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These two tragedies are related by the "common denominator" - the extremely dismissive attitude of employers towards working people
These two tragedies are related by the "common denominator" - the extremely dismissive attitude of employers towards working people

Video: These two tragedies are related by the "common denominator" - the extremely dismissive attitude of employers towards working people

Video: These two tragedies are related by the "common denominator" - the extremely dismissive attitude of employers towards working people
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The events that I will touch upon in this article are already in the past, they have already been discussed in different ways in Russian and foreign media. However, in my opinion, there is a reason to talk about the "eternal Russian theme" - about the extremely dismissive attitude of employers towards working people, whom the "new Russians" often use, if not as slaves, then as consumables.

So, the first story. At about half past three in the morning on October 19 of this year, a dam burst on the Seiba River in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, as a result of which the houses of the gold miners working for the Sibzoloto company were demolished by a water-mud stream. Since the tragedy occurred in the middle of the night, when everyone was asleep, dozens of gold miners were killed.

If this tragedy had not happened, Russians living in other regions would hardly have learned about the egregious, literally bestial attitude of employers towards gold miners and about the barbaric attitude of the gold miners themselves towards the nature of Siberia.

The truth turned out to be so blatant that Andrei Malakhov's program dedicated to this tragedy was removed from the air of the Russia-1 TV channel. Only residents of the Far East managed to watch the broadcast.

The saddest thing in this story is not even the deaths of dozens of gold miners from the Sibzoloto campaign (although this is also a great tragedy for Russia!), But that these gold miners, in pursuit of high earnings, poisoned Nature from year to year land, fish in the river - our national treasure) the most dangerous chemical substance - mercury, with the help of which they separated the golden sand from the river sand, doing it right at the mine. But this process of poisoning Nature with mercury is irreversible like a grenade explosion! And it's also sad that Rostekhnadzor, which controlled the gold mining, was, it turns out, in the know.

Reference: "According to the hazard class, mercury belongs to the first class, that is, it is considered an extremely hazardous chemical. The penetration of mercury into the body often occurs when its odorless vapors are inhaled. Exposure to mercury, even in small quantities, can cause health problems and severe poisoning. Mercury has a toxic effect on the nervous, digestive and immune systems, on the lungs, kidneys, skin and eyes. Mercury poisoning is divided into mild (food poisoning), acute (after industrial accidents due to safety violations) and chronic. Chronic poisoning increases the risk tuberculosis, atherosclerosis, hypertension. In this case, the consequences of mercury poisoning can appear several years after the termination of contact with it. Acute mercury poisoning can lead to death. Also, if poisoning is not treated, then the functions of the central nervous system may be impaired, mental activity is reduced, convulsions appear, exhausted no. Acute stages of mercury poisoning cause loss of vision, complete paralysis, baldness. Especially mercury and its compounds are dangerous for pregnant women, as they pose a threat to the development of the child. "Source:

The second story took place two months earlier, on August 8, 2019. In the Arkhangelsk region near Severodvinsk, at a naval military range, a top-secret military product was exploded. The explosion resulted in human casualties


Photo from the Internet.

According to information published in foreign media, during an emergency near Severodvinsk, five employees of the Rosatom corporation were killed, and it was the explosion of a small-sized nuclear reactor! "According to Vyacheslav Solovyov, the scientific director of the Federal Nuclear Center in Sarov, the small nuclear reactor was part of the engine of a military facility," Echo of Moscow reported. A source.

Another source reports that Rosatom published the names and photographs of specialists who died during tests near Arkhangelsk: Yanovsky Vladislav Nikolaevich (71 years old), Pichugin, Sergey Evgenievich (46 years old), Vyacheslav Yuryevich Lipshev (40 years old), Evgeny Yuryevich Korataev (50 years old)), Vyushin Alexey Nikolaevich (43 years old).


The anonymous telegram channel "Baza" published a list of victims of radiation: Igor Andreevich Berezin, Sergei Sergeevich Plaksin, Alexei Alexeevich Perepelkin, Dmitry Evgenievich Abalin, Alexander Ivanovich Manyusin, Sergei Grishin, - said a source.

The following material appeared in the media under the heading "We were told: they are not dangerous for you, work!".

It turns out that the military did not warn the summoned rescuers and doctors that the victims of the explosion in the Arkhangelsk region were contaminated with radiation

The victims of the explosion were taken to hospitals in Arkhangelsk - after which a radioactive nuclide was found in the body of one of the doctors cesium-137 … In the regional hospital of Arkhangelsk, they learned about the radiation a few hours after they began to operate on the victims, and they began to carry out decontamination only the next day.


