"Shadow CIA" foresaw the collapse of the European Union after the coronavirus epidemic
"Shadow CIA" foresaw the collapse of the European Union after the coronavirus epidemic

The coronavirus pandemic and the economic and political processes provoked by it are changing the balance of power in the world. The European Union has shown its insolvency and has actually ceased to exist as a governance structure. This point of view was expressed in an interview with the Hungarian edition of Magyar Nemzet by the famous American political scientist, founder of the "shadow CIA" - the Stratfor Center for Analytics and Forecasts, George Friedman. The translation of the article exclusively for PolitRussia was presented by Hungarian expert Miklos Kevehazy.

COVID-19 is changing the lives of entire countries. One of the main questions that interested the journalists of the Hungarian edition - how, in the opinion of an experienced political scientist, will the world change after the coronavirus pandemic subsides?

American analyst George Friedman, who became famous for his accurate predictions, noted that it was impossible to predict the invasion of a dangerous infection and the crisis it provoked.

“This outbreak is not a political event,” he explained. "People tend to believe that they rule the world, but they are not."

It is already possible to see how the epidemic and the crisis processes caused by it are changing the balance of power in the international arena.

“The biggest change is that the European Union has already disappeared,” the analyst said. - There is Berlin, Budapest, Paris - they make decisions and take care of their citizens. Europe has always had strong nation states. The European Union, as a "super-government", turned out to be only a temporary structure."

According to him, the point is not that nation-states will be revived, but that they have not disappeared anywhere.

“I am sure that there will be some kind of European zone, for example, the European community as a form of business cooperation, and it has always been a good idea,” says Friedman. "But the idea of ​​European governance was a mistake: the EU did not have enough power and determination to do this."

The American analyst is sure: the European Union has already shown the limits of its effectiveness.

“As we have already seen, during a war or an epidemic, Brussels is not capable of making correct and responsible decisions,” the political scientist noted.

At the same time, he added that there are no problems with the creation of a free trade zone, since Europe needs it.

“We live in North America,” Friedman said. "But that doesn't mean Canadians can dictate to us how to shape our political system."

Earlier, Hungarian expert Miklos Kevehazi told about hidden signs that Russia is giving to the European Union, helping Italy in the fight against coronavirus.

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