Food human flesh - nonsense of conspiracy theorists?
Food human flesh - nonsense of conspiracy theorists?

Our portal has already published a video about human food used by large corporations. Then it seemed to many that this was not true, and all this was just rumors, nonsense of crazy conspiracy theorists and anti-globalists. But since there are those who so vehemently criticized our material, judged us for incompetence, then let's take a look at the bare facts of using HEK293 in the food industry, which will help you realize that all this is not fake, but true.

For those who still do not know what it is, recall that "HEK 293" (Human Empyonic Kidney 293) is a cell line derived from human embryonic kidneys. This line is obtained from kidney cells of an aborted child and is widely used in biotechnological and pharmacological industries as a producer of therapeutic proteins and viruses for gene therapy, due to the simplicity of cell cultivation.

This cell line was obtained by Dr. Alexa van der Eb and Frank Graham in the early 70s of the last century in Holland by introducing adenovirus type 5 DNA into the primary culture of kidney cells of an aborted human embryo.

I will repeat in simple terms: cells from the kidney were removed from the unborn child into which the adenovirus type 5 was injected, which gave an excellent result - the creation of HEK293, which is widely used by large food corporations in our time. This cell line is used by companies that develop flavors and aromas, substances that would make food "tastier" and the aroma more pleasant. By the way, one of such large companies, Senomax, cooperates with PepsiCo, Nestle and others. Also, this cell line is used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetology.

How many food products can we find in the store without aromatic additives, flavor enhancers and other chemicals? Whatever you take in hand - be it bread, cookies, juice, baby food, chocolate - the listed additives are present everywhere.

And now an answer to critical comments: there are two versions of human consumption of HEK293, the first: An aborted human embryo was decomposed into components 40 years ago to create HEK 293, and now, the resulting line is used only as a basis for creating taste proteins and taste simulators. The second is that the creators and sellers of HEK 293 are still using material from new aborted embryos, which they carefully conceal. This means that people who buy the products of corporations that cooperate, for example, with Senomax, consume the material of real aborted babies for food or with cosmetics and medicines.

In fact, it does not matter which version is true, since you are in any case consuming a product created using the material of an aborted embryo. What difference does it make if a human embryo is 40 years old or fresh?

There are two investigations, the presence of which already suggests that the use of humane in production is "not stupid scary tales", but reality.

You can study these investigations yourself by following the links.

Investigation number 1


It will tell us about the existence of deliberate abortion of children for a specific benefit.

Dr. Alvin Wong, Senior Consultant, Department of Hematology-Oncology, National Cancer Institute, Singapore Cancer Institute), knowing that HEK 293 is used as the basis for numerous studies, ranging from students to PhDs, wondered from which embryos this freely marketed drug was extracted - was it a miscarriage or a planned abortion?

In his investigation, he comes to the conclusion that 40 years ago, HEK293 cells were obtained from an embryo extracted by deliberately induced abortion.He writes that it is easier to administratively obtain cells from induced abortions than from miscarriages, and from a scientific point of view, it is better to use tissue from induced abortions, which are "healthier", because most of the lives of genetically healthy fetuses are interrupted for social reasons.

Continuing the topic of Alvin Wong's investigation, I would like to note that the HEK 293 cell line, obtained from human embryonic kidneys, is commercially available both in Russia and in the West.


Also, these cells are widely used in fetal therapy - treatment based on embryonic stem cells and tissues, as well as biologically active substances secreted by them. With the development of fetal therapy in Russia, the number of late abortions has sharply increased.

Let's move on to investigation number 2.


A protest resolution from one of the shareholders of Pepsico Incorporated will tell us about the use of human embryonic cells by large corporations.

The essence of the investigation is as follows - Sarah Giltner, a shareholder of Pepsico Incorporated, filed a protest resolution against her own corporation, since “Senomax uses kidney cells from human embryos to produce flavor enhancers”. She also writes that “PepsiCo's specialists are competent enough to determine which cell lines should be used in developing flavor and odor enhancers,” which means that they are also competent to determine which cells were used to make their products.

A shareholder of a corporation is a person with impressive powers and quite reliable information, and the document in question is on the official website of the US Securities and Exchange Commission. And this is the main body that supervises and regulates the American securities market.

By the way, the corporation, with the help of its Jesuit "devil's advocates", easily ignored this protest.

They stated that the resolution should be deleted as it deals with issues “relevant to the normal business processes of the company” and “some tasks are so fundamental to the company's operation on a day-to-day basis that they cannot be subject to external oversight. shareholders ".

And the government, represented by the Securities and Exchange Commission, covered up the corporation, saying that this refers to "the most common operations."

After Senomyx fulfilled its contract and provided the desired flavors to PepsiCo, Inc., the latter publicly stated that it would not “conduct or fund research - including research by third parties - that uses any human tissue. organism or HEK 293 cell lines derived from embryos”. This is how, having received its own, the company got out of the water, and moreover, the statement about "refusal to fund such immoral research" caused a wave of joy from consumers, who, supporting this decision, ran to increase the revenue of Pepsico Corp.

Maybe it seems to you that the situation in Russia is different, that we do not have these monsters, cannibalistic corporations that will commit any crime for the sake of profit?

Well, then let's take a look at the largest confectionery holding in Russia, United Confectioners. It includes: "Red October", "Babaevsky", "Rot Front" and many other large factories in Russia. They all have a very entertaining license:

Activities in the field of the use of pathogens of infectious diseases of humans and animals (except for the case if the specified activity is carried out for medical purposes) and genetically modified organisms of III and IV degrees of potential danger, carried out in closed systems.

The presence of the above license is easy to confirm if you look at the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, for example, the Red October factory, which is easy to find in any search engine for the query "Unified State Register of Legal Entities Red October"

In order to understand who is licensed and for what kind of activity, you need to familiarize yourself with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 16, 2012 N 317 (with additions of March 6, 2015).

After reading the List of works performed (services provided) to this resolution, it becomes clear that the presence of such a license gives the company the right to conduct experiments not only for the good and quality of confectionery products:

For example, point 6: "Genetic manipulations at the molecular, cellular levels for CREATION OF GENE-ENGINEERED-MODIFIED ORGANISMS."

Or point 1: “experimental, diagnostic research, production work, storage of microorganisms, their derivatives, museum strains and material infected or suspected of being infected with 1-4 pathogenicity groups.”

How can this even be related to sweets?

But back to HEK 293. A normal person will certainly ask the question: Why make cannibals out of people?

Maybe someone has a global task - to kill a Human in a person? And turn him into an even more suppressed and controlled creature?

What do you think is the vibration frequency of someone who is like himself? What is the likelihood that such a person is able to love, create, compassion? Is it not these concepts that make us human?

Of course, you can be skeptical about this information. But in my opinion, it is important to share it, because in everyday life we ​​believe that we have the right to choose: what movie to go to, what clothes to wear for a walk, what products to buy in the store. But the choice must be deliberate and informed. Think about who benefits from deceiving a person - someone who earns a lot of money from the fact of consuming the products they produce, or someone who has no benefit from the information provided.

Alena Namlieva

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