Dog food at McDonald's: Chef Jamie Oliver wins trial
Dog food at McDonald's: Chef Jamie Oliver wins trial

Renowned chef and TV host Jamie Oliver has shown how chemicals transform dog-only food into human-friendly and won a lawsuit against one of the world's largest fast food chains, McDonald's.

In his show Food Revolution, Oliver talked about what hamburger patties are actually made of, which has seriously shaken the reputation of the largest fast food chain McDonald's.

McDonald's representatives have always claimed that their products are so cheap (although, in my opinion, they are not so cheap), because they buy meat in gigantic bulk quantities. In fact, in the production of filling for hamburgers, they use unsuitable meat waste, previously washed in ammonium hydroxide for disinfection and imparting an "edible" pink color.

“In general terms, a product is taken that is only suitable for dogs, but after such processing it is served to people. Tell me, what sane person would feed his child with meat with ammonia? " - says Oliver in his program.

The cook figuratively called McDonald's meat semi-finished products "pink mud" because of its characteristic color and complete lack of nutritional value. By the way, in the US, the use of ammonium hydroxide, also known as the E527 dietary supplement, is part of a USDA-approved "manufacturing procedure".

The company has now said it is going to change the recipe, but does not acknowledge that the reason for what happened was Oliver's statements.

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