Pontov cult adept brings coronavirus to Armenia, infecting more than 200 people
Pontov cult adept brings coronavirus to Armenia, infecting more than 200 people

Video: Pontov cult adept brings coronavirus to Armenia, infecting more than 200 people

Video: Pontov cult adept brings coronavirus to Armenia, infecting more than 200 people
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The raging coronavirus pandemic, like a spotlight, has highlighted many important issues. One of them sounds like this: if earlier actual show-off was a personal affair of each of their lovers, then from now on it is a socially significant phenomenon. For the simple reason that it threatens the state security of Russia.

Considerable seething among the Russian kraakliate was caused by the Facebook post of the HSE professor Oleg Matveychev, who called for the "surgical cleaning" of the "liberal bastard". Emotions aside, Matveychev wrote about show-off. They were demonstrated by the "people with good faces" mentioned by him, refusing to leave their data to the employees of Rospotrebnadzor. Ponty is a real religion for the entire Russian creakliate. It was for the sake of worshiping the Ponte cult that many people from year to year saved up for a vacation in Italy. In order to post a bunch of photos in the style that Putin's trolls from the Horde Telegram channel aptly wrote about.

“Now, of course, many are banging their heads against walls and furnishings. After all, this year they will not scratch their name on the chapel in the Vatican, they will not put it on the insta so that Tanya crap, themselves against the background of the Trevi fountain. They will not post it to the contact, so that the fool Anka is envious, herself and Albina in an embrace in a gondola. They will not support the leaning tower on the Leaning expanse of Pisa.

Here it is important to understand: for millions of our compatriots - and, perhaps, billions of other contemporaries - tourism has become a religion in the literal, direct, real sense of the word.

This is the purposeful fulfillment of life - "everything that I earn, I save for travel."

This is the existential filling of life - "I did not have time to return and I feel that I am already bored and I want to go back to the place where they fabulously fucked."

It is an ecstatic experience of rebirth in life. Indeed, on a tour, we are, not like in reality:

- we are not subordinates;

- we eat a lot and tasty;

- we do not work;

- surrounded by a servant.

To put it more simply, in tourist trips we become socionauts, taking off for two to three or four weeks to the upper layers of the social stratosphere, where the sun is shining and nervous palms are waving their paws. We are reborn as asuras or even devas.

And besides, we can demonstrate it.

Without this swallowing of indicative idle well-being for many of us, life really becomes suffocating, as for a lung-breathing fish - the inability to swallow air. It loses meaning, color, taste and purpose."

And so, in order not to lose the opportunity to demonstrate show-off, many of our fellow citizens are ready to risk even their own lives, without canceling vouchers to the EU countries, where the coronavirus is raging. I have already mentioned what this leads to.

“The chief infectious disease specialist of the Stavropol Territory, Irina Sannikova, brought a new coronavirus infection to the region, hiding her trip to Spain.

The medic was in Madrid on an open visa from March 6 to 9, when quarantine was already introduced there due to the spread of the coronavirus. The tickets were bought from the woman in advance.

After returning to her homeland, Sannikova did not follow the rules of self-isolation and went to work. Since March 10, Sannikova, already a carrier of the infection, has been giving lectures for students and doing other work related to communicating with people."

Sannikova was fired from her job, and a criminal case was opened against her. But how many of such sannikovs are there in Russia, accustomed to demonstrate their experience of socionautics on social networks during quiet years? Do not underestimate them, any of them is capable of causing enormous damage to state security.

Have you heard about the one and only admirer of the show-off cult, because of which the coronavirus epidemic started in Armenia? The story is epic.

“For many months, only three patients who arrived from abroad who were honorably escorted to a five-star hotel, where they calmly received treatment, recovered and went through quarantine, along with several people with whom they came into contact, had arrived from abroad. And no one knew that “Annushka, she had already spilled oil,” in the form of an upcoming engagement of a wealthy family from the city of Echmiadzin.

The mother of one of the future "spouses" rushed to go to Milan for a dress for the bride (or for some other necessary attributes of the celebration - the indications differ). She planned it and let the whole world wait. Madame went to boutiques and sales, where together with "Armani" she acquired a "crown" in a strong form - pneumonia, all the cases. The hospitals were not yet overloaded and Madame was packed in intensive care and connected to the system. Barely waking up and feeling better, and at the same time probably with James Bond or radio operator Kat behind enemy lines, she, without thinking twice, escapes from the system and goes into an illegal position. What a nafig virus-mirus, she is engaged and she needs to go to Armenia !! She realizes that in Italy she is "lit up" and can be wrapped up and therefore flies out of France. The temperature knocks down with pills. Hiding her Italian adventures from the Armenian doctors, she promises to isolate herself in the apartment (like all healthy newcomers from abroad), but naturally, on the same day, she begins to shake around the city in the organizational chores of the upcoming engagement.

The first victim was a hairdresser, the second a jeweler. Needless to say, the engagement in the amount of 50 invited, not counting fellow travelers on the plane, airport employees, neighbors, priests in the church, waiters and others went like clockwork and will never be forgotten now - 20 infected, 200 in quarantine. And this is not the limit, given the fact that it is rather difficult to identify everyone with whom more than 100 people involved in the engagement have communicated. After her recovery, Madame Katastroff will probably have to leave Echmiadzin forever and change her first and last name."

According to the latest information, there are 235 cases in Armenia. There are no deaths, thank God.

And all this was done by one and only narrow-minded woman, for whom show-off was dearer than her own life, not to mention the lives of strangers.

Therefore, I repeat: one should not underestimate the Russian creakles praying for show-offs. Among them, alas, there are even a few employees of epidemiological services.

If our state does not take control of the adherents of the show-off cult, the consequences can be dire.