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Mega Poles of the Golden Age
Mega Poles of the Golden Age

What is the Matrix? This is the System. What is a System? This is our enemy. Look around, who do you see around? People who have been taught that they are border guards, historians, geologists, archaeologists, law enforcement officers, and the tax service. That is, those individuals who, like cogs with youth, were sharpened for the operation of the System and its maintenance, wiped sweat and picked up droppings. The system is designed in such a way that with a young child it does not invest in us creation and the ability to design something, it only teaches us to obey, to live without a goal and not to find ourselves in life.

Where do these words come from? In the legendary film The Matrix. That is, from the TV, which is also part of the System. An entire generation has been raised to believe that all their knowledge cannot be divorced. The deception of the System cannot be so large-scale that it made so many people believe in themselves. Let us take, for example, scientific people who have a firm conviction that they know everything about the World and go beyond the limits of this fame for them is a complete absurdity. But is it really so, let's check together on this little trip to the unrivaled Cambodia.

Chapter first. Mahendraparvata

Cambodia is generally an amazing place, because few people know it at all. From history textbooks, we know nothing about her at all. After all, comparing what our eyes see - we see in Cambodia such technically complex complexes, built as a mega-giant fee, that you understand how technologically, technically, aesthetically developed this society was and had free time, unlike us, it will learn and to build so many complexes. What happened in this area … we still find lost cities overgrown with jungle, which are at most two centuries old.

The complex called Mahendraparvata was no such exception. When was he found? One of the sources says "In 2013, a scientific expedition found an ancient city using the Lidar laser apparatus. It was attached to a helicopter, from which the search for the lost city was conducted." year 2013! And just found out that there is something there. The study of the area was carried out until 2017. Scientists flew over a huge area on airplanes, making a lidar survey.

As information sites write, archaeologists and historians knew about its existence, but could not find this ancient metropolis. That is, for six centuries, historians and archaeologists have known that there is a city there, but they found it only a couple of years ago! How could he even disappear away from the eyes of scientific people for so long? By the buildings in Cambodia, we see a society with such a chic development, from which a lot of questions arise - what did historians and archaeologists know? Where is this historical story what kind of factories, machine tools, turbines, laser levels, machines that could withstand the transportation of heavy construction materials … what type of fuel did this transport use or was it electric? The perfect detailing of buildings up close is already striking, but look at the pictures from above too! Even with a laser level, people here cannot even build a simple house, but in Cambodia, 35 square kilometers have been ideally designed - a whole city for one project!

According to your research, it was said that society was skillfully able to artificially change the mountain landscape. There were many magnificent buildings that you called temples for some reason, numerous canals were laid, reservoirs and rice fields were created, roads, dams were built,that is, the old hydroelectric power plants. Your opinion that the society was wild and did not have technology could not be confirmed by scientific Anthropogenesis, because all their experiments were a failure. That. what they got, it can only be used for fakes and really living in dugouts, but it is not possible to build such precise buildings separately, as well as the entire super-precise complex of the city as a whole.

Chapter two. The pyramid of death Koh Ker

The standard question is how was it built? Here is a photo for you:


this patterned embroidered shirt on a stone is not manual labor, but machine work. I remember Zhenya from the Razgadki Istorii channel tossed a video, as today a craftsman only on a tree in order to throw a drawing in three de format, there he has already listed a whole selection of electrical tools and machine tools. With a stone, it is a little more difficult, and even patterns and lace to outline throughout the building. How it was built, ask the historian, well, the person will tell you how he was forced to memorize - but on this fantastic flight of fantasy it will never be possible to build something like that. And you bring a builder with experience and ask - what is needed to build it. He will tell you approximately, according to the current level of development, what needs to be involved in order to try to build something like this today, at least approximately. And then, it will be worse. For example, as in the case of Peru, they saw when the old masonry with a perfect fit of the seams fell apart, how many real restoration specialists did not try to put in place - they did not succeed - all the same, the gap remained. That is, modern specialists are not even able to restore to such perfection with modern technologies. Already I am silent for building.

