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Fraudsters are not asleep: Arterial pressure - Divorce
Fraudsters are not asleep: Arterial pressure - Divorce

It looks like the scammers have decided that now is the time to leave people without money, coming up with more and more sophisticated methods of divorce. So, first things first.

Recently, an allegedly revealing article by a certain Kristina Somova, deputy chief pharmacist of Russia, appeared on the Internet. In her post on Facebook, Christina was indignant at the fact that they want to give away some magic drug that will help get rid of all heart problems and the cost of which is 17 thousand rubles. Actually, here is the screen of this message:

Scammers are on the alert Money scam, Fraud, Negative, Long post

Interestingly, having rummaged on the Internet, the exact same post was found only, Christina turned out to be the deputy chief pharmacist of Ukraine, and the cost of the drug was measured in thousands of hryvnias (on the screen, hryvnias were ineptly smeared into rubles, the font is different). I believe that divorce applies not only to citizens of the Russian Federation but also to the CIS.

Further in the article is a description of "Sunday evening with Vladimir Solovyov" on the topic of how such people generally have the right to occupy such high positions:

Vladimir Soloviev. How can such a person work in government agencies? At whose expense did she buy herself a luxurious mansion and regularly flies to vacation at expensive resorts?

Why do such people control the fate of a unique Russian drug from the A.L. Myasnikov Research Institute of Clinical Cardiology, which heals the heart and blood pressure, preventing death? And which should be issued for FREE, despite the price of 17 thousand rubles. Understanding.

Scammers are on the alert Money scam, Fraud, Negative, Long post

Vladimir Soloviev:"The first question is for Kirill Utkin, the head of the pharmaceutical department of the Russian Federation. Kirill Vasilyevich, how did a person of this kind come to such a high position?"

Kirill Utkin:So that you understand my situation, I was appointed head of department just three days ago. All the old elite were fired, including the woman in question. So, at this point in time, she is no longer in the public service and has nothing to do with Russian medicine.

The reason for the mass dismissal, as you yourself understand, was the suspicion of corruption. My task is to audit all the decisions made. Already now I can say that a whole group of decisions of the old leadership needs to be revised.

Vladimir Soloviev:"That is, they fired not only her, but the entire management as a whole? What decisions do you mean? Can you give an example?"

Kirill Utkin:Yes, all the old leadership of the department was dismissed in full. An example is the question that is raised in the screenshot you provided. There they discuss the free distribution of a new drug from the A.L. Myasnikov Research Institute of Clinical Cardiology, which was supposed to be launched domestically. At the same time, prohibiting its sending for export.

But the old leadership made the exact opposite decision. They blocked the idea of ​​giving it to the public free of charge and preferred to sell it abroad. We even managed to sign a contract with France for the supply of the drug. At a price of 110 thousand rubles per package. This is despite the fact that they did not even have such a right, since the rights to the medicine belong to the A.L. Myasnikov Research Institute of Clinical Cardiology.

Vladimir Soloviev:“Wow, the price. 110 thousand rubles per package. Why is it so expensive?

Kirill Utkin: 110 thousand, this is the cost that they charged the French, and they agreed. Somova was right here, they are really ready to pay almost any money abroad.

The reason is simple - this is the only medicine in the world that can completely cure the cardiovascular system of a person, returning it to a healthy state.You yourself probably know that heart disease is the cause of two-thirds of deaths in the world. The drug completely relieves a person of them. No surgery and no risk of death on the operating table. Naturally, everyone is eager to get it.

The cost of the drug in production, as far as I know, is 17 thousand rubles. It was this amount that was planned to be compensated from the budget of the A.L. Myasnikov Research Institute of Clinical Cardiology. And the medicine itself is given to people for free.

Vladimir Soloviev: "A question to Denis Protsenko - what is it about this drug that they are ready to buy it abroad at such a price? 110 thousand rubles per pack, it's insanely expensive."

This is where the most interesting thing begins, where the head physician of the infectious diseases hospital in Kommunarka came from remains a mystery, but apparently his name is now heard and they decided to use it:

Denis Protsenko:This drug has been developed by the team of the A.L. Myasnikov Research Institute of Clinical Cardiology for more than ten years. The result is a unique drug that is able to completely improve the human cardiovascular system. Roughly speaking, return it to its original state. Even if a person has severe heart and vascular diseases. Heart failure, stroke and heart attack are the causes of two thirds of deaths in the world. The drug allows you to prevent all three pathologies and prevent early death of a person. Hence such an insane demand.

