The series "Chiki" - the anthem of Russophobes and feminists
The series "Chiki" - the anthem of Russophobes and feminists

When it already seems that our film industry has fallen to the bottom, someone is sure to knock from below. This time the knock came from the "light-faced director" Eduard Oganesyan, who, using the money raised by producer Fyodor Bondarchuk, made a series about "this terrible country" with "these wild people", the troubles of Russian prostitutes and the experiences of a young homosexual called "Chiki".

Moreover, all this wonderful mixture is served along with an advertisement for an NGO - a foreign agent and is accompanied by vigorous obscenities, dirt, bandits and other attributes that, according to Moscow authors, are mandatory for the Russian hinterland. After the release of the first episodes, which can be easily watched on Youtube without any restrictions at all, parents bombarded with messages from the Public Commissioner for the Protection of the Family, who in turn demands to bring the creators of the series to administrative responsibility.

While the people were discussing the amendments to the Constitution and listening to the president talking about the importance of upbringing and family values, the team of the American journalist from the Russian State Duma Oksana Pushkina with the participation of the "Grefian devil" Fyodor Bondarchuk decided to come from the other side and encourage the population to stand up for "European values" in a united crowd. The ears of Pushkina and her feminist friends and foreign agents are visible due to the constant advertising of the telephone for the “center for women victims of domestic violence“Anna”, which, if anyone has forgotten, is a foreign agent. It was this agency center that promoted the RLS law, telling that all white Russian men only do what they scoff at poor women. In addition, the media have already reported that the series will be used on and on social networks to draw attention to the Consortium of Women's Non-Governmental Organizations, an association that has taken under its wing feminist and women's human rights organizations.

That is, it is not even in the form of some hidden advertising, but the Russians are told in white that the film is custom-made and is designed to promote the ideals of feminists, and with them homosexuals. Unfortunately for Hovhannisyan and the team, they removed their opus before the Negro pogroms, or even the already obsolete skinheads would appear in the film. However, let's not anticipate - the power of the author's thought is such that it can even come to this - like a Russian, but without racism.

And now, in fact, about the film itself. It starts very "classically" - a long-distance trucker drives along a broken-down rural road, drinking vodka on the way, not giving a damn that he will lose his driver's license at the very first post. But this is "light-faced Russia", where all truckers must necessarily be drunks. Further, we are shown a certain small southern town, where three Russian prostitutes make their living by "hard work" along the highway in a brothel: Sveta, Marina and Lyudka. Although the actions seem to be taking place either in the Caucasus or nearby, prostitutes, of course, the Russians - for the Armenian "heroine" Oganesyan could have finished before he finished filming his serial. And Russian girls to the Oganesians can be in the mud. Life for women with a lack of social responsibility is really hard. There are “toxic bastards” all around who beat and mock them. And then on the red Mini Cooper, the fourth colleague in the shop returns to them, who has visited - you will not believe, in the “temple of freedom and morality” - Moscow, where everyone around is not drunks and cattle, but beautiful young homosexuals with wings and no less young "successful ladies" who made themselves.The lady's name is, of course, Zhanna, and her surname, apparently, is D'Ark, not otherwise. And she brought a “great idea” to this dirty remote place - to take out a bank loan and open her own fitness club.

Why a fitness club is needed in a fly-covered town, where the only work is selling watermelons, fake vodka and prostitution, and who will work there, when since 2016 it is forbidden by law to work as a trainer-instructor of any sports club without the appropriate education and certificates, one can only guess … Apparently the authors of the script decided that opening a cafe, for example, is not Moscow-style, but a fitness club for the provinces is practically a miniature Yeltsin Center, a light at the end of the tunnel.

The series "Chiki" - the anthem of Russophobes and feminists

Together with the idea of ​​"enlightenment" in the form of the correct swing of the pop, Zhanna brought with her a son with an incomprehensible sexual orientation. The young man is not noticed either in studies, or in sports, or in any other useful activity - but under the approval of a prostitute mother, the boy changes into a girl, puts on makeup, so at a certain moment the question arises - did the mother attract her son to "part-time jobs" so to speak, according to their main occupation.

Of course, the girls would easily organize their business and start pumping priests to everyone, but they are disturbed by the eternally drunk, bearded, smelly, feisty wild ones, or vice versa - absolutely weak-willed Russians and not only, but men. The rest of the series tells how these same "wild Russians" mock poor, mentally beautiful ladies without social responsibility. Moreover, there is not even one storyline, rather a cut of beatings, mat, dirt, flies, tearful conversations with dreams and wild men.

In general, one gets the feeling that the author and director, who are one and the same face of Oganesyan, have collected all possible clichés about “this wild Rashka” and pushed them into the series. And it was this rubbish that was played in advertisements on state channels, and the capital's media, just in kisses and delight, vied with each other that this is how they represented the outback and Russian men. Novaya Gazeta, Meduza, Ekho Moskvy and about a hundred other similar publications published interviews with the "stars", youth bloggers exhausted the oil. And people watched the show - the first episode collected over 5 million views.

And then, moving away from the shock, the question arose - what was it? Why the hell is this chernukha with obscenities, prostitutes and homosexuals in general exposed for open viewing? So that more children can watch? Then maybe right away - on the channel "Carousel" to start twisting this series? As a result, as representatives of the Public Ombudsman for the Protection of the Family reported, they received a wave of requests asking them to assess this “film masterpiece”. And here is this assessment with the requirement to bring the creators to administrative responsibility.

The series "Chiki" - the anthem of Russophobes and feminists
The full text of the statement can be found here

For our part, we note that in the outback we have enough troubles, only instead of going out, the authors of the series and their curators offer a pit in the cemetery. This film did not show anything new. Those who are now over 40 remember perfectly well the wave of chernukha against the people in the late 80s, when the “Soviet cattle” was shown as poorly as possible against the background of a beautiful picture from Hollywood. And the call was the same - we need to break the mentality and we will live … And after all, they broke - first the mentality, then the country, and then they cut each other as they began, so that the wars in the former USSR still do not subside. But for some reason, only those who called for the most healed, and the rest went to write-off, as "who did not fit into the market."

Since then, 30 years have passed, they seem to have changed their minds, even amendments to the American one, the Constitution was adopted. And only from us they demanded to "break the mentality" in order to become feminists and homosexuals, in every sense of the word, in exchange for the mythical "As in the West", and they offer it. The funny thing is that those who are supposedly "for the state" are now proposing. And all who are against their wet dreams, they represent forever drunk, angry and do not understand "true values".Who, with their eternal dissatisfaction and speeches, do not allow them to boast at PACE meetings and get a carrot from Western foundations.

In 2008, the Information Security Foundation published a small report in which it concluded that Hollywood is the main instrument for changing the basis of values ​​of our society along the Western lines, and described the technology of shaping the modern Russian film market.

The plot is about those who praise such films in the Russian media:

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