the cardinal was handsome in himself, And the cardinal killed the nun …

But he did not enjoy her for long -

I recognized her as my sister the next morning.

According to his contemporaries, Alexander VI cohabited with his daughter, Lucrezia Borgia… To avoid rumors, he placed her in a monastery. This did not help much, because now rumors arose that her brother, the same "young cardinal" Caesar Borgia, was living with her.

This is very similar to the truth. This is how he speaks of the morals in the Borgia family Master of Ceremonies of the Roman Curia Johann Burkard: “Lucrezia, papa and the guests threw roasted chestnuts, and the harlots picked them up, running around completely naked, crawling, laughing and falling.The more dexterous received silk fabrics and jewelry from His Holiness as a reward. Finally, dad signaled for the competition, and an unimaginable revelry began. It is completely impossible to describe it: the guests did whatever they pleased with the women. Lucrezia sat with her dad on a high stage, holding in her hand a prize intended for the most ardent and tireless lover."

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