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Ideological corruption of science: US shuts down gender research
Ideological corruption of science: US shuts down gender research

A few days ago, the Russian media was bypassed by a strikingly frank article by theoretical physicist and professor at the University of Arizona Lawrence Krauss entitled "The Ideological Corruption of Science." It was abundantly quoted, but it seems that almost no one understood what kind of phenomenon it actually describes with such horrifying details and details and why it was suddenly published by one of the mouthpieces of globalism - The Wall Street Journal.

Let's briefly recall what Krauss wrote about in his confession article, the subtitle of which sounds no less intriguing: "In American laboratories and universities, the spirit of Trofim Lysenko suddenly awoke." Its main line is as follows:

… for fear of accusations of racism, entire scientific fields are beginning to close in the United States, in particular, the study of races and gender differences. Scientists are fired, they, without waiting for a wolf ticket to be handed over to them, scatter themselves, the laboratories are sealed. Even the natural sciences, which are compulsory for every student - physics, astronomy, mathematics - have come under attack.

And all this is because in these spheres there are very few black scientists and teachers, and the subject of teaching and research, as practice shows, can be demagogically passed off as "racism" for political purposes with tremendous ease. The explanation for this is simple: since blacks stay away from this, it means that they are "humiliated" there, and this is "racism". Since the sciences themselves are manifestations of "racism", they should be prohibited. We, Russians, are completely alien to such logic, and I will explain below why, but in the USA they often reason this way. Krauss's article is a rare exception so far.

The second most important topic raised by the scientist (and US President Donald Trump and his right-wing conservative supporters have long sounded the alarm on this) is the dominance of left-liberal censorship in the American education system, and now science is absolutely totalitarian, hysterical, intolerant of any dissent.

These two problems are closely intertwined, dramatically increasing the cumulative negative effect.

In recent years, and especially after the assassination of George Floyd by the police, says Krauss, academics everywhere have begun to censor any dissent and to fire leading professors if someone claims their research supports unjust oppression.

This “someone” primarily means pupils and students.

Specific examples

Krauss is not unfounded and backs up his claims with examples, which in fact are much more.

The American Physical Society (APS), which unites 55 thousand physicists around the world, approved the so-called. "strike for black life", stopping teaching exact sciences in academic institutions for a day. And not to protest against violence or racism by the police, but to "eradicate racism and discrimination in scientific circles", because even "physics is no exception." National laboratories and university science departments joined the strike, and the prestigious science journal Nature published an article titled "Ten Simple Rules for Building an Anti-racist Laboratory."

At the University of Michigan, employees protested against physicist Stephen Huey, who conducted research in the field of computational genomics, that is, he studied how human genetics could be related to his cognitive abilities. He tried, one might say, to understand why there are so many blacks among athletes and so few among scientists? Colleagues were not stopped by the fact that Xu himself is a native of China, and the Chinese for a long time in the United States suffered from no less racism than blacks. The scientist was forced to retire within a week.


An article by theoretical physicist and professor at the University of Arizona Lawrence Krauss under the heading "The Ideological Corruption of Science" was published by one of the mouthpieces of globalism - The Wall Street Journal. Screenshot of page

At Princeton, more than a hundred professors, including over forty in science and technology, wrote an open letter to the president of this prestigious university, demanding "to destroy the hierarchies that perpetuate inequality." This requirement included the creation of a "commissariat" that "would investigate racist behavior and racist research and publications." Each faculty, including the faculties of mathematics, physics, astronomy and other sciences, was required to establish an award for research that "actively combats racism in our society."

Such calls for witch-hunts, which reward snitches and schemers, lead dozens of scientists in the United States to cancel seminars, withdraw articles, and stop research in areas that could provoke racist allegations and persecution.

Soon after Stephen Sui resigned, writes Krauss, the authors of the psychology study were asked to withdraw their publication due to the "misuse" of their article, as journalists claim their article contradicts the popular belief that police forces are racist. … As a cosmologist, I can say that if we recalled all articles on cosmology that were distorted by journalists, we would be left without cosmology.

