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What is the meaning of human life? The true value of free time
What is the meaning of human life? The true value of free time

Video: What is the meaning of human life? The true value of free time

Video: What is the meaning of human life? The true value of free time
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We are not machines to think only about work! You are living people with emotions and goals and you all live … or exist - depending on whether you have goals in life or you just float with the flow of life …

Every time someone asks me "What are you working for?"and damn how this phrase hooks me !!! And every time I try to find an answer for myself … After all, only by looking deeply into ourselves can we not lie … at least to ourselves …

A huge series of thoughts and desire to describe the topic from different angles … but I'll probably start with the parable of "1000 balls" … Please think about it!

Press play and start reading - I'm sure you will like this cocktail.

“Okay,” said the old man, “I bet you are very busy at work. Yesterday Today Tomorrow. And let you get paid a lot. But for this money, they buy your life! Think, you do not spend this time with your loved ones and loved ones. I would never believe that you have to work all this time to make ends meet. You work to satisfy your desires. But know that this is a vicious circle - the more money, the more you want, and the more you work to get even more.

You need to be able to ask yourself at one point: “Do I really need this or that thing, for example, a new car? After all, you can probably get by with a used one?"

And for that, you're ready to skip your daughter's first dance performance or your son's sporting event.

Let me tell you something that really helped me keep and remember what is most important in my life !!!

And the old man began to explain his theory of "a thousand balls"

- Look, one fine day I sat down and counted. On average, a person lives 75 years. I know some live less, others more … But all live for about 75 years. Now I multiply 75 by 52 (the number of Sundays in a year) and it turns out 3900 - the number of Sundays in your life (on average). When I thought about it, I was fifty-five. This meant that I had already lived about 2900 Sundays. And I only had 1000 left. So I went to the toy store and bought 1000 little plastic balls. I put them all in one transparent jar. After that, every Sunday I took out and threw out one ball. And I noticed that when I did this and saw that the number of balls was decreasing, I began to pay more attention to the true values of this life.

There is no stronger remedy than to watch how the number of days allotted to you decreases! Now, listen to the last thought that I would like to share with you today, before hugging my beloved wife and going for a walk with her - This morning I pulled the last balloon out of my can !!!

Therefore, every subsequent day is a gift for me. I accept it with gratitude and give my loved ones warmth and joy. You know, I think this is the only way to live life. I don't regret anything. It was nice talking to you, but I need to hurry to my family. I hope we'll hear more!"

The reporter pondered. There really was something to think about! After all, he planned to hit the road for a short while - he had to do a project. And then I was going to go to the club with my colleagues …

Instead, the reporter came home and woke his wife up with a gentle kiss.

- Wake up honey. Let's go with the children to a picnic.

- What happened dear?

- Nothing special, I just realized that we have not spent a weekend together. Also, let's go to the toy store. I need to buy plastic balls …"

I hope that all of you now have a cold sweat !!! Think about what you live for? What are your true values, and do you have them at all!

What is one day at work to you? What about a day off at work?

Calculate how much this day costs you in money! Calculate both the working day and the day off … just for yourself!

For example, a salary of $ 2000 - a working day comes out at $ 87, and a day off is priceless!

What is this $ 87 for you in comparison with the emotions received from watching a funny cartoon in a movie with your family … or the first time a child smiled in front of your eyes (watching this on video or photographs is equivalent to living on loans!) … or as a wife (husband) in the evening, coming home, hugging and inhaling the smell of a loved one, buries himself in your arms with the words “I dream to dissolve in you!” … feel each of these moments!

These moments in life are called "anchors" … i.e. moments that forever settle in our memory and when we feel bad and everything goes to hell, we cling to one of these "anchors", remember it and, smiling, are filled with those emotions that were at that moment … and it becomes easier for us to cope with difficulties - we are getting stronger!

By no means I am equal to one size fits all!

Each has its own aspirations (even if not explicit) and problems …

Someone stays late at work, does not want to go home and is looking for salvation at work (they don’t wait at home or have a fight or repairs are underway - no matter what subjective reasons there are).