Assistance in radiation damage with cesium-137 should be aimed at removing the nuclide from the body and includes decontamination of the skin, gastric lavage, the appointment of various sorbents (for example, barium sulfate, sodium alginate, polysurmin), as well as emetics, laxatives and diuretics. An effective means for reducing the absorption of cesium in the intestine is the ferrocyanide sorbent, which binds the nuclide into an indigestible form. In addition, to accelerate the elimination of the nuclide, they stimulate natural excretory processes, use various complexing agents (DTPA, EDTA and others). A source.

The Meduza news agency published the story of an employee of the Rescue Service, whose workers provided assistance to victims before hospitalization, as well as a doctor at the regional hospital where the victims were operated on.

Arina Sergeeva (name has been changed), employee of the Igor Polivany rescue service: “The first thing to understand about this is that according to the radiation, chemical and biological defense forces' standard, if an accident occurs at a military facility, the military should fully deal with the consequences.

When carrying out any work of such a plan [such as was carried out with a rocket], the military had to deploy decontamination points at the range, there should be at least three of them. The first decontamination point should be located on the border of the clean and contaminated area. Even in the absence of disasters, after a person leaves the danger zone, they must bring him and the equipment with which he was in contact - they must be processed, the radiation on them must be deactivated. At the next point, these people must take off all their clothes - they must be destroyed - and wash themselves again, undergo decontamination. After that, they are checked again for the level of radiation. And if the sensor shows that they are "clean", then they are released; if some indicators are not normal, then they should be taken to a military hospital. But before the ambulance arrives, they must be washed again and after they have been brought to the hospital, they must be deactivated again in the hospital before the operating room. Only then should doctors help these patients.

What was the case with the accident at the landfill in the Arkhangelsk region? I was not on duty that day, I know about the events of that day from my colleagues. The six victims were taken to Vaskovo airport not by military helicopters, but by two civilian helicopters by medical aviation personnel. They were not warned that they were carrying radiation-exposed patients, and, of course, they did not sign a document agreeing to this work. Due to the fact that they were not informed who they were taking, the medical officers did not even take basic safety measures - they flew to the center of isotope radiation and carried the victims from there without a respirator and overalls.

Since we are talking about an accident at a military facility, the federals - the Ministry of Emergency Situations - should have been attracted to help the victims. But instead of them, they called the employees of the Arkhangelsk Rescue Service named after Igor Polivany. And what is most absurd - although I find it difficult to single out which of everything seems to me to be the "most" - our car (a mobile radiation-chemical laboratory) was not left at the Vaskovo airport, where the victims were brought, but sent to measure the level of radiation in Severodvinsk. At that time, information appeared that the sensors there showed an increase in the level of radiation. And our car drove there, and an additional team arrived at the airport with a gamma radiation sensor and empty-handed. This was the order of the top management (not the management of our rescue service).

So that you understand: the employees of the rescue service ended up in overalls, but with completely empty hands in front of people infected with radiation. Moreover, our car, which had everything necessary for the decontamination of radioactive people, by order of the leadership, simply left for Severodvinsk. Let me note separately that the Severodvinsk factories "Zvezdochka" and "Sevmash" had their own devices that could measure the level of radiation there.

If no one had concealed the presence of radiation, had not taken ridiculous hasty decisions and had driven our mobile radiation-chemical laboratory to Vaskovo airport, we would have deployed the point and decontaminated the victims. We had a special inflatable cabin in our car, in which we would wash the victims with the help of decontamination powder, then this water from the pallet and their clothes would be sealed in a barrel, and this would be disposed of as radioactive waste.

But we didn't even have any decontamination powder with us. Therefore, when the helicopters landed, our team simply washed these victims with water. Then an ambulance arrived. The ambulance doctors were also not notified that they would be in contact with people exposed to radiation. They arrived in ordinary dressing gowns, without respiratory masks. Naturally, they did not have a deactivating powder either.

The members of the rescue service team told the doctors that it was dangerous to contact these patients, they must first be decontaminated, and for this they still need to wait until the order comes to bring us a car with a deactivator. The ambulance doctors replied: "Well, we can't wait, we need help, look, they will die." They loaded the victims into their car and took them to city hospitals. Namely, to the Semashko hospital, where there was an isotope laboratory (in which, among other things, processing for decontamination of radiation is carried out), and to the regional hospital of the city - where there was no such laboratory."

