The True Chronology of the Ancient World
The True Chronology of the Ancient World

The chronology that we all know was not always there. Back in the early 19th century, all the textbooks that existed at that time had a slightly different chronology.

Book: Vavilov, Pavel Afanasevich. A precious gift for children, or the New and Complete Encyclopedic Russian Alphabet: Containing all the necessary and useful knowledge for children and other people of some age and rank.: With 5 vignettes and 15 artfully engraved paintings. - Moscow: In the Reshetnikov printing house, 1818. - [4], 190 p.: ill., tab., [15] fol. ill.; 8 ° (21 cm). Cens.: M.M. Snegirev, May 27, 1818

This is such a small censored textbook of social studies. There's even the name of the censor at the end. And what does it say about history?

Back then, the Bible was an indistinguishable part of history. Along with her gods, angels, demons and archangels, the Greek and Roman gods were also there. It is simply not mentioned here. And so Hercules and Saturn and Janus were part of the common history of the World.

Book: Kuras Gilmar Introduction to General History / published in German by Gilmar Kuras; and translated into Russian by the chancellery of the Academy of Sciences by the secretary Sergei Volchkov. - The second stamping printed - St. Petersburg: printed at the Imperial Academy of Sciences, 1747.

Saturn and sons.

Janus, who ruled in Rome and then numbered among the gods.

And here God himself buries Moses. God was also an integral part of history, so where can we go without him?

The Tale of Bygone Years begins with the Flood. And then it says that the Slavs were descended from one of the sons of Noah. Actually, then all the peoples of Europe were descended from him. Well, from whom else? All other people died in the flood, and that was part of the official story.

Go ahead.

Those. all the same, our ancestors did not know what was before the Greeks. What they did not hesitate to talk about. But already in the 19th century, the then scientists filled this gap and began to clearly know: what, how, with whom and in what position, happened before the Greeks. It is possible that the local time machine was invented then.

The flood here is local, Greek, if anyone does not understand.

All the same, our ancestors possessed secret knowledge. For example, they knew exactly when the creation of the world took place. But we have already lost this knowledge. It's a pity.

This is the true chronology of the Ancient World. Now at school we are teaching the New Chronology, which was invented by historians in the 19th century. And I'm sure it's not final. Now we, ordinary people, have access to scanned historical books and documents. And there is often a different story. So, it is possible that in this century there will be another version of the Chronology.

And so on without end and beginning.

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