The future of our children is under attack from LGBT propaganda
The future of our children is under attack from LGBT propaganda

Video: The future of our children is under attack from LGBT propaganda

Video: The future of our children is under attack from LGBT propaganda
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Despite the fact that individual leaders of the LGBT movement not only do not deny the existence of propaganda, but also publish manuals on how best to do it, you can often hear the "argument" from ordinary LGBT propagandists that propaganda of homosexuality does not exist. For example, an article in one of the many LGBT publics on VK, written in defense of activist Yulia Tsvetkova, fined for propaganda, states:

“Propaganda is the dissemination of ideas and beliefs. And orientation is not an idea or a belief. It is not possible to force someone to change orientation, by words, or by showing pictures of same-sex couples."

First of all, none of the propagandists sets themselves a goal to "change the orientation", although this is also quite achievable. The purpose of pro-homosexual propaganda is not so much to change the sexual preferences of an adult from normal to perverse as to CREATE perverse preferences in children before they begin to show a natural orientation towards the opposite sex. That is why propaganda begins from a very early age, at which preferences have not yet formed, and nothing needs to be changed. You just need to put the necessary vector of development into the child's psyche, and then everything will happen by itself.

Anything can be promoted. Promotion of a homosexual lifestyle is possible in the same way as promotion of a healthy lifestyle is possible. In the same way that advertising for tobacco and alcohol leads to an increase in their use, the popularization of sexual perversion and transsexualism leads to an increase in the number of people involved in them. It is not entirely clear what is meant by the dictum of demagogues that “it is impossible to propagate orientation,” but it is quite successful to propagate ideas that influence its formation and direct it in a given direction, justifying perverted sexual relations. This is what LGBT propaganda does. Moreover, propagandists spread ideas not only about the “normality” and “equivalence” of the homosexual lifestyle, but also about its certain “elitism”. This is achieved by examples of various historical figures taken out of context, who allegedly had a tendency to homosexual perversion, and all their talents and achievements were due to him.


After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90s, was written to popularize the use of propaganda to promote gay rights.

At first, the goal of propaganda is to achieve at least a tolerant attitude of the general public towards homosexuality and replace the hostile attitude with a neutral one. This is reported by its developers:

“At least in the beginning, we are striving only to desensitize the public and nothing more. Desensitizing the public means helping them view homosexuality with indifference rather than emotion. We do not need a complete "recognition" or "understanding" of homosexuality by the average man in the street, and we cannot count on this. Forget trying to convince the masses that homosexuality is a good thing, but if we can get them to think that homosexuality is just one more thing that deserves nothing more than a shrug, then our battle is practically won. " Straight America, 1987).

When this stage has been passed, propagandists move from timid calls for tolerance and equality to aggressive indoctrination and suppression of dissent, as happened in all countries without exception that have adopted homosexuality.

Look what is happening now in Western countries: children from kindergarten are taught that homosexuality is not only completely normal, but very progressive and glamorous. Verbal assurances are backed up by enthusiastic support from authorities and celebrities, accompanied by colorful parades and heightened positive attention to children who have declared themselves "LGBT". They are called “bold” and “special”. For them, in every school there are compulsory clubs and circles that support them. They have a distinct advantage over ordinary normal children.

As a result of this brainwashing, many children (especially those whose development was not all smooth), upon reaching the age at which sexual desire awakens, will choose the path of least resistance and will not progress to the final heterosexual stage. Is it any wonder that 2/3 of American "zoomers" (born after 2000) in a YouGov poll answered that they do not consider themselves to be 100% heterosexual.

Undoubtedly, some of these answers are connected with the fact that young people from their early nails instilled the idea that “being gay” is “cool, fashionable, modern”, and only “religious fanatics and retrograde obscurantists” can reject homosexual relationships. Therefore, when young people were provided with a questionnaire, which asked:

“What characterizes you best:

1) completely heterosexual

2) predominantly heterosexual

3) heterosexual and homosexual equally

4) predominantly homosexual

5) completely homosexual"

many of them, fearing to be branded as retrograde obscurantists, classified themselves as categories 2 and 3, as a result of which, according to YouGov statistics, only 34% of young people from generation Z consider themselves "completely heterosexual."


Perhaps for most of them this will remain at the level of self-identification without concrete actions in practice, but there is no doubt that many young people are now experimenting with their gender and in practice, based on the erroneous belief that homosexuality is normal and approved by science. For many of them, such experiments turn into a way of life.

Relationships between the sexes are not easy, they need to be built. It is an endless process of learning and knowing another person, based on the method of trial and error. And with your gender, everything is much simpler - a similar mentality, similar interests, everything is familiar, mutual understanding is much higher. This is the main attraction of same-sex relationships. With a growing tolerance for these relationships, adolescents have fewer incentives to leave their comfort zone and immerse themselves in the difficult process of forging healthy heterosexual relationships. Why bother, overcome your complexes, look after a girl, when it is much easier to say: "I'm gay"?

Strong moral standards, legal restrictions, and strong social stigma have shielded previous generations from homosexuality. Now that legal and moral norms have largely been abolished, and social approval of homosexuality is only growing, adolescents have fewer reasons not to engage in homosexual relationships. LGBT propaganda, spreading false information, involves more and more children in its vicious circle, therefore it is absolutely necessary to suppress it, and to suppress it harshly.