Pavel Kovalev (name has been changed), doctor of the regional hospital in Arkhangelsk: "On August 8, at 4:35 pm, three victims at the military training ground were taken to our hospital. We, the doctors, asked directly if there was anyone with radiation among the brought patients. The accompanying patients answered us, that they are all deactivated. We were told: "They are not dangerous for you, work!" …

The patients were in a very serious condition, therefore, in order to do the maximum that depends on us, the hospital called the emergency team and additionally traumatologists, surgeons and neurosurgeons (some of the patients had fractures of the spine and hips).

After a while, after we began to operate on them, the dosimetrists came, measured the level of beta radiation and ran out of the operating room in fear. The doctors caught them in the corridor, and they confessed that beta radiation was off scale (radiation of fast electrons. Comment - AB).

At the Semashko hospital, where three more victims were taken, there were detectors and dosimeters. The doctors realized that there was an infection, although they were also initially told that it was not. They decontaminated them themselves, put on protective suits, respirators, and only after making sure that everything was safe, they began to provide assistance. It should be so. This would have been done with us if we had been warned.

The next day, when the hospital was already, in Russian speaking, contaminated with cesium-137, the military began to carry out decontamination in the operating rooms and the emergency room, mowed all the grass around, and all radioactive objects that they could not disinfect, they dismantled and took away from ourselves - including the bath in the emergency room, in which we washed the victims."

“On Monday, August 12, employees of the Ministry of Health arrived at the hospital. After spending hours with patients, about whom the doctors themselves only knew that they were contaminated with radiation, but did not know exactly what kind of radiation it was and what doses, the doctors began to ask the employees of the Ministry of Health: "We are most likely irradiated. Who will be responsible for this? Who made this decision? And how will we be compensated for this?" The acting minister replied that doctors would be paid overtime for this - about 100 rubles per hour.”The Ministry of Health did not deny that the doctors were exposed to radiation. received 500 rubles for this.

Then another hour in the hospital was screaming and swearing. Colleagues shouted that they were treated like consumables. In response, there were orders to calm down. They lied to us that until 17:30 no one in the region knew that there was a radioactive contamination. Oh really! All the sensors worked, the mayor's office on the same day released a message on the website that radiation had gone. However, on the same day I deleted it. The Ministry of Health thought that we had no information, but after the fact, we had already gotten everything on the Internet, learned about the accident and who was brought to us and from where.

Military medics arrived at our hospital later. When we began to tell them about the irradiation of the victims, the diagnoses and offered to go to their ward, they said: “No, we have children,” “I am the father of such and such children, I will not go there”. Well, great, but the doctors of our hospital, being unannounced, spent a lot of time with these patients, the anesthesiologists spent six hours, and the military doctors did not want to come in for a minute!"

“After dismantling the bathtub in our hospital and mowing the lawn around, the question finally arose that now it is necessary to examine the doctors who were helping the victims. Moscow, they were taken there by ten people by night flights. As soon as cesium-137 was found at the first doctor in Burnazyan, our entrance to this medical center was closed, and the remaining 36 people were examined on the spot, in our [Arkhangelsk] hospital. Burnazyan went to the Semashko hospital themselves in order to study us, but the volume of examinations that the doctors underwent here is much less than what their colleagues received at the Burnazyan medical center.

In Burnazyan, my colleague was diagnosed with cesium. He is a young man, now he has a pregnant wife. At the medical center he was asked where he had gone on vacation in recent years. He began to list where he had traveled and said that he had once been to Thailand. To this he was told that where Thailand is, there is Japan: "You just ate Fukushima crabs there!" The person had contact with cesium for several hours, participated in the operation, hung over the patient without a respiratory mask. And then he goes for a check and they say to him: "Oh, well, it's your own fault, you brought him out of Thailand."

After cesium-137 was identified from my colleague, we were told that all medical documentation for us, that is, all the results of our examinations will be sent to the Ministry of Health. What will they do with these documents, whether they will give them to us later, whether in full - it is not clear …"

"Also, despite the fact that no one gave us an agreement to sign that we were ready to work with patients infected with radiation, and at the time the patients arrived at us, even the military did not know what kind of radiation we were dealing with," almost all doctors and nurses who worked that day were signed on nondisclosure of military secrets … They confiscated electronic and paper medical records of the victims, all documentation on them. Therefore, now we have no evidence base, we were told: "Just forget about this day." But our people are not the owners of state secrets. The nurse knows no bounds for this secret. They were brought to our hospital - a secret? No. She washed them in the bath - a secret? No.

