What are the forces behind the hybrid war on humanity?
What are the forces behind the hybrid war on humanity?

The coronavirus pandemic has clearly shown that reality has surpassed Orwell's most daring prophecies that a "digital concentration camp" is not a horror story of conspiracy theorists, but an extremely accurate image of a "brave new world." A world in which all the fullness of power will belong undividedly to the elect, and the rest of the mass of human individuals will be totally controlled.

Of course, solely in the name of their own good, their health and safety, as well as the fullest possible satisfaction of their material and spiritual needs. As the saying goes, "everything is in the name of man, everything is for the good of man." Only "people" in this new world will be of different sorts, and each sort will rely on "its own".

In recent years, we have often been intimidated by the coming "New Middle Ages". But it seems that a return to the Middle Ages with his feudal freelancer is not worth even dreaming of. The new world, which is beginning to take on the features of reality right before our eyes, will be much more like the reincarnation of slave-owning Ancient Greece: an efficient economy, prosperous science, culture and art, a developed democracy with a high level of welfare of citizens with the division of people into first and second class, free and slaves.

Taking into account the experience of millennia in the coming new world of slaves, naturally, no one will call slaves. On the contrary, they will sing praises and talk about how all public institutions day and night care about their well-being. But what will certainly return is a collar and a brand in the form of super modern gadgets and high-tech chips.

However, if the plans of Gates, Gref and others like them come true, then we will not see "New Ancient Greece" as our ears. The slave was a thing, and not a man only for the law and the master, but he himself, at the same time, remained a man, did not lose his human nature. The world into which liberal globalists are trying to drive us and lure us no longer provides for such a luxury.

The love of his architects for humanity is so great that they do not agree with anything less than "improving" the terribly imperfect human nature. "Humanism" is the refuge of the retrogrades. "Transhumanism" is a symbol of the coming bright future of humanity.

Therefore, one cannot but agree with the philosopher Vitaly Averyanov, who defined what is happening now as a hybrid war against all "humanity, which is not included in the" diamond larva "of the golden billion." One cannot but agree with him that such a hybrid war "will be most effective and victorious precisely as long as the" enemy "does not realize that the war is being waged against him."

However, the mere understanding that they are waging a war with us, albeit called a hybrid war, is not enough to save us from a digital concentration camp. It is equally important to understand who exactly is waging this hybrid war against humanity. Without this, it is impossible to develop either an effective strategy or effective tactics of struggle, which means that it is impossible to achieve victory.

Professor Valentin Katasonov recently recalled Brzezinski's book "Technotronic Era" published half a century (!) Ago. Here are some excerpts from it:

It should be added to these quotes that the book was not the result of the free play of the mind of Brzezinski, who, due to his genius, was able to predict our present. It is not a prediction or a forecast - it is a plan. Brzezinski wrote it at the request of Rockefeller as a plan for the activities of the Club of Rome for the coming decades.And we admit that the plan he proposed has already been largely implemented.

It should also be noted that the term “technotronic era” itself should not mislead anyone. Brzezinski formulated the contours of the new world order based on the interests of the customer, and not on the requirements and prospects for the development of scientific and technological progress. "Digital" is nothing more than a technology, a tool. It can be used to achieve a variety of goals, and it is not she who determines these goals.

It is significant that at about the same time, Jacques Attali also gave an almost identical image of an ideal new world order, not bothering himself with especially appeals to digital technologies: the world of free individuals ("new nomads"), free from everything - from the Motherland, from the nation, from religion, from family, from gender. A world in which money and only money is the only objective and fair measure of everything and everyone.

Let me remind you that Jacques Attali, like Zbigniew Brzezinski, is not an armchair professor-dreamer, but a politician-practitioner of the highest level. He is a member of the Bilderberg Club, the gray cardinal of all recent French presidents, including the current Macron. It was he who created and was the first director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

It would seem that in connection with all this, it is easy to identify the force that unleashed a hybrid war against humanity - the global elite, the core of which is transnational capital.

