"This myth of Christ has served us well" - Pope Leo X (1475-1521)
"This myth of Christ has served us well" - Pope Leo X (1475-1521)

A Christian believing in lies, saturated with lies and living in lies, at the high levels of the Christian hierarchical ladder himself begins to look like a lie: the well-known "painted" smile on a lean face. Physical form absorbs lies.

“The united thought of many people is much more powerful than the sum of their separate thoughts. It has a better chance of becoming their reality. "- The Astral Body and Other Phenomena, Lieutenant Colonel Arthur E. Powell © 1927.

Below is evidence that the entire Bible and all Christian mythology is woven from stolen pagan allegories that have existed since time immemorial, long before its appearance. The Bible has perverted these allegories in order to restrict access to the knowledge contained in them to a select few, namely, the Jewish elite, which uses them to enslave other peoples.

Only a highly experienced reader of the occult is able to fully understand the Bible. The mass consciousness is extraordinarily powerful. When someone reaches certain heights of knowledge in the occult, the truth that is revealed to him is simply shocking. The entire Judeo / Christian Bible is a hoax of catastrophic proportions with the very clear purpose of harnessing subconscious means and channeling the psychic energy of believers.

Whatever country or region Christianity and its representatives received power over, all ancient sources and manuscripts in this territory were confiscated, and their carriers were massacred by the Inquisition. T.obr. the occult knowledge found in these sources was out of the reach of the common population and was used by the "circle of the elect" to manipulate everyone else. The most important tool for such manipulation has become the Bible. For the most part, the people do not see this manipulation due to the lack of occult knowledge, the power of thought and psychic energy. Those in power strive to strengthen the popular belief that the strength of mind and spirit is fairy tales or just the delirium of a madman.

The elimination of ancient manuscripts made it possible to create a pseudo-history and cut off humanity from its true roots. Manipulating history is extremely important because the way people see their past affects the present and the future.

The entire Bible is a powerful instrument of subconscious influence, full of occult numbers, messages, allegories and stolen material from perverted ancient religions. In addition, the Bible is imbued with psychic energy and the power of arousing fear and belief that it is real. As soon as the reader's eyes are open and he has the necessary knowledge, the biblical spell is powerless against him. The main idea behind the Judeo / Christian Bible is to plant the pseudo-history of the Jewish people in the minds of people.

What the masses believe in becomes reality, because thought is energy, and the thought of many people is the energy of unprecedented strength.

In the Vatican library there are closed volts that keep thousands of esoteric books stolen from around the world for two thousand years from public circulation. The Catholic Church, the root of Christianity, is controlled by a secret society that uses these books to rule the masses. Its ultimate goal is the absolute enslavement of mankind, towards which it has gone inexorably and inexorably from the beginning of its inception.

This, one way or another, affected each of us. Humanity has endured so much unnecessary suffering by rejecting this knowledge. For centuries people were forced to pay billions and billions of dollars for their own curse, and at their expense this lie flourished and gained strength. In order for this hoax to continue to bloom in magnificent color, only one thing is needed - LACK OF KNOWLEDGE!

Contrary to what we are taught, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are young religions. Humanity is rooted in tens of thousands of years. The aforementioned three are working tirelessly to keep us from studying and using the forces that are inherent in us by nature.

These so-called. "Religions" are built on torture, murder and lies, and the only way to survive for lies of such monstrous proportions is to constantly create new lies, destroying those who know the truth. Christianity is nothing more than a program. There is nothing spiritual or religious about it. A huge number of people suffer from depression, hopelessness and aimlessness of their existence. The soul needs light, few know this and actively practice power meditation, which would literally save their own souls. Few are due to lack of knowledge and occult illiteracy. Humanity as a whole is under the spell and is programmed not to ask questions about these so-called. "Religions". This was backed up by centuries of duping and endless supplies of psychic energy from the souls of people, aimed at perpetuating this lie, which brings profit to the elect.

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