Not only in the USA

The author of the article gives frightening examples from the life of other Western countries that are infected with the same disease. For example, one "distinguished chemist from Canada" has argued in favor of merit-based evaluation of scientific achievement, as well as against hiring scientists on the basis of equality if it results in "discrimination against the most worthy candidates." For these "heretical" views, he was convicted by the university vice-chancellor, his article on organic synthesis research was removed from the scientific journal's website, and two editors working on the article were suspended. An Italian physicist working at the Large Hadron Collider International Laboratory, CERN, was forced to resign from his position in the laboratory because he suggested that the apparent disparity between males and females in physics might not necessarily be related to sexism.

Widespread fear

All this, Krauss points out, leads scientists even in the exact sciences to become afraid: "They see what happened to scientists who contradicted. They see researchers lose funding if they cannot explain how their research will fight against racism or sexism. " The conclusion from this is as follows:

Whenever science is corrupted, becoming a victim of ideology, scientific progress suffers … demands of political trends.

Inevitable analogies

Yes, there was such a country in the world where every cook had to learn how to run the state, whose leaders, as H.G. Wells wrote in his book about his trip to Soviet Russia in 1919, “are capable of prohibiting the teaching of, say, chemistry, if they are not convinced, that this is some kind of special, "proletarian" chemistry. This country became a great scientific power again when it abandoned the nonsense that is now advancing on the Western world with the replacement of the word "proletarian" with the word "black" or "minority" and the replacement of one form of oppression with another.


The imposed unanimity in the United States makes punishment inevitable for any dissident. Therefore, many are in a hurry to show their loyalty. Photo: Imagespace / Globallookpress

The lively response in scientific and generally thinking circles to Krauss's appeal, dozens, if not hundreds of such stories that surfaced during this, confirm: there is a hit in the top ten. Because famous American historians should not praise and give advice on the demolition of monuments, approve of pogroms and street violence, while others should not spread such messages anonymously on the Internet: “Personally, I do not dare to speak out against the BLM agenda … Unanimity imposed by the university administration, professors, corporations and the media, makes punishment inevitable for any dissident … I am sure that if I sign this letter with my name, I will lose my job and all future works … ".

It's the same in business

However, maybe we are talking only about science, which promises the Western world the dark ages tomorrow, but not today? Not at all. The trends are the same in business.

A prime example was the announcement by the head of the international media holding NBCUniversal, Caesar Conde, that the proportion of white male employees in the company would be reduced from the current 74% to 50%. The other half should be women of color and women. The company's management admits that the proportion of white men could fall below one-fourth of its employees, although this is completely contrary to the spirit and letter of the 1964 US Civil Rights Act and legislation in general.

Sensation? Not at all. In the United States, everyone has long known that if a white and a black apply for an open vacancy, they will take the latter, even if he is less qualified, in order to avoid screaming about racism. And if you need to fire someone, then this time, of course, it will be white. No one will see racism in his dismissal.

Wildness and madness

Expansion is coming for other minorities as well. There are already companies that have announced a quota for homosexual employees - at least 3%. The "Diversity" and "Inclusion" policy advertised by all Western companies implies all this. And now they also openly collect money for the international pogrom movement Black Lives Matter ("Black lives matter"), the co-founder of which - the aspiring Canadian "scientist" Yusra Hogali - teaches:

White people are recessive genetic defects … White skin is a subhuman abnormality.

This turned inside out Nazism is preached by an "anti-racist educator and black feminist poet" who is preparing to defend a "degree in social justice research." She is not at all afraid that she will be kicked out of the university for such speeches, knowing that they will kick out someone who has the courage to say: "All lives matter."


Prison threatens not black mobs, the crowd of which tore down the gate and broke into the private land of Mark and Patricia McCloskey to vandalize their home in St. Louis, Missouri. According to the law, they had the right to open fire on those who encroached on their private property, but they only stood in the way of the pogromists with weapons in their hands. Now these whites, who saved their home from destruction by a black crowd on their land, face up to four years in prison. "It is illegal to brandish weapons in a threatening manner in front of peaceful protesters," said St. Louis Attorney Kimberly Gardner, a militant feminist of color and supporter of Democrats.