The pyramid is described as follows:

The ruined city, lost in the jungle of Cambodia and the pyramid of death Koh Ker, where there is no road, and the ruins of what is believed to be the capital of the Khmer Empire, this is an ancient temple, into which not a single expedition was able to descend. On the territory of 35 sq. km. there were also places of worship, including the mysterious pyramid, so reminiscent of the Mexican ones. That is, we again meet in Cambodia the figure of 35 square meters. km. And again this is a cult building and temples. Wild people lived in thatched huts, and erected 35 sq. km. temples with such precision that modern builders scratch their turnips. From such words, I just want to return to the period when we, people, had enough time to create something, create and still had food. After all, today we do not create from morning until night, we have invented so many superfluous and stupid professions, boring and mediocre, which we would all gladly give up, but we have to work slavishly from morning to night and only so that we have enough for a bowl of stew … We don't have enough time for anything else in the 21st century.

The seven-step pyramid is located behind the inner fence in the very center of the ancient city. Its height is 32 meters, and the length of the side of the base is 55 m. At the top of the temple, like a guardian, the garuda is carved - the mythical bird of the god Vishnu. In ancient times, there was also a huge linga - the symbol of Shiva, the height of which was at least 4 meters, and the weight was about 24 tons. For a visual experience, here's the video "A 32 ton Crane lifts a loaded 23 ton container":

That is, one tone less. And it's not 32 meters.

It is said that there was originally a 5-meter golden statue at the top. But when in 1930 Prasat Thom was discovered by a French expedition, upstairs, the French shrug their hands and piously cross themselves, nothing was found … And since it is simply impossible to lower such a whopper without special mechanisms, they assumed that the statue fell into a hole that gapes at top of the mysterious pyramid. Unfortunately, it is impossible to verify this. Everyone who descended inside the pyramid did not return … At a depth of 15 meters, any equipment ceases to work, and the safety ropes on which people descended do not seem to be untied, but simply torn off … the French in the pyramid itself. The mystery of the pyramid remained unsolved. In any case, this is what official sources assure us.

Chapter three. Man made sea in Cambodia

Here we are all puzzling historians with their ignorance of the present past only in one architecture.How do you, along with the rest of the complexes, have such an artificial reservoir? It is called "the man-made sea of ​​the Western Barai". Its description is as follows:

All sources according to the description are inclined to believe that this reservoir was dug. Let's admit. Even if this is dug to a depth of five meters (I repeat, in addition to the fact that it is necessary to build other structures that we see everywhere from a height, whole kilometers in masonry remaining from the enormous cosmic scale of miracle cities), and so, five meters in depth (do you understand what this depth is?). eight kilometers in one direction, two in the other, the third time I repeat, along with the most precise geometric cities, the remains of the most complex buildings that we see only bits and pieces of the surviving one, where multi-ton blocks to lift only a meter from the ground would wheeze and modern 32-ton Cranes, I’m already silent that in Cambodia they were raised over 30 meters … and so, adding all this … to refute that mechanics, machines, robotics, science and the development of civilization are not something that are not inferior to modern ones, but were much higher, this speaks of the fact that historians of the past do not know, which should be a sensation for themselves, because they are so many generations passionately believing in the dogmas that they forced to memorize.


Secondly, I doubt that the shores of this lake are earthen, like in cities in the shape of a star, where these even water channels are also present - as the coastlines have survived, there must be masonry under the ground, which, in fact, has been repeatedly recorded on their shores. That is, the Stars do not have any earthen ramparts, their outlines would blur with time, rains, wind, wars and so on and so forth. But we both see the masonry and understand from what the banks were preserved in such a precise geometry. Either brick or stone is always present under the soil of the Stars. So here it is - just imagine two kilometers wide and eight kilometers long, and all this must be covered with masonry! Moreover, it is waterproof, and not modern, where water will surely break its way.