Vladimir Soloviev:"What exactly is he doing?"

Denis Protsenko:This is a complex medicine that acts on the entire cardiovascular system at once, while simultaneously solving several problems.

Completely cleans blood vessels from contamination and dissolves blood clots. Cholesterol, fatty deposits, clots from blood clots - all this is a thing of the past. What is important is clearing the ischemic artery, which reduces the risk of myocardial infarction to zero.

Starts the regeneration process of the heart muscle. The damaged areas are restored, the heart valves return to normal, usually severely suffering from hypertension.

Restores damaged vessel walls and strengthens them. The risk of rupture of blood vessels and cerebral hemorrhage is prevented. In general, the vessels become completely healthy and elastic, as in youth.

As a result, there is a complete restoration of the human cardiovascular system. And he himself returns to an absolutely healthy state. As confirmed by multi-stage clinical trials, the drug helps even in the case of an extremely serious patient's condition. If you have coronary heart disease at the same time, your blood pressure rises, arrhythmia and tachycardia - the drug will still help. An important point is that hypertension, that is, high blood pressure, is completely removed. Which is the root cause of all diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Vladimir Soloviev:"Can you stop here? High blood pressure is a common thing for most people. And you say that it is the cause of heart and vascular diseases. Explain?"

Denis Protsenko:That is why almost 70% of deaths in our country are caused by diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Because everyone thinks high blood pressure is normal.

Moreover, it is because of the increased pressure that all diseases of the cardiovascular system begin to develop. And all deaths due to heart failure, heart attack or stroke are the fault of jumping pressure.

Vladimir Soloviev: "Why is it so dangerous?"

Denis Protsenko: To put it very briefly, the pressure begins to rise due to stagnation of blood in the small arteries. The body needs to push the blood at the required speed further and thus provides the required.

Due to pressure surges, the walls of large arteries begin to get damaged. At the sites of damage, cholesterol and other fatty plaques begin to settle. Atherosclerosis appears.

Moment number 1 - this leads to coronary heart disease. Moment number 2 - the intensity of pressure surges in humans increases.This, in turn, leads to even greater contamination of blood vessels.

At the same time, the load on the heart increases, which wears out several times faster than it should. Problems with heart valves begin, arrhythmia and tachycardia appear. The often high blood pressure increases the risk of rupture of blood vessels and stroke. A person immediately has a whole set of fatal diseases, which is initially due to high blood pressure alone. He can die at any moment.

Vladimir Soloviev: "How high is the likelihood of an early death? If, for example, my blood pressure spikes, how long will it take from the onset of the disease to death?"

Denis Protsenko: If we take into account the methods of treatment of patients that are used by most doctors and the drugs that are prescribed to them, then the probability of death is 100%.

Myocardial infarction, acute heart failure, stroke - some of this will surely hit and kill a person. The time from the appearance of the first pressure surges and until death is different for everyone and depends on individual factors. Much depends on the lifestyle you take, the medications you take, and your heredity.

On average, I can say for sure that high blood pressure and other diseases of the cardiovascular system shorten a person's life by 15-20 years, no less. Someone, for example, could live to 80, but dies at 60.

Vladimir Soloviev: "How to save yourself? Are there options for effective treatment? Can you count on the help of doctors in Russia?"

Denis Protsenko: Depends on the specific situation. You know that a lot of doctors are essentially sitting on the salaries of pharmaceutical companies. At the same time, many of them are not even aware that they help the patient to go to the next world when they prescribe certain medications. They have no idea how dangerous they are.

The other side of the issue is pharmacy chains, where effective drugs are practically absent. For example, there is practically none of the drugs that are massively used in the rest of Europe. Pharmacies are, after all, primarily a business interested in maximum profit. They are not interested in new drugs that might actually help. Including the development of the Research Institute of Clinical Cardiology named after A.L. Myasnikov, which was flatly abandoned by every single pharmacy in Russia.

Just after that, the leadership of the research institute turned to the Ministry of Health with a request to start the free distribution of the drug among the population. But they got a refusal from Somova, who also wanted to force them to sell "Arterial" abroad, which is generally beyond reason. We have worked for ten years to help the citizens of Russia, not the French or the Germans.