This narrow-minded lady feels like she is on a horse: life will become better, life will become more fun. She clearly believes that black billionaire Robert Johnson, who voiced the $ 14 trillion that white America has to pay in compensation for years of slavery to blacks, will get it, and his idea of ​​compensation, coupled with the repentance of white Americans for "their own fault" will be recognized at the state level - when the Democrats win the elections, to use the words of their candidate for the seat of the owner of the White House, Joe Biden, Trump's "first racist". For this she does her best and works in her post that presupposes neutrality. As it seems to her.

Why did Russian Americans not succumb to psychosis?

Enough. There are enough examples. There are tens of thousands of them. It is perfectly visible that half of America has gone mad and lives in an illusory world, in a world of rampant racism and disgusting discrimination of normal people. At the same time, almost all immigrants from Russia, of whom there are many in the United States, retained their intelligence and clear consciousness. Why?

For two main reasons. Firstly, our people have already gone through all this and know well how it ends, what life will inevitably become. They are all completely uninteresting to them. Because of the Sharikovs, bandits with and without ideology, who flooded the country, the collapse of the state, they drank great in their old homeland and did not leave for America to go through all this anew. Secondly, and this is the most important thing, our people are not racists, they have never been and they have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, they do not have these complexes. They sincerely do not consider people of a different skin color or other culture to be subhuman. They apply the same standards to everyone.


The latter is the most important point. When immigrants from Russia see how blacks commit crimes - murders, robberies and pogroms, are mired in social dependency and are now trying to move from "positive discrimination" in their favor to real racism and apartheid in relation to whites, then they do not belong to them. as to "Untermensch" who are forgivable because of stupidity, underdevelopment, bad habits, but as to fellow citizens and people like themselves. Therefore, they do not make discounts, do not apply double standards, calling everything by their proper names.

Who are the real racists?

It is quite obvious that this is not racism, of which the natives of Russia have already begun to accuse the Negroes themselves, along with white leftists and former liberals, but anti-racism. Racists are just their accusers: both black and white. White cryptoracists, who still do not consider blacks to be equal in intelligence, rights and obligations. Instead, they defiantly "pity" them, constantly recalling slavery, abolished in the century before last, when life was not sweet for whites, kneeling down in front of blacks, humiliating them with their pity. Although pity is a position of superiority and domination over the one who is pitied.

What's coming?

This, like all the ugliness that is happening now in the United States, infuriates sane blacks who, in the November elections, will vote for Trump, who treats them in a completely Russian way - adequately and respectfully, without flattery and sublimity, having done for those who want and are ready to work, a lot more Democrats. According to some forecasts, 41% of black voters will do this, up from 8% in 2016. This will be the end of the Democratic Party behind the pogroms, which will collapse into revived liberals and leftist extremists with Bolshevik manners.

An attempt to unite all those dissatisfied with Trump under a mishmash of their slogans, to intimidate Americans with riots and pogroms, witch hunts in firms and universities is in reality a "banzai attack" of the doomed. Many of those whites who publicly repented, knelt down and kissed blacks' feet - along with sane blacks, who are about half of the total - in voting booths secretly vote for Trump, not Biden, for the United States, not for their collapse and a new civil war. Not to mention practically all Republicans.


Therefore, the revelations of a courageous and honest professor from Arizona appeared on the pages of the globalists' mouthpiece The Wall Street Journal. The smartest of them already understand that the Democrats will not win the elections, that after a grandiose failure, a serious debriefing will begin, that the long-standing racist abscess has opened up and further it will be necessary to come up with something else, and put an end to this path.

And here's what is also interesting. It is no coincidence that we are talking about a liberal business media. It understands better than others that there will be no competitive business in the United States if the criteria for hiring are skin color, gender or sexual orientation.Therefore, what could have worked against the native and patriot Trump at the stage of the election campaign, which he is now leading under the win-win slogan "Save America", will no longer harm him, but can hurt the pocket of investors. And this, of course, is not needed by anyone.

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