Accordingly, it is necessary to fight the "digital concentration camp" first of all on the field of the economy - to radically reform the economic system of the modern world, which has allowed transnational capital to concentrate colossal financial resources and colossal power in its hands over the past half century. As a result of such a reform, transnationals will be deprived of the opportunity to control political processes, and liberal globalism (an ideology expressing the interests of transnational capital) will lose its monopoly in the field of culture, education and information.

The task is difficult, but, despite all the power of transnationals, it can be solved. The evidence is abundant. National capital is beginning to defend its interests everywhere. Even in the citadel of globalism - America, national capital was able to challenge the transnational. And if you believe the optimistic forecast of Vladimir Putin, then the end of the era of liberalism is coming.

However, will the possible, although not obligatory triumph of national capital over transnational capital, and the associated collapse of the ideology of liberal globalism, save humanity from the threat of a digital concentration camp? Will this lead to the end of the "hybrid" war against humanity, aimed at the destruction of the human in the person? Unfortunately no.

The complex of chosenness, the concept of an elected caste standing above humanity, the idea of ​​the initial division of society into architects of the world order and building materials, can be traced for millennia. They are in no way a product of globalization - the economic system that has formed in the last half century with its omnipotence of transnational capital. Likewise, the desire to “free” a person from all natural ties (religion, homeland, nation, family), and ultimately from himself, is by no means the know-how of modern liberals. Suffice it to recall the ideas that spread in the Masonic lodges.

So who, then, is waging a war against humanity and seeking to drive it into a digital concentration camp? The answer to this question is given by I.R.Shafarevich's theory of the Small People and L.N. Gumilyov.

It is easy to predict the reaction to the “Small people”: “again, the Jews are to blame for everything,” “Jews, there are only Jews around,” and so on. etc. Therefore, I hasten to inform you right away that the concepts "Small people" and "Jews" are not synonymous. Small nation is not an ethnic concept, and not even a socio-political concept, but a spiritual one.Yes, in the Russian-Soviet-Russian Small People, Jews played and play a big role, but this does not deny that one of the manifestations of the German Small People was Nazism, which organized the Holocaust. Therefore, the use of the concepts "Small people" and "Jews" as synonyms can be viewed as a manifestation of anti-Semitism and slander against the Jewish nation.

Igor Rostislavovich himself repeatedly spoke about the complete failure of attempts to identify the Small People with the Jews, being surprised at attempts to suspect him of self-censorship: “They decided that I did not risk calling the name“Jews”, but hinting at their role in such a roundabout way. … The relationship of these two concepts was clearly discussed, and when it was about Jewish influence, I wrote so clearly, not hiding behind any other terms. " Book I.R. Shafarevich's "Three-Thousand Years Mystery" is the best proof that he did not use any euphemisms when studying the history of the Jewish people and Russian-Jewish relations.

Having made these absolutely necessary clarifications, let's return to the question of the power that is waging a hybrid war against humanity.

One of the greatest discoveries of I.R. Shafarevich and L.N. Gumilyov is the discovery of the role of feelings in the history of mankind, including the feeling of hatred. It is quite widely believed that economic and political interests, class and ideological contradictions are serious, thorough, they must be taken into account and investigated, and feelings cannot be approached. "Loves - does not love, press it to the heart, spit, kiss - send to hell." Some kind of woman's sentimentality, which has no place in the study of global historical processes and phenomena. But, as these two great Russian thinkers proved, everything is much more serious.

I.R. Shafarevich wrote: “The last centuries have greatly narrowed the range of those concepts that we are able to use when discussing historical and social issues. We easily recognize the role of economic factors or political interests in the life of society, we cannot but recognize (albeit with some bewilderment) the role of interethnic relations, we agree, at worst, not to ignore the role of religion - but mainly as a political factor, for example, when religious discord manifests itself in civil wars. In fact, apparently, much more powerful forces of a spiritual nature operate in history - but we are not even capable of discussing them, our "scientific" language does not grasp them. Namely, it depends on them whether life is attractive to people, whether a person can find his place in it, it is they who give people strength (or deprive them). It is from the interaction of such spiritual factors that, in particular, this mysterious phenomenon is born: "The Small People".

