How to disperse the lions with one slipper and become the crowned leader
How to disperse the lions with one slipper and become the crowned leader

How to strengthen your nerves, the director of the safari park in Crimea knows very well, who amazed the whole world this week! How to disperse the lions with one slipper - he knows.

The video, accidentally filmed during one of the excursions, gained more than a million views on the Internet in two days. On it, a man with one left, or rather with one slipper, disperses a flock of lionesses who attacked a young female. Today the hero of this video is conducting an extreme excursion for our film crew.

With Sam, for example, you can easily lie on the ground or scare journalists, but with Lola, jokes are bad

Here she is trying to grab the correspondent's leg REN TV, and now sits inside the electric car.

Well, and almost deadly number - a photo session riding a lion. Such a trick, of course, would have been impossible if not for the presence of the lion tamer nearby, the predator does not take his eyes off Oleg Zubkov and his magic sneaker.

Lions live here practically in natural conditions - they fight for the place of the leader and for the hearts of the ladies. At the same time, it seems that the main lion in the pride is Oleg Zubkov!

"Someday I will write a book for trainers, but now I break all the laws that are adopted in the circus by trainers. Because, for example, you can’t sit with your back to the lion like that - it’s strictly forbidden. You cannot hit a lion with a slipper - it’s dangerous. And many are not allowed, "he says.

The director of the park does not know exactly why this became possible. But he well remembers the day when the lions crowned him. After the next fight for the primacy, the predators wounded the leader of the pride Lord, Zubkov had no choice but to provide first aid to the animal himself

The already healthy lion regained power, but with a new friend!

“And then I was given this right. They hissed, but their ears were lowered. The union of man and the lion of the Lord was accepted, and I became a leader, and this right has not yet been taken away from me,” says Zubkov.

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