For someone - work is the other way around - pleasure and drive and the person feels that he really LIVES at work! And work turns into the only meaning of life - into the only desire to start over every day … and wake up!

Recently, one of my colleagues had a daughter (with which I sincerely congratulate him !!!) and the child has become another value in the family! And especially for all those who have a family - another parable!

One hour of your time

“One day a man came home late from work, tired and twitchy as always, and saw that his five-year-old son was waiting at the door.

- Dad, can I ask you something?

- Of course, what happened?

- Dad, how much do you get?

- That is none of your business! - the father was indignant. - And then, why do you need it?

- I just want to know. Please, tell me, how much do you get per hour?

- Well, actually, 500. Why?

- Dad … - the son looked up at him with very serious eyes. - Dad, can you borrow me 300?

- You only asked so that I could give you money for some stupid toy? - he shouted. - Immediately march to your room and go to bed!.. You can't be so selfish! I work all day, I'm terribly tired, and you are behaving so stupidly.

The kid quietly crying went to his room and closed the door behind him. And his father continued to stand in the doorway and get angry at the "stupid" requests of his son. "How dare he ask me about my salary, then ask for money?"

But after a while he calmed down and began to reason sensibly: “Maybe he really needs to buy something very important. To hell with them, with three hundred, he has never asked me for money yet. When he entered the nursery, his son was already in bed.

- Are you awake, son? - he asked.

- No, dad. I’m just lying there,”the boy replied.

“I seem to have answered you too rudely,” said my father. - I had a tough day and I just snapped. Forgive me. Here, keep the money you asked for.

The boy sat up in bed and smiled.

- Oh, folder, thanks! he exclaimed happily.

Then he reached under the pillow and pulled out a few more crumpled banknotes. His father, seeing that the child already had money, got angry again. And the kid put all the money together, and carefully counted the bills, and then looked at his father again.

- Why did you ask for money if you already have it? he grumbled.

- Because I didn't have enough. But now it’s just enough for me,”the child replied. - Dad, there are exactly five hundred here. Can I buy one hour of your time? Please come home from work early tomorrow, I want you to have dinner with us."

Do you still want to be at work? And your heart is not pounding ?!

No matter what your family is, and no matter how tense the relationship is - family is your LIFE!!!

And it is in your hands to make it one! Look at the essence of your quarrels or why you are angry with your children or parents … imagine (just for a second) that they will be gone tomorrow! Will you still be mad at them? You will feel emptiness and loneliness and work will not replace you with a lively affection after a stormy night of love and how a parent teaches funny what is true or not - after all, you will always remain children for your parents, no matter how old you are!

How long have you seen your parents? For a long time? Especially for you … another life experience …

I just want to remind you that our life is too short to spend it entirely at work. We must not let it slip through our fingers, and not devote at least a tiny fraction of it to those who really love us, our closest people.

If we are gone tomorrow, our company will very quickly replace us with someone else. And only for family and friends it will be a really big loss, which they will remember all their lives.

Think about it, because we devote much more time to work than family!

One person in childhood was very friendly with an old neighbor.

But as time went on, college and hobbies appeared, then work and personal life. Every minute the young man was busy, and he had no time either to remember the past, or even to be with loved ones.

Once he found out that a neighbor had died - and suddenly remembered: the old man taught him a lot, trying to replace the boy's deceased father. Feeling guilty, he came to the funeral.

In the evening, after the burial, the man entered the deserted house of the deceased. Everything was the same as it was many years ago …

Here are just a small gold box, in which, according to the old man, the most valuable thing for him was kept, disappeared from the table. Thinking that one of the few relatives had taken her, the man left the house.

However, two weeks later he received the package. Seeing the name of a neighbor on it, the man shuddered and opened the box.

Inside was that same gold box. It contained a gold pocket watch with an engraving: "Thanks for the time you spent with me."

And he realized that the most valuable time for the old man was the time he spent with his little friend.

Since then, the man tried to devote as much time as possible to his wife and son.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths. It is measured by the number of moments that make us hold our breath. Time is slipping away from us every second. And you need to spend it right now."

Think about what you live for? !!!

Thank you all for the minutes that you gave me after reading this topic!

And a low bow to your parents !!!