One feature of American thinking
One feature of American thinking

The neglect of design cost communism an untimely death - this is a consequence of the dominance of the proletarian utilitarian thinking, imposed on the political elite and rejected by the entire population of the country.

Specialists in the study of the means of manipulating the mass consciousness have long noticed that design is the main means of propagating liberalism. If we understand liberalism as a collection of certain value symbols, then design is the catechism of these symbols.

The neglect of design cost communism an untimely death - this is a consequence of the dominance of the proletarian utilitarian thinking, imposed on the political elite and rejected by the entire population of the country.

And although it is difficult to call the members of the party nomenklatura bearers of the proletarian consciousness, it can be said for sure that the Kremlin elders had a rather primitive understanding of subtle matters. They did not understand the influence of aesthetics on power, and they reduced everything to control over the media and security forces. Their defeat at the hands of designers suggests that you can die without realizing what.

Design is about promoting values ​​and a lifestyle based on those values. It works much better than flyers, posters, and demos. And all the more so better than lectures, newspapers, announcers of the Vremya program and TV presenters of the International Panorama program. Saving on investment in design is a sign of your own stupidity and inability to understand the true nature of power.

Fashion is not a freak fad, but a policy tool for brainwashing and indoctrination with certain ideas. Fashion is a language of symbols and signs, the reading and recognition of which requires an appeal to the structures of consciousness that preceded the appearance of writing. Writing is the left hemisphere responsible for rationality. Symbols and Signs - This is the right hemisphere, which is responsible for emotions and images.

The winners are not those who turn to logic, but those who turn to the world of emotions. First, it's easier to understand - logic requires a powerful effort to concentrate. Nothing is required for emotions - they arise and flow on their own. Second, the area in the brain responsible for logic is located in the frontal lobe and takes up little space. The area responsible for emotions is located between the crown and the back of the head and is extensive in area.

It is clear that it is easier to excite and more difficult to suppress. The world is ruled by those who speak the language of emotions, not numbers. Although the real power is in numbers, the crowd is controlled by emotion. And design is one of the main means of influence here.

The American nation was brought up on the reflexes of Pavlov's dog. She is historically trained to respond to understandable signs and symbols. The fact that it was American advertising that was the first in the world to turn into the science of mass manipulation of public consciousness is due to the historical specifics of the United States - the fusion of peoples and cultures did not imply a common political unconscious and demanded a universal primitive code. Design became such a code.

Batman: The Killing Joke Comic Cover

The cover of the Batman: The Killing Joke comic. 1988

America's penchant for comics is a manifestation of precisely this feature of their mass consciousness. This is not from a lack of literacy and ability to read texts, but from a commitment to signs in their mental code. But the adherence to signs manifested itself not in the mixed American community, but before that among the White Protestant Anglo-Saxons, who form the basis of the American state-forming people.

Russians of any nationality are simply amazed at the deliberate desire of Americans to do everything for show.For the Orthodox culture, from which Russian secular culture has grown, any act for show is disgusting and associated with the abomination of pharisaism. Islam, too, does not regard demonstration of piety as a virtue. But Catholicism and especially Protestantism in their theology turn to the Old Testament more often than to the New. And the Old Testament is the Torah with its rules.

The principle of Jewish thinking is the fear of forgetting one of the many regulations. Demonstration of compliance with these precepts is a requirement for the socialization of a person living in Torah society. You cannot live in society and be free from society.

If those around you do not see the external manifestations of your piety, they are wary of you - ancient Israel was full of outwardly similar, but ideologically and religiously different people. It was possible to distinguish oneself from another's not by the face and not by the clothes, but by the shown and demonstrated norms of behavior.

It was right - there was the essence behind the symbols. But over time, their connection disappeared, and the symbolism became a self-sufficient value. It is no accident that Christ told his disciples about the Pharisees: "Do as they say, but not as they do." Showy virtue has become a form of hypocrisy and lies.

The parable of the publican and the Pharisee is fundamental in Christianity. It contains the whole Christian axiology and the whole essence of Christianity's understanding of true virtue, when “When you do alms, let your left hand do not know what your right hand is doing, so that your mercy is in secret; and your Father, who sees in secret, will reward you openly."

