Coronavirus Puppet Theater
Coronavirus Puppet Theater

It is this song from the mid-70s of the then quite adequate Andrei Makarevich that I remember every time I have to watch the broadcast of the riots that first swept America, and then spread to the Netherlands, Spain, France, Argentina, Great Britain, Germany and even Greece, where In principle, the racial problem has never been.

At first, many saw this as a kind of "deja vu" - a repetition of the "color riot" in Los Angeles in 1992. Then, too, it all began with the arrest of a black Rodney King, who was on parole and was accused of robbery, assault, beatings and other "pranks". The police "overdid it", beating him with truncheons, someone timely filmed it and published it. Well, after the court actually acquitted the cops, thousands of black men poured into the streets and staged protest rallies, which quickly escalated into riots, pogroms, ransacking shops and "hunting whites." Very soon, local "Latinos" and even some of the white unemployed joined the "holiday of disobedience". It all ended with the introduction of troops and the National Guard. Result: 5, 5 thousand houses burned and looted, 65 killed, 2,000 wounded, 12 thousand arrested and … 3, 8 - a million compensation from the police to Rodney King, from which it all began.

However, despite the obvious external similarity of the first stage, the current "riot pandemic" has become a fundamentally different phenomenon. And the main difference is the undoubted presence of an organizing and planning center, which has a huge financial and information resource and solves its far-reaching tasks.

If in search of the beneficiary, and therefore the direct customer of the riots, you ask yourself the traditional question "cui prodest?" ("Who benefits?"), The first suspect will undoubtedly be the US Democratic Party. It is easy to see that those who today constitute the absolute majority of rioters and pogromists constitute … the traditional electorate of democrats: blacks, Latinos, sex minorities, feminists, environmentalists, "leftists" like the notorious "Antifa" and other aggressive minorities united by a common goal - to dominate, imposing their will on the majority, and to elevate their views to the category of the generally accepted norm.

The goal of the Democratic Party and its obsession is to topple Trump. Now the right moment has come for this: the US economy, on the development of which Trump was betting and creating new jobs, thanks to quarantine measures against the ill-fated coronavirus, collapsed almost like during the Great Depression. There are about forty million unemployed in the country, and even more are dissatisfied with the quarantine introduced by the authorities. It's high time to recruit them into the ranks of the protesters, proposing openly populist slogans like “Black lives are important” (and whoever argued with that ?!) and playing on the trend “The authorities are to blame for everything”, which is traditional for any crisis.

Add to this the strongest blow to the psyche inflicted on the nation, which is inevitable during long-term quarantine imprisonment, which also plays into the hands of the organizers of the riots, because it provokes aggression in people, searches for an enemy and a desire to disobey. Well, and of course, nobody canceled the desire to rob shops on the quiet with impunity. It remains to give all these components the necessary synergy and direct them in the right direction. Well, and, of course, give the crowd of professional provocateurs organizing it, for whom, even if they are caught by the police, anonymous well-wishers immediately make a deposit.

Why did black Americans become the "driving force behind the revolution"? In the United States, as you know, racial inequality was officially ended in the 60s. However, subsequently, in the wake of the imposition of attitudes towards "tolerance", this good deed degenerated into its opposite - "racial segregation on the contrary", when all the advantages began to be provided to various kinds of minorities to the detriment of the rights of the majority. The essence of this policy is most clearly reflected in the famous joke: "In the United States, the most protected and privileged citizen is a black woman with disabilities of non-traditional sexual orientation."

As a result, on the one hand, white traditionalists (Trump's support) feel discriminated against by the majority in their own country, on the other, a whole generation of black Americans has grown up who piously believe that they are a privileged part of the population and "whites owe them." However, this reality does not correlate in any way with the relative poverty and low social status of most of them, which is perceived as an obvious injustice. Although here one should take into account the "intolerant" fact that many blacks like living on welfare without working, especially since such a life fits well into their unspoken paradigm "whites owe us, so let them pay us." As a result, the level of criminalization in the "black" areas of American cities, where it is often unsafe for a white person to even appear, is off the charts. Thus, America, which miserably failed the project of the "melting pot" advertised by it, has itself nurtured a "revolutionary class" within itself. And, of course, the Democratic Party will not fail to use it as a detonator for a powerful explosion, followed by a shift in emphasis from racial to social and political.

Interestingly, the current process is under the main slogan "Black Lives Matter", which, strictly speaking, is downright racist: because it turns out that only black lives are important to the protesters, and nobody else's. However, such "trifles" do not in the least confuse all other supporters of protests in different countries of the world, because "protecting the rights of blacks" for them is just a formal reason for rebellion against everything that does not suit them. And many things do not suit people today, especially after the "quarantine" measures that destroyed their usual life and dashed hopes for the future.

What is especially interesting, the epidemic of protests, fueled by the media, has already spread to Europe, uniting in the actions of “countering police arbitrariness” all the same categories of society: “colored people” who settled in Europe, fighters for the rights of various minorities, leftists and “antifa” of all stripes and that kind of public, which, like a virus sleeping in the body, crawls out and gives complications whenever, due to some circumstances, state immunity weakens. And today, against the backdrop of coronavirus hysteria and "quarantine" measures that destroyed the economy, it fell in almost all countries.

