What's wrong with the genius of all time and one people? Albert Einstein's unkempt biography
What's wrong with the genius of all time and one people? Albert Einstein's unkempt biography

Video: What's wrong with the genius of all time and one people? Albert Einstein's unkempt biography

Video: What's wrong with the genius of all time and one people? Albert Einstein's unkempt biography
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E = mc2 - This formula turned the world upside down! If you say this to children at school, then gullible students, of course, will believe in a kind, uncombed genius. About the same as before they believed in Santa Claus.

But this is how the figure of Uncle Einstein actually looks like. In 1908, Einstein was first nominated for the famous Nobel Prize, which he received only in 1922. It took all these years to break the resistance of scientists, and still had to go for a trick - the Nobel Prize was awarded not for the theory of relativity, which they could not "push through" - too many scientists still knew this scandalous story firsthand, but for " the discovery of the photoelectric effect ". "Fortunately" Stoletov, who described the three laws of the photoelectric effect, had already died long ago by that time.

Einstein's career did not stand still while waiting for the Nobel Prize, and grew very confidently: in 1908 he was already an assistant professor at the University of Bern, in 1909 he received the position of a "wedding" professor (without a department and a place on the academic council) at the University of Zurich, at the same year left the patent office.

In 1911 he became a professor at the Prague Polytechnic, in 1913 he became a member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences in Berlin, and in 1917 he became the founder and director of the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute for Physical Research.

The higher Einstein climbed the career ladder, the less he needed a wife who, by her appearance alone, reminded him of who had earned him honor and regalia - the couple's relationship was getting worse. In 1909, Mileva wrote to her friend: "… Fame does not leave much time for his wife … it may happen that one receives a pearl, the other only an empty shell from her."

They divorced in 1919, but even five years before the divorce, Albert Einstein will draw up a humiliating list of requirements for his wife Mileva, which she will have to comply with if she does not want a divorce. The documents of the divorce proceedings between Einstein and Marich are now kept in Israel and are classified, while witnesses to this divorce recalled that very unpleasant facts were raised during the process, including repeated assaults by Einstein.

Well, a little later, the "genius" married his cousin Elsa, he now considered her daughters to be his own, and ignored his own children for the rest of his life. True, as we remember, the Nobel money had to be given to Mileva. Marich, of course, did not lose financially with the marriage contract, but she did not receive either fame or recognition for her labors.

The Soviet academician Ioffe recalled that he personally saw the originals of the articles of 1905, where there were two names - Mileva and Albert, but the originals, as usual, were not preserved, and Mileva could not prove anything, and did not really try.

Their youngest son, already in his adult years, actively tried to defend the truth about the real "creator" of the theory of relativity, as a result of which he ended his life in a psychiatric hospital. Yes, and Mileva herself in the last years of her life, apparently having decided that she had nothing more to lose, began to remember her "authorship" - and was also recognized as crazy.

The eldest son, Hans Albert, was smarter and did not pedal this topic, as a result of which he managed to make some kind of career in science. By the way, despite the good behavior of Hans Albert, after the death of Albert Einstein, he inherited mere pennies from the rather big fortune of his father.

By the way, after the breakup between Einstein and Marich, that "for some reason" no longer obtained scientific works without co-authorship: "the Einstein-Brillouin-Keller method", "Bose-Einstein statistics", "the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox" and so on.

"Genius", without clinging to real scientists, could not do anything on his own. Although I tried. Having heard praises from the press and believing in his own genius, he struggled with his "Unified Field Theory" for more than thirty years, until his death, but never "gave birth" as a result.

The layman had the opinion that thanks to the "works" of Einstein, all the modern achievements of science and technology arose. Televisions, computers, nuclear reactors … Is that the iPhones after all, not he, but Jobs invented. But, starting from electric motors, multiphase AC systems, ignition coils and other electrical engineering of Nikola Tesla to Zvorykin's TV, and, moreover, to the Fermi nuclear reactor - nowhere is there a trace of the influence of the theory of relativity.

As one of you wrote in a commentary, on the instructions of billionaires and, in particular, Baruch, after becoming acquainted with Tesla's works, world financiers with the help of the pseudo-scientific Theory of Relativity stopped the development of mankind for 100 years. This subjective assessment may not be 100% correct, but, apparently, it is much closer to the truth than the generally accepted scientific paradigm.