In turn, L.N. Gumilev, researching the causes of ethnic catastrophes over the past two millennia, proved that the direction of human activity is determined by the deep layers of the psyche - the attitude. People give all of themselves to the service of any cause (it can be constructive or destructive), often guided not by ideas, but by ideals, often not even clearly conscious of their attitude to the world around them. Moreover, L.N. Gumilyov introduced into circulation the concept of "negative attitude", in which the main motive of human activity is hatred of the world around him, the desire to destroy it.

It is this social force, generated by a negative attitude, I.R. Shafarevich called it “Small people”. “The fundamental property of the Small People,” he wrote, “which is sometimes promoted to attract supporters, and sometimes is hidden, is fiercely denied as a terrible secret of the whole concept, namely thatthe only driving force of any Small people is the desire for destruction and hatred of existing life(emphasis mine - I.Sh.) ".

A negative attitude gives rise to the ancestral features of the Small People, unchanged over the centuries.

Subsequently, such an audience usually likes to shrug their shoulders in sorrow and bewildered: "They set their sights on communism (tsarism), but ended up in Russia." If everything in the United States develops on the increase, then there will soon appear those who want to absolve themselves of responsibility for the national catastrophe with this sacramental phrase: "They aimed at racism, but ended up in America."

As you can see, with such ancestral properties unchanging over time, the Small People (the mechanism of its formation is a special conversation) simply cannot but find itself in a state of "hybrid war" with humanity. In this war, it must be admitted, he won victories more than once, but he could never win (otherwise “a digital concentration camp would not be needed).

Globalization, technological progress, digital technologies have brought the confrontation to a qualitatively new and dangerous level. Today it no longer seems like an exaggeration that L.N. Gumilev devoted his main work - "Ethnogenesis and the biosphere of the Earth", to "the great cause of protecting the natural environment from antisystems" (he considered the small people as an antisystem opposed to nature and man).

The theory of the Small People and the theory of anti-systems, not only reveal the power that wages war with humanity, but also provide the key to protection from the "digital concentration camp".

The resignation of Gref, the isolation of Gates, the elimination of power, already almost omnipotence, of transnational capital - we must fight for this and all this must be achieved. It will be a victory and a big, one might say huge, victory. But we must also understand that this will be a tactical victory.

Instead of Gref, with Gates and Soros in addition, others will be nominated, and the "digital concentration camp" will be built not under the slogans of liberal globalism, but under the slogans of left-wing globalism - Trotskyism. The small people will change some of the pieces on the board, and once again change the banners. (Note how actively leftist ideas are being used and promoted in America).

What is to be done strategically? First, to realize that it is impossible to completely get rid of the Small People - a negative attitude was, is and will be, "it can be considered as an element of the psyche of all mankind" (I.R. Shafarevich), which means that the Small People will constantly reproduce and constantly lead "Hybrid war" against humanity.

However, it does not at all follow from this that he cannot “file his fangs”. What is necessary for this - the Small People itself speaks in almost open text. Everywhere and always he strives to destroy the spiritual values ​​of peoples, to deprive them of traditions, to destroy religions, states, nations and families.

Only in societies where there are masses of "Ivan, Jones and Murads who do not remember kinship" Small people get the opportunity to develop.

A simple analogy. Viruses were, are and will be. The virus that caused the disease of the body must be destroyed with an antibiotic. But in order not to get sick constantly and not constantly drink antibiotics (which will inevitably destroy your body and bring you to the grave), you need to strengthen the immune system, take care of your health. This is exactly what the algorithm for confronting the Small People and its next Utopia - the "digital concentration camp" should be like.

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