Ravenna Mosaic "Publican and Pharisee"

Ravenna Mosaic "Publican and Pharisee". V century

As breakaway Catholicism and once again breakaway Protestantism drifted towards Judaism, pharisaic properties became the content of the collective unconscious of European immigrants to America. Pharisaism has created a political culture of ostentatious virtues. On the basis of pharisaism, the science of advertising and design was born as a language of appeal to emotions using design tools. The dominance of design in the structure of the unconscious has created a popular culture that operates with signs.

In fact, how did the fashion for Americanism spread? Through brands, labels and logos. Abbreviated symbols of more extensive semantic systems. They are easy to read and cause chains of the necessary associations in the form of a conditioned reflex. Wearing clothes with bright inscriptions and pictures is now a sign of marginality, but throughout the twentieth century it was a symbol of belonging to an advanced culture. Like wearing denim suits to the theater and to an expensive restaurant in the seventies and eighties of the twentieth century.

When we see American attacks of piety in the form of putting the right palm on our heart to the sounds of the national anthem, we are sick of falsehood, and for an American such pharisaism is not a shame, but a pass into the world of his own. Kneeling or kneeling in public is the same Protestant iconic morality expressed in brands, signs, and lettering on clothing.

These mass kneeling and heart-to-heart kneeling in crowded places are social design tools like the cut of clothes and shoes, patches on jackets, and the lines of furniture or cars. These are branches that grew out of one trunk of the pharisaic axiology of Western Protestantism, which long ago degenerated into the atheistic moralization of abstract humanism, which led to the dictatorship of LGBT people.

LGBT symbols

LGBT symbols

Permo triassic apocalypse

The dictatorship of sexual minorities, public kneeling and hands on the chest with the anthem are labels on jackets and brands on things. Design conquered everything and became an instrument of inculcating a unified universal political correctness, and in fact - a standard of social reflection. Simply put - by training.

Today we can say for sure - those of the Russians who put their right palm to their left chest at the sound of the anthem, want reconciliation with the United States on the terms of the United States, do not like Putin and Russia,consider the return of Crimea to be wrong and the American system of values ​​is carried in themselves as the dominant and suppressive Russian moral instincts. They may not talk about it, but they think so. “The body doesn't lie,” as Stanislavsky said.

Ukrainians rushed to imitate the Americans in this hysterical demonstration of piety, in which there is more external compulsion to obey than the real meaning of the Russian and Orthodox people by cultural origins. Russian athletes living in the United States for a long time also began to put their hands on their left chest at the sound of our anthem. There is a team, half of which are holding their hands at the seams, and the other - on the chest.

This is not a fad, this is a sign of belonging to a particular camp. To think differently is to repeat the mistake of the Kremlin elders, who did not understand at one time how they and their country ended up in the dustbin of history. Therefore, it turned out that they did not understand the serious meaning of symbolism.

Pharisaism is the main dominant of the American consciousness, which grew out of the Catholic-Protestant milieu. Judeo-Christianity is not about Orthodoxy, it is about the union of Catholics and Protestants with Judaism on the basis of the Old Testament. In Orthodoxy, the Old Testament is something that should remain in the past, together in the abomination of ostentatious piety and boasting of one's righteousness.

Gustave Dore

Gustave Dore. The dispute between Christ and the Pharisees. 1866

To instill in Orthodox Ukrainians the Protestant habit of putting your hand on your chest during the anthem is a sign of belonging to the pro-American camp and rejection of the Russian camp, and not a manifestation of patriotic ecstasy. The Russians who put their hand on their chests look ridiculous, like blacks in embroidered shirts or whites in beads and loincloths. Although when you want to eat, you will not be so hot. The current design will break even less barriers.

It is no coincidence that the intelligentsia is the vanguard of liberalism. These are those who not only understand symbols, but also invent, disseminate and impose. Hands on the chest and kneeling also speak of belonging to the political camp of liberalism, just as an earring in a man's ear and a scarf around his neck under his shirt speak of sympathy for the blue community, covered by the sign of belonging to a creative bohemia.

We may not understand the signal, but they understand everything as it should. And they are doing everything so that we can switch to their language and to their camp. It is unlikely that pharisaism, together with their blue code, will be accepted by the Russian cultural code, but who said that it could stop them?

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