By the way, about the epidemic. At the very early stage of the epidemic in the United States, there was a clash of two different approaches to responding to it. One was championed by President Trump, who wanted to minimize quarantine measures that could ruin the economy. Another is the main American infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci (to whom his former employees are credited with developing, transferring to China and the subsequent leakage of Covid-19), who insisted on the total and complete isolation of citizens. That is, in fact, the plan was advanced, which was developed under Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld initially - to isolate foreign military bases in the event of a biological attack from China (!), But then expanded to the entire US population, although it has not yet been applied. This plan, we note, surprisingly coincides with the CIA report 12 years ago about a probable terrible worldwide epidemic that began … from China.I personally hardly believe in the chance of such coincidences.

At the same time, today most of the planet's population, driven to despair by "quarantines" and informational psychosis, ceases to believe not only in the "natural" origin of the coronavirus and its allegedly unprecedented danger, but also in the fact that the goal of the campaign of all kinds of restrictions launched around it is to fight the disease. and not some shadowy interests of various elites. Even in the United States itself, a lot of serious experts and public figures argue that Covid-19 is artificial and launched to topple Trump a few months before the elections.

It may not be possible to topple, but it is quite possible to undermine the image of a “strong leader” capable of saving the country and making it “No. 1” again. And now, almost all "mainstream" American media (mostly controlled by Democrats) act as outright provocateurs of riots, not only justifying and advertising the rebels, but also actually telling them where to go and what to do, as well as making them appear almost nationwide support. In parallel with this, a number of influential media outlets, including those controlled by the Democrats, began to forcefully promote the hitherto unremarkable Vice President Michael Pence, presenting him as a "compromise" figure at least in the 2024 elections, which, unlike Trump, would suit both Republicans and Democrats.

Another serious blow to Trump could be dealt by his emerging split with the military, whom he intended to involve in an extreme case to end the unrest on the basis of the US "law on insurrection." At first, former Defense Minister James Mettis, who once resigned because of disagreement with Trump over a more pragmatic relationship with NATO and the planned withdrawal of American troops from Syria, is openly opposed to the president. The general, who remains very popular in the military, accuses the president of nothing more and nothing less than a deliberate effort to split American society. Other retired generals made similar statements.

An even more unpleasant surprise for Trump was the fact that the current Defense Secretary Mark Esper actually spoke out against his Supreme Commander-in-Chief, saying that he did not support the application of the "Law on Insurrection" at the moment, since "the use of military personnel in the role of law enforcement is possible only as extreme measures and only in the most difficult and emergency situations, but now the situation is different. " True, after visiting the White House, which was recently almost plundered by a protesting crowd, he apparently somewhat adjusted his position and suspended the withdrawal from the city of military units previously deployed there to help the police.

In this regard, it is recalled that as early as January 31, the day after WHO declared the outbreak of coronavirus an "emergency event", the same Esper issued an order that the US Northern Command should be ready for the possible introduction ", Providing for the transfer of power to the military and" parallel government ". The basis for the introduction of which may be the incapacity or death of three top officials of the state - the president, vice president and chairman of the House of Representatives.

Moreover, this system really exists, its last clarifications were signed by Obama and were detailed until the last day before Trump's arrival. Moreover, the system has already been tested once: in 2001, when the Boeings demolished two New York skyscrapers, for 12 hours the United States was ruled by a military rank - Richard Clarke - the head of anti-terrorist operations. Thus, a completely real situation is the possibility of introducing "continuous management" in the event of some kind of emergency - be it a coronavirus epidemic or, for example, a civil war …

The most unpleasant thing for President Trump is that the army not only includes many of his voters, but also has serious authority in the eyes of his traditional electorate.Therefore, a front in the army (despite the fact that people like the same Mattis are very authoritative today) can seriously undermine the position of the president among his traditional supporters, especially if the media will present this fact as "the army went over to the side of the people." …

Let us recall at least our own history. February 1917, there is no trace of any "revolutionary situation" (according to Lenin) in Russia. And suddenly an ordinary social conflict arises over the untimely delivered bread. It is supported by the press, 90% of which is bought up by big business striving for political power and in opposition to the government. Almost instantly, separate rear units, the "progressive community" and the majority of the State Duma, which had been processed by the agitators, went over to the side of the "insurgent people". And at the moment when the troops remain the only force capable of quickly crushing the mutiny in the rear of the belligerent army (let's not forget that the First World War was going on!), The military command unexpectedly amicably refuses to obey the emperor, in fact, takes him under arrest and demands renunciation.