The fact that it was really done under water bodies is no longer in doubt, the only so-called "cultural layer" that scientists attribute to our cities, where buildings on many floors were underground … but in Cambodia, is it missing? So we only see the top of this large-scale masterpiece. Confirms my guess and the fact that our best minds are racking their brains with one question: where did the builders put all the excavated earth? There are no hills or embankments nearby. And it should not be, because it was not the earth that was being dug, but a high-rise building with an artificial reservoir on the roof was laid with stone, strictly in my opinion.

For what it was built, we recommend watching just the bombing film by Tamara Savchenko "Technomagia of Russia. AmfiTeaTor" - all the puzzles will come together at once. Indeed, in order to build such a thing, it is not enough to be technically advanced more than today, but it smells like maaaaagia! What is magic? It's like throwing an ant inside a computer, where each detail performs different complex functions, somewhere it holds back energy, somewhere it transfers, somewhere it transforms it into different properties, forms of color. sounds, processes information - this ant does not believe in magic, the computer is broken and it is unrealistic to prove how it worked to the anthill. This is how we are in Cambodia - they tell us that most of the complexes have been muddied by monks. cut stones, 20 tons each, then dragged it on the back. In the past, technology and magic were one. Today they were dragged to the sides and brought to the point of absurdity.

In addition to the West, there is also the East Baray. Built on the same principle, the length of its coastline is aaaaazh eighteen kilometers.

Chapter four. Angkor Wat


The fact that the scientific world does not know anything about the past is confirmed by their personal research and confirm most of what we have said in the upper chapters.For example, Cambodian and Australian archaeologists have used new technologies to discover that the so-called Hindu temple complex of Angkor Wat in Cambodia is much larger than previously thought. The study using laser scanning and GPR impressed everyone. It turned out that the area of ​​the complex was not 200 square kilometers, as previously thought, but 3,000.

First, did you know about this before these studies? No, they didn’t know. Secondly, what kind of a temple complex is it then? THREE THOUSAND SQUARE KILOMETERS. Guys, this is a full-fledged city. And looking at the surviving remains, it is generally impossible to imagine how such a terrible huge city could be demolished. These are eternal structures.


This big city amazes everyone. Firstly, without computers it will be impossible to accurately calculate all this, design and create three te models, a modern engineer will obviously not be able, even if they do not study. I see unrivaled gorgeous and machined stone. But, in scientific leggings, they believe that the past was not a fairy tale, everything was wild and backward and was done by hand. We can see around the entire surviving perimeter that they were working on massive blocks. Statues of different sizes are impressive - in them we see, firstly, not only the perfect fit of the seams, which for modern restoration masters even proved impossible to restore, but also the face on this polygonal masonry!


In addition to large statues, medium and small, we see how bas-reliefs were painted on all the walls, and even with detailed lace.


Such an amount of skill and work, it is something unimaginable. …

No, dear friends, the past was such a fairy tale, whoever told you what! It is difficult to imagine along the blocks and seams together with the drawing - at first it was laid out, and then all the bas-reliefs were sawed by machines, or when the stone was mined, it was done immediately, and then the builders played Tetris. It's not that it's incredibly difficult for our time, it's just something unreal. The Angkor Wat area is made up of complex hydraulic systems, consisting of canals, ditches and large reservoirs called barai.


I believe that this is just the tip of the complex. Any builder will declare that a massive foundation is also needed for such a massive structure. And what does the scientific world say? For example, the publication caught my eye "The temples of Angkor (Cambodia) were built on sand: this is possible", in which the scientific community seriously stated that this city was built on the ground. Then Iwasaki, Ph.D., studied the geotechnical characteristics of Angkor as part of a Japanese government team in 1994. In his papers, he noted the geotechnical data indicate that the soil is hardly able to withstand the load from the weight of the structures. That is, until 1994, scientists miraculously believed that this colossus was on the ground! And only after the statement of the Japanese scientist the second version was expressed - the city was built on compacted sand.


