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Alexey Navalny - Timeline of events
Alexey Navalny - Timeline of events

Video: Alexey Navalny - Timeline of events

Video: Alexey Navalny - Timeline of events
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In any situation, there is an immutable rule - study the facts. Do this carefully and thoughtfully and, most likely, you will understand and see what they wanted to hide from you.

In the "Big Game", which immediately began around the state of health of A. Navalny, one of the key factors for understanding what is happening is a detailed chronology of events.

It was published by the Kommersant newspaper.

It follows from it that in Omsk, at the emergency hospital (EMC) No. 1, Navalny underwent 59 different tests, in total he spent 44 hours there.

And his life was saved there. Thanks to the doctors of Omsk, no one from the patient's entourage, from his family, from the admirers of his "creativity" NOBODY SAID.

But we are now interested in something completely different …

Alexei Navalny became ill on board an S7 plane en route from Tomsk to Moscow on the morning of August 20. At 8:40 the plane urgently landed in Omsk. At 9:10 am, ambulance doctors began resuscitation measures. At 10:05, Mr. Navalny was admitted to the Omsk Emergency Hospital # 1. Later, specialists from Moscow arrived to help local doctors.

In the evening of August 20, the wife of Alexei Navalny, Julia, arrived at the Omsk hospital, offering to send him to Germany for treatment. The Russian authorities promptly agreed on the arrival of a special medical aircraft in Omsk.

August 21

12:10The plane with the German air ambulance brigade landed at the Omsk airport.

12:30The German medical team was asked to go to the emergency hospital No. 1 to examine the patient, hold a consultation and jointly assess the necessity and admissibility of his transportation to Germany. In response, representatives of the German medical team said they did not intend to examine the patient at the clinic. After that, having received a visa-free corridor from the migration authorities, the doctors went to the hotel that was provided to them.

16:00Employees of BSMP # 1 arrived at the hotel for a conversation with the German brigade of air ambulance. Omsk doctors proposed to conduct a joint examination of the patient in order to assess the admissibility of his transportation and received consent.

17:00German specialists arrived at the hospital.

In this first part of the chronology, two things stand out: the speed of all approvals and even visa-free travel for doctors and the behavior of German doctors. They arrived at Navalny's hospital only FIVE HOURS after landing!

By the way, and the numerous reports that allegedly do not allow Navalny to be sent for treatment to Germany, do they relate to what period?

If he was brought to the intensive care unit at 10.05 am, and in the evening of the same day his wife had already arrived, and at 12.05 am the Germans had already arrived. How can the transportation be allowed on the move, if doctors save the life of the admitted patient, and as soon as the situation stabilized at least a little, his condition became clear and safe for transportation, as they gave consent. At the same time, the German team must also agree that the patient can be transported, that he is transportable.

Here, on the contrary, the speed is incredible. Unexpected! The speed of decision making and their implementation. After all, doctors in Germany need to pack up, charter a plane. Obtain overflight permits, etc. And all this happened at NIGHT !!! Moreover, the ECHR made a decision on the move.

But the strangeness of their behavior did not end there.

17:10–19:00There was a joint discussion and examination of the patient in the department with a team of medical workers of an international air ambulance company. Taking into account the studies carried out and the presence of positive dynamics in the patient's condition, judging by the reports of Russian doctors, a joint decision was made that there was no urgent need to transport the patient.

19:05German specialists returned to the hotel.

20:00Additional research results were obtained from several independent laboratories.

20:30A medical consultation was held with the participation of Moscow specialists. Taking into account the dynamics of improvements during the day, a decision was made on the possibility of transporting the patient.

21:20Julia Navalnaya and the German brigade were informed about the possibility of organizing transportation.

23:00 A written confirmation of the desire of the patient's wife and brother to transport him for further examination and treatment to the Charite clinic (Germany) was received. A written confirmation of the readiness to admit the patient was received by e-mail from the Charite Clinic. A team of medical workers of an international air ambulance company is pre-prepared for transportation. Preparation of the patient for it has begun.

23:10 Information has been received from a team of medical workers of an international air ambulance company about the readiness to take off the aircraft to Germany at 8 am on August 22. The German side received a negative response to the proposal to accelerate the departure time.

It is quite obvious that the German side is in no hurry at all, is not in a hurry, and even drags out the matter. It is obvious that for another 5-6 hours the plane simply stood in Omsk, although it could have taken off earlier!

August 22

5:40Patient Navalny was transferred to an ambulance resuscitation team for transportation to the Omsk airport.

6:00Departure of the resuscitation vehicle with the patient to the airport.

The total time spent by Alexei Navalny in the Omsk BSMP No. 1 was 44 hours (from 10 am on August 20 to 6 am on August 22).

As Kommersant found out at a source in the Omsk hospital, during his stay, Alexei Navalny performed eight biochemical blood tests, 11 blood acid-base tests, six general blood tests, five electrocardiograms, 25 glucose tests and four general urine tests.

6:15An ambulance team arrived at the plane.

6:25Arrival to the plane of German specialists and pilots.

6:25–7:35Preparation of aircraft medical equipment for receiving a patient on board, examination of the patient by a team of medical workers of an international air ambulance company.

7:45 The loading of Navalny's patient on board the aircraft has been completed.

8:00 The plane with the patient took off from Omsk.

The reasons for the behavior of the German side require a separate understanding.

As well as the actions of the Omsk doctors deserve unconditional gratitude.

And an information war is an information war …