Vladimir Soloviev: In our studio there is a representative of the pharmacy chain "Pharmastok"

Sergey Davydov. The question is - why did you give up the drug "Arteriale"?

Sergey Davydov: They offered not a business partnership, but some kind of socialism. Sell ​​a drug with a maximum 10% mark-up at a fixed cost. Moreover, they wanted to gradually reduce the purchase price for it by attracting medical funds or state funding. Where does it go? I apologize, of course, but we have a private business. And if the offer is not commercially viable, then we have every right to reject it.

Denis Protsenko: You are not just a private business. The lives of people depend on it. After all, they are the ones who buy your medicines. You are selling drugs that are known to be ineffective, refusing to sell anything that could harm your bottom line. I was personally present at the negotiations and heard your employees say that our Arteriale will bring down the sales of all medicines for heart and hypertension, which account for two-thirds of your profits. It is disgusting and horrible to make money on people's lives!

Vladimir Soloviev: Sergey, can you comment on this somehow?

Sergey Davydov: Not sure if it's worth answering. I can only say that all the drugs we sell have been certified in Russia.If any of them are banned, then we will immediately remove them from sale. But everything is done strictly in accordance with the law. As for the "Arteriale" from the A.L. Myasnikov Research Institute of Clinical Cardiology, as I said, we have a private business. And we cannot be forced to sell something against our will.

Denis Protsenko: While people like Somova worked in the pharmaceutical department, I can imagine how they went through the certification procedure for new drugs. I hope the new leadership will be engaged in, among other things, checking the drugs present.

Vladimir Soloviev: Kirill Mikhailovich, it turns out that "Arterial" is still in the warehouse?

Kirill Utkin: Fortunately, no. We have now moved from sorting out the administrative problems of the previous team to normal work. And we, together with the Research Institute of Clinical Cardiology, have established a direct distribution of "Arteriale".

Moreover, we have reached an agreement on financing its production from the budget, as they originally proposed. The Research Institute of Clinical Cardiology, like the Ministry of Health, is not a commercial structure. This is a scientific and medical institution subordinated to the state. Therefore, he has no goal of making money. On the contrary, they spend money from the budget of the research institute on the production of the drug. Now for the Research Institute of Clinical Cardiology named after A.L. Myasnikov, subventions have been allocated from the state budget for the same purposes. As a result, "Arterial" is distributed, let's face it, FREE OF CHARGE. Considering that the cost of production is about 12 thousand rubles.

Vladimir Soloviev: How can people get it? Where? Why didn't you send him to hospitals?

Kirill Utkin: They did not send them to hospitals for fear of banal theft. In the screenshot that you cited at the very beginning, one of the commentators essentially proposes to steal and sell Arterial abroad. Moreover, he invites the rest to cooperate. By sending him to hospitals, we will release the situation out of control. And as my experience shows, most likely our drug will be given only to those who can pay well for the doctor.

Therefore, the dispensing of the drug is carried out under the strict control of the A.L. Myasnikov Research Institute of Clinical Cardiology, through the official website of the drug. Additionally, each drug shipment is monitored by the Ministry of Health. To get "Arterial", just go to the official website of the drug and leave there a request with your name and phone number.

Vladimir Soloviev: I understand correctly - can any Russian get a drug for free, which costs 17 thousand rubles, and cure his ailing heart?

Kirill Utkin: Yes, every citizen of Russia can leave an application for Arterial and receive it. The drug is free, with a drug cost of 17 thousand per package.

One "but" - this is achieved through subventions from the state budget and finances of the Research Institute of Clinical Cardiology named after A.L. Myasnikov. So far, funding from the Ministry of Health will be enough for a batch of 5,500 packages of the drug. The next batch will be provided solely by funding from the A.L. Myasnikov Research Institute of Clinical Cardiology, and there the price will be much higher. The approximate cost of the next batch will be about 5-6 thousand rubles.

Vladimir Soloviev: But while people can still get the drug for free?

Kirill Utkin: Now from the first batch, there are about 1,500 packages left. Demand is growing exponentially. If on the first day only a hundred packages were dismantled, then on the third day more than a thousand. Therefore, it is difficult to say how long the medicine will be available free of charge. Most likely 1-2 days. Further it will be necessary to expect additional funding from the state budget.