In the first days, half of the medical workers immediately said that they were quitting. After all, cesium-137 threatens a person with an increase in the likelihood of contracting cancer, numerous gene mutations. And what is one examination that doctors have now carried out? Even if the disease does not develop instantly, this does not mean that you can calm down. Those who have been in contact with the infected must now be checked constantly. The real number of those exposed is much more than six people (five of whom have already died). They will receive the titles of heroes. And the civilians who were irradiated at the same time - I mean the civilian contractors who also ended up in the outbreak at the landfill, and the doctors of our hospital, and the ambulance doctors, and the ambulance workers - will never achieve anything.

When in a year or three they start to get sick, and they start to get sick, they will not prove anything. Documentation on the existence of victims in civilian territory will be removed - it has already been removed from our hospital, examinations will show that the doctors are all healthy. The civilians who were at the test site will also remain in the shadows - none of them went to the hospital - that's all.

Now everyone is trying to calm down. Some of those who provided assistance had already left on vacation, someone simply realized that they would not be able to prove anything anyway. At first, everyone wanted to go to court, but the military seized from us all the documentation that patients with radiation came to us in general. The judge asks the hospital for information, and everything is erased. The chief physician will write in response a fair paper that he did not reveal data on finding patients with radiation exposure. And if you file a lawsuit under Article 237, then in addition to cesium-137, one doctor has no more evidence. We have not yet been given the results of our examinations.

Our doctor, who received cesium-137, simply inhaled it. If he had been warned, he would have worked just as responsibly, but he would have put on a respirator. I would not have inhaled cesium, I would have thrown out my clothes, washed my skin from particles. We didn't even have to reveal our [state] secrets about radioactive radiation. But when working with this cholera, one could tell the doctors right away in a human way: "Gentlemen, we all put on respirators and overalls." And that's all, we don't need your secrets, we just want not to get infected and not die, at least when this can be easily avoided. So not a word was said about it! "Irina Kravtsova wrote.

Of course, this state of emergency near Severodvinsk attracted close attention of the US military intelligence. Is it no joke to say in new Russian missiles (or it was tests of a miniature self-driving submarine, the explosion happened at a sea-based training ground! - in the West, this has not yet been figured out) a small-sized nuclear reactor is used! Why is he in the rocket? Intrigue! What did the Russians come up with this time ?!

The interest of American spies in the test object, which exploded near Severodvinsk (in the Arkhangelsk region), overpowered their sense of caution. As a result, a message appeared in the Russian media on October 20:


“On October 14, as many as three American spies were taken off the train in the Arkhangelsk region near the secret training ground of the Russian Navy near the village of Nyonoksa. As reported, all are former marines, and now high-ranking officers, employees of the military attaché of the US Embassy in Moscow.

Since a diplomat caught in a restricted area for him is no longer a diplomat, but a spy, so we will call these Americans. All three dressed up as locals - either mushroom pickers, or tourists, or just faceless passengers: in any case, the goal is to blend in with the crowd and merge with the landscape.

The secret training ground is exactly the one where we had an explosion last summer. Then the Americans wrote a lot that they tested a new Russian hypersonic missile "Burevestnik" with a nuclear power plant. After the accident, the background radiation there really jumped for a short time - only for half an hour. For man and nature, according to the Ministry of Emergencies, the impact was "negligible", but the Americans were not aroused like a child. They waited for a pause and decided on an espionage sortie.

The story came out funny, as if taken from the Soviet movie "The Resident's Error". But in the cinema, the resident gives the task, as he thinks, to a local criminal - a declassified element, who has even stirred that can ring out for treason. And the current American spies decided to go to work on their own, personally, and even three of them.

This is the trinity that got into history. Their photos cannot be found, but positions, titles and names are known. US Embassy Attaché Colonel D. S. Dunn, US Embassy Naval Attaché in Moscow, Captain First Rank Whitsitt William Curtis, US Embassy Attaché - no military rank mentioned in reports - Arriola Jerry Anthony. Firstly, unprofessional, as the knowledgeable people comment. Secondly, it says that the American intelligence service in Russia has an obvious shortage of local agents - a lot has to be done on our own.

The explanation of the press service of the US Embassy in Moscow was ridiculous in its deliberate naivety. Press secretary Rebecca Ross said the diplomats took the trip "to better understand Russia." I understand that Arkhangelsk is a great place for this. A couple of years ago, my family and I also traveled there. But then from Arkhangelsk the diplomats would have to go not to the north-west towards the secret training ground, but in exactly the opposite direction - to the southeast - towards the homeland of Lomonosov Kholmogor. This is if you better understand Russia. A picturesque place and a wonderful museum.