As you can see, adjusted for time and Russian specifics, the similarity in technology is quite impressive. As with many "color revolutions" we know today. So today we are talking, if not about organizing a full-fledged revolution in the United States, then at least about its dress rehearsal. Trump is unambiguously shown that in his pursuit of national politics to the detriment of the ideas of globalization, he has gone too far and are demonstrating their mobilization capabilities (and not only in the United States) in terms of street activity, an information and propaganda campaign, the recruitment of security officials and "opinion leaders" …

Here again, ask ourselves “cui prodest?” And again the Democratic Party of the United States will be the first on the list of suspects. Indeed, thanks to the riots that swept the country and the increasingly voiced prophecies about the impending "second civil war," Trump is put in a very difficult position. He is torn between the need to maintain the image of "the tough guy who has everything under control" and the fear of shedding enough blood during the suppression of unrest to be known as the "Donald Bloody", which will certainly play the Democrats in the next elections. The Democrats, however, receive a political gesheft in any development of events: either they declare Trump a "weakling", unable to protect the white inhabitants who voted for him from the pogromists, or - a bloody dictator shooting peaceful civil protests.

However, it would be unacceptable naivety to regard only the struggle of the Democratic Party against Trump for political power as the root cause of everything that is happening. For the Democratic Party (as well as the Republican Party) are only tools in the hands of the true masters of America - those who hold "world money" in their hands and appoint presidents and prime ministers in most countries of the world.

The development of the situation in the world requires urgent action from them right now. The long-awaited crisis of the world system of "financial capitalism", for which the coronavirus served only as an information cover for an objectively inevitable failure, inevitably leads to radical changes in the entire world order. At the same time, no one is going to save the sinking Titanic, which I (and I am not the only one) wrote about 10 years ago: the struggle is for the boats in which we will be saved.

And here only two options are real. Or - conditionally "nationalistic", leading to a multipolar world and the formation of a number of "centers of crystallization" professing the primacy of national interests and implementing their own civilizational projects. Or - the transformation of the world into a single large market, with the disappearance of national states and a number of other system-forming principles that have survived (family, religion, national culture, etc.) and the transition of all power to "international bodies", de facto controlled by a narrow group owners of world money, thus becoming the owners of all the markets and resources of the planet.

Plans of this kind, consistently implemented by powerful closed transnational structures, have long been spoken about by many.

James Warburg, son of the founder of the Council on Foreign Relations (1950): "We will have a world government, whether you like it or not."

David Rockefeller, who was considered the head of the closed "Bilderberg Club" (1993): "The supranational sovereignty of the intellectual elite and the bankers of the world is undoubtedly more preferable than the national self-determination practiced in the past centuries."

Henry Kissinger, Bilderberg Member (1992): “Today, Americans will be outraged if UN troops enter Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful … if they are told that there was a threat from the outside, real or propagandized, and threatening our existence."

It is difficult to say whether these people spoke similar words or are only ascribed to them. But one thing is certain - they COULD say so. One can, of course, consider all this to be unreliable "conspiracy" versions, but not only a number of evidences, but the entire history of recent times, all events taking place in the world make it possible to assert that powerful transnational forces interested in transforming the world according to the globalist scenario really exist and act exactly in this direction.

The technology for achieving the desired result is the creation of "controlled chaos" leading to a civil war of all against all, a complete decline in the authority of state institutions and a humanitarian catastrophe. That is, bringing humanity to a state where it itself will agree to abandon national states, from any rights and freedoms in exchange for personal security.

The preliminary preparation of public opinion for such a future has been going on for a long time and very actively. So, in 2000, the Humanist Manifesto-2000 was published, supported, by the way, by ten (!) Nobel laureates. Who, among other things, insisted on the development of international legislation, priority in relation to the laws of individual countries and argued that "if we intend to solve our global problems, then individual states will be obliged to delegate part of their national sovereignty to the system of transnational power." The active formation of NGOs in support of such a future of humanity is being actively pursued (and financed) in a number of countries, including Russia. In which, by the way, even today a number of media outlets actually support and advertise the protests in a hidden form, although they mask it with alleged criticism of “white racism in America”.

However, topple Trump this time is unlikely to succeed, because the unbelted rebellious crowds on the streets enable him to mobilize his electorate on the idea of ​​"law and order" and still win the election. However, a second wave can easily follow - no, not coronavirus, but artificially created chaos. After all, problems with the economy, and therefore with the social sphere, will only grow in the near future, the liberal media will continue to pour out streams of dirt on Trump, and the minorities who taste the blood will be in full readiness to take to the streets again at the first signal. And then any pretext that is as easy to organize as the "chemical attack in Syria" can become the detonator of the "orange revolution" in America itself, which will easily develop into the age-old nightmare of the Americans - a civil war. With the lawlessness on the streets, the impotence of the police and the national guard, with the treacherous "neutrality" of the army, the "white Protestants" themselves will take up arms, and then no one will seem little …

A civil war in one of the nuclear powers, be it Russia, China or the United States, is the best reason to send some "UN troops" into the country at the request of alarmed humanity to take control of nuclear arsenals and nuclear power plants, and at the same time many other things.Plus, a civil war is always a humanitarian catastrophe for the population, and “international forces” will also be involved in this (deliver food, deploy hospitals). It was then that the desperate population would say itself: "Let anyone come and own us, just to feed us and stop this nightmare!" this is where the very "international structures" will appear on the scene, for which it will not be difficult for them to end the chaos they have created and governed. Thus, the dream of planetary revolutionaries of the undivided power of "world government" will come true.

Isn't that why the invisible "puppeteers" started the whole current performance with the participation of various puppets?

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