And of course, at the end of such a revealing article, the site offers to order this magical tool through their link:

Especially for our readers, we post a direct application form for a drug under the Ministry of Health's quota.

Important! At the current time, the A.L. Myasnikov Research Institute of Clinical Cardiology has only 44 packages of the drug from the first batch financed from the state budget.

I will also leave a link to the site (presumably it is not the only one, and most likely the addresses will change with an enviable frequency, so the whole point is made in the post).

In order to receive the drug, you must leave your full name and phone number, within 30 minutes the operator will contact you.

The operator called back in just 5 minutes. A girl with a cute voice clarified who I am ordering this drug and asked a couple of questions regarding general well-being:

1) How often does the pressure rise / fall?

2) How long have you suffered from pressure surges?

3) Are there any concomitant diseases such as diabetes, varicose veins, etc.?

Further, I was told what a bad situation I have and how I need this drug and that in just half a year of use it will solve all my problems. However, one pack is not enough for me and I need to order 5 plus 2 more packs of some drops. Two packs go for a 1 ruble promotion with the support of the Ministry of Health, and I have to order 3 packs at a promotional price. As a result, the whole complex will cost me some 7,800 rubles. After I had doubts, I was offered a discount of 1,400 rubles. However, my doubts did not disappear, but the girl found a way out even here! After all, you can order only half of the course, and she will assign the promotion to my phone number for half a year, and during this time I will be able to order this drug at a promotional price. After I refused all her offers, the girl accused me of carelessness and immediately hung up.

After this conversation, I decided to google what kind of "beast" it was and came across an interesting article on the Sovet.OK website.

Arterial blood pressure - Divorce

Scammers are on the alert Money scam, Fraud, Negative, Long post

People with hypertension, be careful! Another divorce has appeared on the network for a super drug from pressure "Arterial" aka "Arteriole". Fraud bait: Arteriale is a natural product! The drug for hypertension - 2019. Award of the Research Institute "Nation-Medica". Bring the pressure back to normal with the Arterial and clean the vessels! INNOVATION AND BREAKTHROUGH IN CARDIOLOGY - GET FOR FREE *

Scammers are on the alert Money scam, Fraud, Negative, Long post

To lure, fraudsters use fake well-known sites where they refer to laws invented by them:

"On January 12, 2020, in the third reading, a law was passed obliging the state to allocate a quota for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases"

Scammers are on the alert Money scam, Fraud, Negative, Long post

Selling pages do so, supposedly - the State budgetary institution "NATIONAL MEDICAL RESEARCH CENTER OF CARDIOLOGY."

Scammers are on the alert Money scam, Fraud, Negative, Long post

It is said that the study was conducted by the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases during 2019.

But you can't fool us so easily, and we know where to look for the truth. Let's turn to official sources.

We check "Arterial" through the Ministry of Health of Russia

Scammers are on the alert Money scam, Fraud, Negative, Long post

It is not in the State Register of Medicines, which means that Arterial is not a registered medicine in Russia.

Checking "Arterial" on the Rospotrebnadzor website

Scammers are on the alert Money scam, Fraud, Negative, Long post

No documents were found, which means that "Arterial" is not even a biologically active dietary supplement

How do they cheat when selling "Arterial"?

The product is distributed only via the Internet, it is impossible to buy "arterial" in real pharmacies, it is not sold. There are no discounts on the site, they will tell you that one pack is free when ordering a whole course from 3000 to 10000 rubles. or that the promotion has already ended.

The goods are sent by cash on delivery without a list of attachments and you cannot check it before payment and then return your money. You may not even receive it in the parcel. And even if you receive it, and then find out that the "arteriole" is a dummy, you will not return anything to anyone and will not show it.

Friends do not get fooled - This is a DIVORCE !!! Be sure to share on social media to help many people who may be scammed! And write reviews in the comments if you become a victim of scammers. And if you are offered medicines on the Internet, read our article: How to check the legality of a medicine, dietary supplement? Do not listen to pseudo doctors from the Internet, consult only your doctor. Be healthy and do not get sick!

Friends, take care of yourself and your loved ones! After all, by ordering and using drugs that are not known what they are, you can lose not only money …

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