Again, one could fly from Arkhangelsk to Solovki. Also a great address to understand Russia. The Trinity, disguised as local and changing trains, as if confusing tracks, eventually wandered into the territory forbidden for foreigners. By the way, there are such territories in the United States. This is fine. It's not okay to try to get there in secret.

Now what? Will they send these spying diplomats out of Russia? It looks like no. The Foreign Ministry has already laughed at them, sent a note of protest to the States. And to send is already and somehow boring. And it will not give anything, because they will come instead of them all the same. Or they will even find it smarter. As a rule, diplomats are expelled when it is necessary to deliberately spoil relations. Russia does not want to. And how much worse? A source.

October 31, 2019 Murmansk. Anton Blagin


Veselchak Y: Medusa is, of course, an impeccable source. Yeah.

AntonBlagin: when everything was hushed up in the USSR, many Soviet citizens learned the news by listening to the Voice of America! And much of what the enemies were broadcasting later turned out to be true! So history repeats itself! The Russian government today also hides the truth from the people (one example with the transfer of A. Malakhov is worth something!), And our potential enemies, in spite of "Putin and Co", bring to us what is being concealed from us. So Meduza is not a bad news resource.

Mondi: after the phrase "journalists of Meduza" I stopped reading. With all due respect to Blagin.

A. Blagin: Then read the information from more reliable sources, that neither is, our domestic media!


"Information agency" Northern Novosti ". Certificate of registration of the mass media EL No. FS 77-74727 issued on January 11, 2019 by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) Tel.: +79522529289


- On the 8th day of the day, everyone will learn the information that there was an explosion at the Nyonoksa test site. Colleagues who have children in Severodvinsk are worried. Rumors are beginning to circulate that the victims will be brought to us. We wait. We worked the day shift and went home in peace. But the others, the shift on duty, stayed. We arrive in the morning and find out that no one is allowed into the emergency room and the operating unit where the victims were operated on. The operblock did not work at all for several days. To receive these patients, the admission department, two examination rooms, were involved. Where they were washed, they were accepted, everything was closed. Sealed, not sealed, but no one was allowed there. The same as in the operblock.

Everyone was banned, not to go there. And no sane person will go there himself.


The point is that there was radioactive dust. Nobody warned people about the infection, initially. Everyone who was there at that time rescued the victims. Doctors from other departments were invited for consultation. The operblock was fully involved. Three patients were operated on that night. Traumatologists, anesthesiologists - from the medical staff. Nurses, respectively, orderlies, security … Everything was involved. The operblock started working with us only today (August 14 - editor's note). We began to carry out planned operations. And then, they were waiting for official permission. They said that they would check the filters in the operating rooms where the victims were operated on. I suppose that knowledgeable people looked, took measurements and opened them.


We employ competent, responsible, intelligent people. They are worried about what is happening. As our colleagues say, at the moment when the victims were brought to Nyonokse, the doctors were not warned that they were infected people. Only after a while they were given lead aprons, but this was no longer protection. People are worried. I am familiar with many of them. In total, there are more than 50 people in contact with those brought from Nyonoksa. Some have called the figure of one hundred, but it is not. Everyone who was directly in contact, nearby, who worked with them, were offered to sign up. And according to my information, 50 people or a little more were supposed to fly to Moscow. Including a doctor who consulted the victims from another department. Our doctors flew away with a night board. They were given a business trip for three days. As a matter of urgency, starting last night. Moscow has already received information that the first batch of those who left had normal blood and urine tests. But people do not trust such messages and do not trust these analyzes or anyone. Complete disbelief.


There was a meeting. A representative of the Ministry of Health came. Almost threw them with slippers there. For the fact that this was allowed. The meeting was with the heads of departments. They were promised that special funds would be allocated for the medical trip to Moscow. Of course, there is some kind of depression hanging over the hospital. Everyone is talking about just that. Before, it used to be, you smile, and you get a smile in return. The staff walked happily. And now there is a stamp of such sadness on everyone. People do not understand what is generally going on in the Arkhangelsk region. They say that we got it for what, the regional hospital, and specifically, the surgical building? Those people who were "unlucky" to be on duty at that moment?

The disdainful attitude towards people is striking, they did not warn them, they did not protect them, they did not inform them. And they continue to be silent!"