Is this possible? There was such an experience when professional builders in 1960 tried to reconstruct a building called the Bafuon temple and, no matter how ridiculous it may sound, according to the same method that historians imposed - they say build this way, we know better than you, builders, because historical textbooks cannot lie. The height of the tower is about 40 m with a base length of about 100 m. The internal material of the structure is compacted sand. The angle of the steep embankment is 40 degrees. After the first step, 5 m high, was built, the embankment collapsed. The second attempt ended with the same result. In the end, the French abandoned the idea of ​​following historical techniques and used concrete instead of sand.

Chapter five. Cham towers in Vietnam


On the topic of Cambodian cities,. you can see the same complexes in other places. For example, a complex located in Central Vietnam.If the Hindu temple complexes of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom in Cambodia and other Hindu structures in Indonesia and India were built of stone, then the Cham towers in Vietnam are of bricks. The youngest towers are dated 500 - 600 years in annals, others claim that they are a thousand years old. How the brick is made industrially. we know. But the brick of the Union already looks like nothing today. and modern brick in thirty years will generally look wretched. But in Vietnam, according to the assurances of the scientific community, the brick lasts for a thousand years. That is, the factories of Vietnam were technologically advanced so that they created an eternal brick, which today can only be envied.

As a man. with an interesting name, Nga Anh writes: by now, hundreds of years, these brick towers still retain their former bright red color. All patterns are carved directly on bricks, which is rarely found on construction and architectural sites. The builders knew how to make bricks from simple clay with properties that are not found in today's bricks. Associate Professor Ngo Van Zoan compares the bricks produced by the ancient Cham technique and today's conventional technique: “Cham bricks are very different from today's bricks. Even if they are the same size, Cham bricks are always lighter than today's ones. For example, today's brick weighs 2 kilograms, while the Cham brick weighs only 1.5-1.6 kilograms. The inner part of the Cham brick turns out to be more easily bending and flexible, while today's brick is easy to break."

As the largest surviving architectural complex of the ancient Champa Empire, My Son Sanctuary is surrounded by mountain ranges and lush green forest, like an ancient Hindu fortress in the jungle. Only in 1889, the My Son complex was discovered thanks to a group of French researchers who carried out geological exploration here. Later, in 1903, the French archaeologist Henri Parmentier and his team began excavations. They have documented 71 structures, and some of them have even been restored. Unfortunately, during the 1969 war, an artillery bombardment occurred, which significantly damaged the complex. American troops attacked the Vietcong base, which was in ancient ruins, and caused a lot of damage to the buildings.


Chapter six. found more than 60 thousand buildings in the jungle of Guatemala

Scientists continue to make a sensational discovery that they know nothing about the World.

Archaeologists have discovered in the jungles of Guatemala the ruins of more than 60 thousand buildings of the Mayan civilization. The discovery was made with laser technology capable of detecting man-made structures under a dense canopy of rainforest. Scientists have been able to map more than 2,000 square kilometers in the Petén department in northern Guatemala. Houses, palaces, roads were found in this part of the jungle.

That is, they found another city, and in the jungle which is no more than two hundred years old. And none of these 90 thousand buildings are tombs, temples, defensive structures, about which so many generations have been talking to us from all sides.


According to Houston, the scale of the opening "takes your breath away." “I know it sounds like an exaggeration, but when I saw the images I got, I got into tears,” he adds. The researchers used the LIDAR (Light Identification and Ranging) technology, designed to obtain data on distant objects using reflected light signal processing.

Archaeologist Thomas Garrison of Ithaca College says: "The data obtained from technology clearly demonstrate that this entire region was a whole system of cities and settlements, the scale and population density of which were still underestimated."

Chapter seven. One of the unusual cities from Myanmar

The Valley of a Thousand Pagodas is one of Myanmar's famous historical landmarks. On an area of ​​only about 4 sq. kilometers there are thousands of unique buildings.This is an invaluable archaeological site with thousands of centuries-old historical structures, many of which are richly decorated with gold and other precious materials. As they say, the Stone Age, this is when we learned to perfectly master the processing of stone, to the level of which we still have to grow and grow, but the golden age was just that - whole cities were covered with gold and other jewels, which to this day has survived only in grains.

What are these thousands of buildings called? As you may have guessed - temple buildings. It’s somehow not even funny - scientists try to call all the structures that are found all over the world either tombs, or temple buildings, or attribute them to defensive structures.

I do not exclude at all that spirituality in those days was developed head and shoulders above today's time. So the technology was developing, and art, and culture, and designers, and builders, and mechanics, and transport. But in my opinion, the scientific world has raised itself to the ranks of clowns. We have clowns becoming presidents, clowning science and clown media. In our country, all states are fictitious, boxers are actors, food is sold in the store fake. The story is fiction. And what is real in our 21st century?

Scientists have understood that Angkor Wat is not 200 square kilometers, as was previously thought, but 3,000, but this city is still called a temple complex. The artificial lakes of Cambodia of various sizes from eight kilometers to eighteen are also temple complexes. In Vietnam, there are many cities of the Stars that are ten floors underground and also kilometer-long ones - these are necessarily defensive structures! As if such a developed society had nothing else to do - they built masterpieces to kill each other, others to knock their heads on a stone, begging for sins for the wars that modern historians attributed to them, and the rest to bury someone there in those days when it was customary cremate.

And so, back to the preface. What is the Matrix? This is the System. What is a System? This is our enemy. Look around, who do you see around? People who have been taught that they are border guards, historians, geologists, archaeologists, law enforcement officers, and the tax service. That is, those individuals who, like cogs with youth, were sharpened for the operation of the System and its maintenance, wiped sweat and picked up droppings. The system is designed in such a way that it doesn’t put creativity and the ability to design something into us, it only teaches us to obey, to live without a goal and not to find ourselves in life.

Where do these words come from? In the legendary film The Matrix. That is, from the TV, which is also part of the System. This means that the System has brought up a whole generation with one hand, which believes that all their knowledge cannot be divorced. The deception of the System cannot be so large-scale that it made so many people believe in themselves.

But with the other hand. as in such films as the Matrix we see - it gives us support and directly incites us - these are all our enemies, we need to be at enmity with them. The system forces some to believe in it and with certain tools encourages and pushes, but for others it itself makes fun of them, inciting almost to war. So we are at war, and the System is thriving, pitting our heads against each other.

Maybe it's time not to see each other as enemies, but as allies? A common expression appeared, what to do? Often this is perceived as a minor stupidity, they say, there is not enough belt for those, but in fact, people just have sore eyes, since they are looking at them for the first time - they do not need a belt, but an incentive. And we do not call for rallies or Maidans, because as past events have shown, all this plays into the hands of parasites. not us.


How can the situation be changed? Let's paraphrase the Matrix to please us - look around, who do you see in the System? These are all our people, among teachers, among border guards, among prosecutors, plumbers, history or archeology, journalists and factory workers. Everywhere we are, it is easy for someone to open their eyes, someone needs a little more time.I remember a man wrote that he studied to be a historian, but he watched our films, I realized that this is a way out of where, everyone there is engaged in alcoholism and they have no craving for knowledge. This is the question of what to do - it is not necessary to leave somewhere, thereby showing your rebellion. which for parasites will not be louder than a firecracker blown up in a neighboring city. Each of us is given the area where we are - we roll up our sleeves and work at every club where we are. First, we put ourselves on our feet and our family. Secondly, we assess our strengths and believe in them and work where we are. Thirdly, we catch interest in this, I collectively have something for the better. Fourthly, we throw out everything unnecessary from our life, all the drug addiction habits that have been built into us. Parasites did not create the System, they only infiltrated it, distorted everything, turned it upside down and bent it under itself. Our task is to start the reverse process.

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